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New Start Part 2

Hello I'm Clo!

So I've been accepted onto my local college's make-up course, which starts in September.

Realisation that this is exactly what I've wanted to do for a long time has just hit me. I am thrilled to be accepted onto the course I'll tell you a bit more about my journey and my road to my new beginning.

After severe bullying, I was pulled out of high school the first term of my last year (UK Year 11) and because of this didn't sit any GCSEs, all I had was half a GCSE in RE, which I had sat a year previous to being pulled out of school by my parents.

I decided I wanted to study Media at college as I was, at the time, editing an online teen magazine and making my own videos, overall I had a general interest in the makings behind the media and that was that, I applied went to my interview, got offered and conditional place, then it was confirmed, went the first day of the new academic year, and they told me my place would probably be given to someone else despite the fact I was more interested in the subject than any of the other candidates with better grades, purely because they had more qualifications and as ever the box ticking protocol must be followed. Luckily one of the lecturers really did back me up and fight my corner for me, and I was accepted back.

The media course went from bad to worse, 4 lecturers left, the childcare teacher ended up teaching photography and one year on we new nothing about anything accept how to spend 6 hours playing cards a day - not very constructive.

I knew from around January time this year (2013) that the course wasn't for me and the teaching standards were going down the pan (To put it lightly) and I started looking at alternative courses. When I discussed this with the girls in the office where I run my business from and my parents the general consensus was for me to stay in education, enjoy myself, make friends and basically get a social life instead of working 100 hour weeks! It took some convincing but I saw sense and knew it was the best way forward and with that I started to look at what I was interested in.

Whilst at college doing the media course I'd seen some of the make-up departments work and thought it looked really fun and unusual, I'd also attended The Skills Show 2012 which showcased body art and make-up and that got me thinking. Although I didn't have any previous knowlege of the subject I'd quite like to give it a go and booked an interview at the college for the following academic year.

The day for the interview arrived and I couldn't decide if I wanted to go or not, I hadn't told anyone about the interview not even my then boyfriend and I now don't know why, anyway I didn't go. No idea why, my brain just did not send me to the interview despite the fact it was only three classrooms down the hall, and that for the time being was that.

Fast forward 4 months and the decision was made that I would move in with my grandmother in order to care for her, still wanting to be in education the rigmaroll of finding a course started once more, and by chance I came across the perfect course - Theatrical Make-Up. You could call it fate, but I thought once again
"I'm gonna give this a go."
I had my interview, and got offered a place on the spot and was pleased to know that they would rather read the book than judge the cover, in other words - qualifications need not apply!

I was so happy I immediately called my best friend Lizzie and my mum and dad. It really feels like I've found something I want to do, I have no ends goal like I did with the media course; the aim of that was to start my own media company for small businesses, but i don't think the end goal was healthy and I think after everything I've been through over the past few years it's time I just let go and have fun, doing something I want to do, just because I want to and I can. 

I can't wait to start in September - I'm buzzing - Will be fun! I'll keep you all posted!

Worcester, UK

What Is Skin?

Today I'm talking about skin, after extensive research this is the need to know stuff if you have an interest in skin!

What Is Skin?

    •    Skin is the largest organ in the body
    •    The skins two main layers are the Epidermis and the Dermis.
    •    The Epidermis is the top layer and the Dermis is the bottom layer.

The Epidermis is the top layer of skin which protects your skin from innovations, seals in moisture and is responsible for skin pigment (The skins colouring)

The Dermis is the bottom layer of skin which provides your skin with its elasticity, its firmness and its strength. The Dermis can be permanently damaged, and contains Sebaceous glads.

Sebaceous glands creates the skins natural lubricant Sebum.

All skin is built up this way despite age, gender or race.

The condition of your skin is an overall sign of your health. It reveals stress, a poor diet and a lack of sleep. Taking care of your health will dramatically improve and benefit your skins health, look and feel.

The main functions of skin.

    1.    It retains heat or cools you down.
    2.    Protects you from harm - I.E general wear and tear, pollution and debris.
    3.    Skin acts as a waste disposal unit. Waste and unwanted oils are expelled from your body 24 hours a day exiting through your skin.
    4.    Skin provides you with one of your 5 senses- Touch. Tough helps you know more about yourself and your surroundings, because of this skin aids your spatial awareness.

Rock N Roll!

I Bloody LOVE charity shops! This week has been brill for bargains!

My one and only music bargain this week was Radio One's 'Live Lounge' Album, I'm all for CD's I like the physical copy, the CD player and the fact that i can turn up the volume! - BOOM Boom!

The CD contains two discs containing 40 unique covers and classic tracks from Radio 1's Live Lounge featuring the likes of artists such as Coldplay, Lily Allen, The Kooks, Orson, Keane, Dizzee Rascal. All in all over 2 hours of pure live music. 

....and the best part of it all was the price! Just £1 - great! I picked this up second hand at The Salvation Army charity shop. I usually buy CD's online, in store sales or from independent record stores like 'Rise' although carboots, bric a brac sales and charity shops are always good places to look, you never know what you're going to get! It's the luck of the draw and often like me you pick up a bargain.

Although it was a 2006 release CD it still has old classics, and timeless tunes such as Lily Allen's 'Smile' and Coldplay's 'The Scientist' and features all types and genres of music, rap, hip-hop, pop, as well as indie and alternative.

The New Addition To My iTunes

This week i'm also listening to:

"Produced by Max Martin, "Rock And Roll" is the official second single from Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne's fifth studio album, due in stores in September 2013 via Epic Records. "Rock And Roll" is an upbeat pop/rock super anthem, where hitmaker Max Martin delivers a booming beat, while Ms Lavigne takes the song by storm with her enthusiastic attitude and cheeky lyrics." - Direct Lyrics.

Let me know what you guys are listening to in the box below!

TIGI Freak Of Nature Hair Thickener Review

The packaging for this hair volumiser follows TIGI's 'Freak Of Nature' eco theme. It has a hippy, festival look and vibe about this particular bottle, the other product's packaging in the TIGI range are also brightly coloured, vibrant and easily recognisable. (Easy to grab when you're in a rush within the plethora of products that are on the dresser! )

Adds volume making hair feel clean and fresh.

  • Paraben Free
  • No Artificial Colours

It drys clear, however make sure you just gently run a dry comb through your hair, both front and back to make sure it hasn't clumped together or dried in one place but not another, then just run your (Dry) hands through your hair to add life. You may also want to tease your parting to give it some Va-Va-Voom and added hold, this is ideal for long hair. 

Leave untouched after using 'Freak Of Nature' hair thickener or add spray for prolonged held volume, or add product for styling.

Here is my before and after using this TIGI hair volumising product. I have medium strength hair so holds this product well and keeps shape, an ideal base product for styling and spraying.

I find this product really uplifts the hair so it isn't so flat and dull.
I have no make-up in this picture as I am in the middle of Microdermabrasion treatment for my acne. 

It really does just show how 30 seconds and whacking a product like this into your hair can make or break an outfit and completely change your appearance.

I picked up this little beauty at an open evening, a far few months ago (Probably last year [2012] knowing me - where does the time go!?) At You Beauty in Worcester (Link to their online shop details.) It was in the 'Bargain' basket for a £5 so i thought i'd get it, on a whim and see what it was like!

TIGI also do a full extensive range of hair products, cremes, stylers and shampoos for different hair types, colours and styles.
I think hair products are one of those things that have to be discovered by trial and error, as at the end of the day everyone is different and everyone wants different results!

I hope you found this helpful!
Have you tried this TIGI hair product or something similar, or have something you want to rave about? If so let me know and rave below in the comments bar!

Worcester, UK

Whip It - Film Review

Today I'm going to be doing a film review of something that was just brilliant.  A great girly go-get em film for a Saturday night in, with pizza and some chips (Or if you're like me, Grapes!)

I'm not into being a party pooper, so i won't spoil the story/ plot for you! No spoiler alert necessary.
So here is the trailer...

Whilst shopping in HMV Worcester, Late last year (2012). My friend Lizzie made a B line to me from the other side of the store with this film in her arms. 

"You MUST see this." She said. "It's just brill."
So at a reduced price of £3 (Bargain!) down from £12, I popped it in my already ever filling basket full of reduced films and series that I'd watch at some point over the coming months.

When home, I popped it in the DVD box and thought nothing more about it... Until last weekend, still in its packaging and screaming;

"Watch Me!"

I did. Unwrapped, and watched on a hot Summers day with some juice, ice and the healthy alternative to popcorn; grapes.

The story is different from girl meets boy/ girl falls hopelessly in love with boy - the typical stuff.

This film has feminine strength both emotionally and physically (You'll soon see.) It brings all different types of people with different backgrounds together, the actual storyline will not be self relatable for many, but the subconscious messages of life trials and tribulations are.

'Whip It' is the adaptation of Shana Cross' 'Derby Girl' book.

Directed by Drew Barrymore, who with this film makes her directorial debut. Staring Ellen Page (JUNO) and based in the USA.

Set in the 80's. Music, dancing and being young and rebellious feature heavily throughout all characters within the film with a bit of Rock 'n' Roll thrown in for good measure, the cast is dominated by female characters, a smart choice of male casting makes the story even more enjoyable, the token and main male parts contrast and enhance the female leads and make great comedic value and break up the stereo type of 'Girls being bitchy' nicely.

Quick Plot Summary without spoilers!

Bliss is being pushed by her mother to compete in beauty pageants, she rebels and does not wish to take part.
Bliss is trying to discover who she is and what she wants to do in stead of being told what to by others. Her best friend Pash helps her on the road to discovery.

On the off chance Bliss hears about the Roller Derby in a neighboring town, which with some convincing and some lying she gets to go to.

Bliss shows interest into the roller derby and is invited to trials. And that is all I'm saying about that. (Don't want to give the game away.)

Bliss starts to discover who she is and along the way meets a rather good looking bloke- But will he be what she wants him to be?

With a new set of friends, and the start of what appears to be a new life. The old times start to crumble and the walls come tumbling down.

But like any good film there is light at the end of the tunnel and all unwinds and sorts itself out, yet is open ending and open to interpretation, as with life, it's not over until it's over.

Overall I'd give 'Whip It' staring Ellen Page a 4/5 rating, it was really good, yet lacked the constant gripping story line and motivation momentum of say; The Hangover or the Social Network.
This could have been avoided by making the film just slightly shorter cutting out the slow, leading in story/plot bits.

"Excellent Emo chick coming of age drama." - Empire.
"Bags of Attitude and terrific performances It's official now..." Drew Barrymore Rocks. - Ok

Age Restriction: 12. Contains moderate language, drug and sexual references. 

Ways to get your hands on all the great films out there without breaking the bank.

  • An online subscription package such as Netflix, Love Film or Wuakti.
  • 2 for 1 with Orange (Now EE network) on a Wednesday. If you're not on the EE Network, chances are you have a friend who is, pair up and head for the popcorn stand!
  • Rent. Although DVD rent shops on the high street are dying there are still many DVD and games shops out there with many bargains to be had. 
  • Borrow or trade off friends, you'd be surprised how much stuff they have that you'd like to watch, after all you're friends so you share many things in common. 
  • Sales, check out the online sales and sales in store, there are many pounds you can save doing some comparing before you buy.
  • Trade in old ones for new ones in exchange tech shops.
  • Charity Shops, you'd be surprised what you can pick up, because of charity shops i have two copies of both Bridget Jones' for a fraction of the price I'd pay for just one. Nuff said.

 I hope you found this helpful!

Are there any films you would recommend? If so let me know in the comments below!
If you've seen 'Whip It' let me know what you thought!
Birmingham, UK

Welcome To My Blog!

Hello I'm Clo! and welcome to my brand spanking new blog, where I'll be writing about all sorts of bits and bobs that catch my eye.

Fashion, Beauty, Make-Up, Lifestyle and my one true love.... FOOD!

It'll be my personal space on the web where I'll probably warble on alot about my latest loves and obsessions!

If by any chance you stumble upon this blog within the mass that is the bloggersphere .....Hopefully you'll find this blog nice and helpful and will enjoy reading my posts, I'll write when I feel like it, after all it is a hobby, my down time, but I'll probably post about two times a week.

Feel free to comment and share your views on things, as I'm always open to ideas and trying new things!

West Midlands, UK