What Is Skin?

Today I'm talking about skin, I'm really conscious of my skin due to my acne and eczema so have been researching into skin to see what I need to do to improve the look and feel of my face and body.

What Is Skin?

    •    Skin is the largest organ in the body
    •    The skins two main layers are the Epidermis and the Dermis.
    •    The Epidermis is the top layer and the Dermis is the bottom layer.

The Epidermis is the top layer of skin which protects your skin from innovations, seals in moisture and is responsible for skin pigment (The skins colouring)

The Dermis is the bottom layer of skin which provides your skin with its elasticity, its firmness and its strength. The Dermis can be permanently damaged, and contains Sebaceous glads.

Sebaceous glands creates the skins natural lubricant Sebum.

All skin is built up this way despite age, gender or race.

The condition of your skin is an overall sign of your health. It reveals stress, a poor diet and a lack of sleep. Taking care of your health will dramatically improve and benefit your skins health, look and feel.

The main functions of skin.

    1.    It retains heat or cools you down.
    2.    Protects you from harm - I.E general wear and tear, pollution and debris.
    3.    Skin acts as a waste disposal unit. Waste and unwanted oils are expelled from your body 24 hours a day exiting through your skin.
    4.    Skin provides you with one of your 5 senses- Touch. Tough helps you know more about yourself and your surroundings, because of this skin aids your spatial awareness.

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