Travel: High Line, Chelsea & The National Concert, New York

Friday was our final day assigned to sightseeing in NYC, It was also the last day of the New York Pass, so we headed up to the Bronx to do a behind the scenes tour of the Yankee stadium, but when we got there it was all closed and they'd cancelled the tours, which kind of changed our plans!

We didn't fancy spending the day in the Bronx, so we headed back into Midtown Manhattan on a friends recommendation to go a visit the New York high line, an old rail route transformed into a garden above the city. So off to chelsea we went!

Travel: Brooklyn Museums & Botanical Gardens, New York

In an effort to see more of Brooklyn, we grouped the Brooklyn New York Pass stuff together to do in one day. Other than that I was manly interested to see how busy areas were in comparison to Manhattan! Aiming for a chilled day, in a quieter area and perhaps see another side of New York City, we had a long lie in before heading uptown to Brooklyn at around lunchtime for a visit to the New York Transit Museum.

Travel: Paley Media Center & Top Of The Rock, New York

After being here, there and everywhere yesterday, Adam and I decided to take today a little slower. 
Starting the day again in Andrew's cafe for a lunch of pizza and quesadillas and hazelnut coffee (Weird mix, I know) before walking up to 52nd st for the Paley Media Centre.