New Start Part 2

So I've been accepted onto my local college's make-up course, which starts in September.

Realisation that this is exactly what I've wanted to do for a long time has just hit me. I am thrilled to be accepted onto the course I'll tell you a bit more about my journey and my road to my new beginning.

After severe bullying, I was pulled out of high school the first term of my last year (UK Year 11) and because of this didn't sit any GCSEs, all I had was half a GCSE in RE, which I had sat a year previous to being pulled out of school by my parents.

I decided I wanted to study Media at college as I was, at the time, editing an online teen magazine and making my own videos, overall I had a general interest in the makings behind the media and that was that, I applied went to my interview, got offered and conditional place, then it was confirmed, went the first day of the new academic year, and they told me my place would probably be given to someone else despite the fact I was more interested in the subject than any of the other candidates with better grades, purely because they had more qualifications and as ever the box ticking protocol must be followed. Luckily one of the lecturers really did back me up and fight my corner for me, and I was accepted back.

The media course went from bad to worse, 4 lecturers left, the childcare teacher ended up teaching photography and one year on we new nothing about anything accept how to spend 6 hours playing cards a day - very very boring!

I knew from around January time this year (2013) that the course wasn't for me and the teaching standards were going down the pan (To put it lightly) and I started looking at alternative courses. When I discussed this with my parents the general consensus was for me to stay in education, enjoy myself, make friends and basically get a social life instead of just working and missing out on the college life. It took some convincing but I saw sense and knew it was the best way forward and with that I started to look at what I was interested in.

Whilst at college doing the media course I'd seen some of the make-up departments work and thought it looked really fun and unusual, I'd also attended The Skills Show 2012 which showcased body art and make-up and that got me thinking. Although I didn't have any previous knowlege of the subject I'd quite like to give it a go and booked an interview at the college for the following year.

The day for the interview arrived and I couldn't decide if I wanted to go or not, I hadn't told anyone about the interview not even my then boyfriend and I now don't know why, anyway I didn't go. No idea why, my brain just did not send me to the interview despite the fact it was only three classrooms down the hall, and that for the time being was that.

Fast forward 4 months and the decision was made that I would move in with my grandmother in order to care for her, still wanting to be in education the rigmaroll of finding a course started once more, and by chance I came across the perfect course - Theatrical Make-Up. You could call it fate, but I thought once again"I'm gonna give this a go."

I had my interview, and got offered a place on the spot and was pleased to know that they would rather read the book than judge the cover, in other words - qualifications need not apply!

I was so happy I immediately called my best friend Lizzie and my Dad. It really feels like I've found something I want to do, I have no ends goal like I did with the media course; the aim of that was to start my own media company for small businesses, but i don't think the end goal was healthy and I think after everything I've been through over the past few years it's time I just let go and have fun, doing something I want to do, just because I want to and I can. 

I can't wait to start in September - I'm buzzing - Will be fun! I'll keep you all posted!

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