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Theatre, Homeware, & A Fashion Protest

When I woke up this morning, hours beyond my alarm I figured I'd stay home and concentrate on those odd bits and bobs around the house before heading out to see Network at The National Theatre. 

I'm trying to cut down on food waste at home (Not that we waste much anyway) I grew up in a household where you ate everything on your plate all the time, regardless of weather you liked it or not. So with a few little bits of home made pastry left in the fridge and lots of lovely fresh root veggies I threw together a few pies for lunches next week and popped a cottage pie together too as a nice winter warmer supper for when we got back from the theatre.

Once I'd done all my bits and bobs around the house, we jumped on the train into the city. I've started a new book by Alyson Walsh called 'Style Forever' Alyson was actually one of my lecturers at University and a bloody good one at that. Her writing is so rich, funny and frank and I admire her writing style very much. It's a great read regardless of being 22 and styling out great hair not being a priority, I'll be sure to dip in and out of this book as I get older, style truly is forever.

Adam and I headed down Southbank to The National Theatre to see the matinee of 'Network' It's a fantastically staged production with epic percussionists that blend the 1970's with today. Michelle Dockery is in it and is fantastic, her American accent is so good and she is such a natural beauty you can't help but stare. Network was so good, gripping stuff. After the show Adam headed to the stage door with his play script and I stayed indoors, in the warm with a nice cup of tea and my book!

The National Theatre is such a lovely building to chill in and read, catch up on emails or catch up with friends. I used to come here so often whilst I was at University, such a national treasure. The concrete jungle is one of my favourite places in London.

After dragging Adam away from the stage door, we headed over to  the west end to pick up a garlic press and a pastry brush, the sexiness of adult life, ey? On the way we stopped at Zara Home where we managed to pick up a massive Navy rug made of cotton and viscose. Finally I find a sustainable blended rug for our flat! A bargain in the sale and the perfect size, result!

Our trip to John Lewis was less successful and much more stressful, it seemed everyone was out for a bargain. I couldn't believe that John Lewis didn't have a single garlic crusher, what first world problems! After picking up a pastry brush we ended up witnessing the Canada Goose protest on Regent Street. Canada Goose is fucking gross and so are the people who wear it. They kill animals for their coat hoods and padding. They skin them alive for people's pure disgusting vanity and it's great that these protesters are making people aware of their old fashioned and poor ethical practice.  This was the time and the place.

In the words of the protesters- SHAME SHAME SHAME ON CANADA GOOSE.

Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 9PX, UK

Back To Work & A New Bookcase

It was so nice having down time to settle back into London between Christmas and New Year. But it was time to get back to reality, the 9-5 and head back to work. After a holiday full of reading, I'm making a real effort to read more. My commute takes an hour each way, allowing for plenty of reading time.  I'm not really one for fiction and have far too many books on fashion, style and design to add anymore books to the collection! So I thought I'd start re-reading some of my favourites and work my through my extensive book collection through 2018.  

London has definitely got colder, so I was all wrapped up in my H&M Grey puffer Jacket, Levi 501's and trainers bobbing along trying to keep warm. Please excuse the plant in the picture below, I rescued it from outside our flat as this random guy keeps watering it with alcohol and being sick in it. After a long night of rain  (Bye bye sick) I decided it was in need of some TLC so rescued it into the safety of a whisky and sick free zone. I'm going to give it some feed and see if I can resurrect it in my own garden. 

I'm currently reading 'Why Fashion Matters' by Frances Corner, It's a great read that provides thought provoking thoughts and questions. The chapters are short enough to read whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or eating breakfast.  Which I did a fair bit of on the first day back at work. NEED THAT CAFFEINE.

After my first day of work was done and dusted it was time to trek to Walthamstow to pick up a bookcase I found on Gumtree. It's harder than you think, finding small furniture on the cheap that's not from Ikea in London. Then I found this little gem for a tenner, a lick of paint and a jobs a good'en i reckon.  Adam and I are in desperate need of more book shelves and vinyl storage and this shelf fitted the bill, but I'll be the first to admit that you look totally mental carrying furniture on the tube, that it's a pain in the arse! But I feel better in the knowledge that it's second hand and will now have a loving home in our cosy flat. Up-cycling and second hand all the way.

I quite like this style of journal blogging and I bet in time it'll be cool to look back on. Maybe I'm onto something new for 2018!
London, UK

Hey 2018!

2018 had a funny start. We hosted a few friends for a New Years Party round at ours and toasted at 12 with some champagne we'd received as a gift and had been saving for a special occasion, only problem was it was off! Gross.

After celebrating the New Year with a different bottle, we headed to bed in the early hours. About an hour later there was a massive flash of different coloured lights outside our window, in a worse for wear state we didn't do anything about it. It's only when I went onto the balcony this morning I discovered it was actually a firework that had got trapped - that could have gone oh so wrong!

My OOTD - Hoodie : Champion - Jeans: Levi's - Trainers: Converse

After a long lie in, we managed to get up, eat left over pizza and ply ourselves with enough tea to fuel a walk around the local park. Fresh air makes everything better.  I took my point and shoot camera out with me as I'm trying to photograph more of my day to day life as well as honing a new skill and prepping for London Men's Collections next weekend!

I like to take pictures of all sorts but especially graffiti. I love the juxtaposition, colours and shapes.

After heading home Adam and I had a lazy afternoon taking down the Christmas tree, watching the Crown season 2 and making a delicious parsnip soup with our new food processor. A real veggie delight!

After stuffing our faces with left over homemade party food we settled in to watch the Great British Bake off with a box of trick or treat style chocolates. An 'I'm A Celeb' style game of spin the wheel, with some chocolates sweet and others sour!

I've really enjoyed the holiday period and the downtime back in London between Christmas and New Year. Eating the good stuff, going on winter walks and having lazy days on the sofa. It's been the best.

Now it's time to go back to work! 
London, UK