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Winnie The Pooh Exhibition

The Winnie The Pooh exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum is on for a few more weeks and I've got to say, it is a lot of fun. I headed over to South Kensington on Friday night to take a look behind the honey pot.

It's fun, engaging and great for kids, with lots to see and do! Whilst you slalom around the exhibition of original scripts, sketches and inspirations for everyone's favourite honey loving bear, information pours from installations above, book pages are turned into wallpaper and colour pops all over the place. From Pooh's starting point in the UK to his adventures as an export abroad there's some pretty cool stuff to look at.

My favourites are the sketches of the trees that inspired the hundred acre wood and a little tea set gifted to Her Majesty The Queen who has loaned the set to the exhibition. Latin Winnie The Pooh deserves a shout out and I'm pretty sure if I'd have had to learn Latin through translated Winnie The Pooh I'd have been much better at Latin at school!

Pooh-bears journey across Asia, America and beyond are told through cool memorabilia from toys and games to books, clothing and interiors. I never knew how much that bear had travelled!

The exhibition is on for a few more weeks and for non members must be booked ahead to guarantee entry. I went on a Friday night and it was fully booked! - I couldn't believe how busy it was! Take your kids or simply take yourself and be prepared to see the secrets behind the bear and leave full of childhood nostalgia and memories!

South Kensington, London SW7 2ND, UK

Universal Motherhood

'Universal Motherhood' a journey through the lottery of birth is a multi sensory free exhibition, just off Oxford Street at Noho studios that you just can't miss. It's immersive, moving and a must see for the western world.

Starting upstairs with a pair of headphones on, you explore the feeling of motherhood, the anticipation of birth and the many diverse circumstances women find themselves in in the run up to having a baby.

The exhibition follows five expectant mothers from around the world from pre, during and post birth to document their lives before baby, their baby's birth and their new baby in the weeks after birth including the sometimes harsh reality of motherhood throughout the world.

Through voice, photography and moving image this exhibition invites you into each woman's individual world to tell you their story. You can't help but feel incredibly connected and protective of these women throughout their latter stage of pregnancy, into the birthing process.

As someone who was born in a hospital I was almost compelled to shout at the screen - Where is the doctor? Get this woman to a hospital! and cry when a baby is born, not breathing.

Put together by Save The Children and photographed by five female photographers: Sian Davey, Bieke Depoorter, Diana Moarkosian, Carlota Guerrero and Dana Popa for the Exhibition's International Women's Day launch, the exhibition reminds all of us that women are incredibly mentally and physically powerful, but also that we still have a long way to go in terms of equality of medication, attention and care.

It's a real journey of an exhibition, It took me just under an hour to go the whole way around, but it was an incredibly thought provoking exhibition and I urge anyone who can go to go, It's only on for a few more days (Finishes 18th March) - so get on down!

To find out more info on the exhibition visit the Save The Children website. If you're not located in London but would still like to see more of the exhibition, you can discover more of the Universal Motherhood stories here.

46-54 Great Titchfield St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 7QA, UK

Pause, Edit, Re-Design

I've been writing this blog for 6 years this year. That's more than half a decade, longer than my degree and much longer than any boyfriend ever lasted. Starting at 17, I look back on some of my content I created back then and cringe, It's like having bad photos on Facebook, but they're all over google instead. Forever. Gah.

At the end of last year I decided that my blog needed a refresh, majorly. Last year saw lots of snazzy new templates for blogs appear in the 'bloggersphere' and whilst I love a classic layout, Hello I'm Clo needed a visual upgrade. As a graduate in London I'm strapped for cash (Hi monstrous rent bill!) so can't afford to have a slap up website tailor made for me, so I've popped a few pennies together to purchase a new layout for the longest hobby I've ever stuck at and ironically, the only hobby my dad hasn't had to fork out for (Sorry Dad for the Skiing, Dance Classes and Running Shoe bills.)

If I'm honest, I thought my new template would be just that, a new look, a fresh lick of paint but instead of the new year, new blog look I was after it highlighted the fact that Hello I'm Clo content from 2014 looks shabby, that lots of things are out of format and visually, the new template doesn't bring my visuals to life and that It's not the template that needs work, it's the content.

It's fair enough to say that I know a lot more than my 17 year old self did back in 2013 both personally and professionally and I find myself now in a position that I need to clean up my internet act. I want to move forward, create really fun visual content that reflects my long term love of mood boarding and digital scrapbooking - but I haven't figured out exactly how to do it yet. I've also changed my mind too many times to just throw caution to the wind and start using a new format, and simply 'See how it goes'. I want to get it right.

Finding the happy medium of what I like and what I can create, in the time I have spare is hard. I like print and texture but also sleek minimalism. I want to write about being a vegetarian and striving to be plastic free without coming across as some sort of board waving stereotype, I want to talk about interiors and culture, street style and travel, life experiences all whilst creating the same style of visuals and whilst I know what my tone of voice is, I need to find my visual brand.

Branding is a huge part of my day job but I can't right now seem to break down the barriers for my own online space. I need to get it together. Do some research, moodboard, design and create a visual guideline if you will.

So I'm going to take a time out on the content creation for a while and step back in time to edit, curate and redefine and align everything I've ever written over the past 6 years, whilst figuring out what comes next.

I won't be gone for long but I want to get it right, I'm sure you understand.

It's a big project for me and it's one I'm really passionate about, so keep up to date with me via my socials for new stuff and updates!

London, UK