Inner City Composting


A bit of a random blog post from me today. - It's all about inner city composting, sexy, yeah?

Since Adam and I moved into our first flat together in London this year I've been getting more and more into gardening, planting and growing things. We've got a lovely little balcony, with troughs full of primroses, pansies, herbs and wheatgrass (That is actually growing too well, but that's another story.)

I'm very environmentally conscious and am really trying to limit the amount of plastic and non renewable / non recyclable things I buy. Back home my dad recycles everything, including his veg and fruit peels. He has a massive composter in the back garden and I like the idea of being able to compost my food waste and re-use it in planter soils to grow more food for our meals.

Fashion Photoshoot Mood Boarding

I've been mood boarding for most of the day at work, creating and developing front cover and editorial photoshoot concepts for a magazine. I've worked online, offline, with fabrics, colour charts, blue tac and tape to create boards that represent my ideas. It's been one of those days where Ideas have simply flown and slotted into place to create a body of work that I'm really proud of.

Pit Stop In Paris

As some of you guys may already know if you follow me on Insta or have seen my previous street style blog post I was in Paris last week on a work trip. I went over on the Eurostar and didn't feel the best when I arrived, so I wandered through the streets of Paris, camera in hand taking in the sights and some much needed fresh air!