TIGI Freak Of Nature Hair Thickener Review

The packaging for this hair volumiser follows TIGI's 'Freak Of Nature' eco theme. It has a hippy, festival look and vibe about this particular bottle, the other product's packaging in the TIGI range are also brightly coloured, vibrant and easily recognisable. (Easy to grab when you're in a rush within the mass of products that are on the dresser! )

Adds volume making hair feel clean and fresh.

It drys clear, however make sure you just gently run a dry comb through your hair, both front and back to make sure it hasn't clumped together or dried in one place but not another, then just run your (Dry) hands through your hair to add life. You may also want to tease your parting to give it some Va-Va-Voom and added hold, this is ideal for long hair. 

Leave untouched after using 'Freak Of Nature' hair thickener or add spray for prolonged held volume, or add product for styling.

Here is my before and after using this TIGI hair volumising product. I have medium strength hair so holds this product well and keeps shape, an ideal base product for styling and spraying.

I find this product really uplifts the hair so it isn't so flat and dull.
I have no make-up in this picture as I am in the middle of Microdermabrasion treatment for my acne. 

It really does just show how 30 seconds and whacking a product like this into your hair can make or break an outfit and completely change your appearance.

I picked up this little beauty at an open evening, a few months ago (Probably last year [2012] knowing me - where does the time go!?) At You Beauty in Worcester (Link to their online shop details.) It was in the 'Bargain' basket for a £5 so i thought i'd get it, on a whim and see what it was like!

TIGI also do a full extensive range of hair products, cremes, stylers and shampoos for different hair types, colours and styles.
I think hair products are one of those things that have to be discovered by trial and error, as at the end of the day everyone is different and everyone wants different results!

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