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Dating Act One Scene One

Hello I'm Clo -
Today is all about dating! My dating specifically. 

Today is all about the dating journey
So shortly after I became single I joined a bunch of friends at a local hotel to grab some drinks early on a summers evening.
The usual group were there and friends of friends came along to join us at our table by the river, very picturesque but with beer and a J20 for me, which I didn't like so resorted to water as per usual! - boring I know!
And it was there that the guy sat opposite me caught my eye, not for the typical reasons a person catches your eye, but because he was happily chatting away to people, oblivious to wether anyone was watching him or not and I like that. There are too many "look at me" blokes out there, more modest men are required!

He was Good looking. But didn't dwell upon it, didn't stop to pose, or break out of conversation to make a wise crack about how great he was. He laughed out loud, asked questions and made jokes. The only thing I did notice other than his chirpy presence was whilst he was around, all except what I assume to be his best friend, were posing and frankly trying too hard to be mr 'macho man'

Unfortunately for myself and all parties involved my ex was also there that evening, trying desperately hard to make sure everyone knew how great he thought he was, which frankly didn't do him any favors!

Yet all the ladies eyes were on this handsome guy, lets use a pseudonym to make this simpler we'll use 'A' So all eyes were on A.
His smile was radiant, and his chuckle, pure brilliance. When he left with his friend 'K' my friend 'C' did the typical girl reaction;

"He is so hot!!!" *does girl Shimmy shudder*
There was no denial. A. Was. hot.

I got home the following morning to a friend request from A, I accepted and within an hour I had a little message - his open interest made me ponder!

Was it the wise crack from friend 'S' about how big my boobs were?
Much to the embarrassment of the poor waiter, who was right behinds when the home evolved! - or was it the fact I had much too much flesh on display!? (It was the UK heat wave week- so come on give me a break from the jumper!)
Or was it my lucky so tight you can't pee denim pulling shorts? Mmmm this intrigued me.

We got chatting and our chat turned into two weeks of talking about everything from rugby to sandwiches! It was easy, effortless, made me smile and I couldn't wait for the next message to drop into my box or my phone to buzz, it was exciting,the thrill of the chase, and the first time in a long time I felt like a teenage girl with a crush.

(Just read that para back- how lame! Haha yet semi adorable !)

We set up a 'drinks thing' a week after we'd started talking, but he cancelled to go celebrate a childhood friends birthday- a knock back friend 'L' did not take to lightly. 

 " He either wants you or he doesn't It's that f***ing simple." 
She plays a fine concerned friend especially after all I'd been through with the last guy I dated, she was funny, I was confused by everyone telling me shit I didn't want to here, giving me their opinions and anecdotes that had no relevance or effect.
Overall though, sod it - what have I got to loose ? I'll let him off this time. And try not to be a whining bitch!

I think all too many of us ladies will strike the potentially perfect guy off because there are bumps in the road before you've even got in the car. - a Euphemism right there if there ever was one!

Urgh some random women passenger on the Virgin London Euston train just rudely told me to move and interrupted my god damn flow. 

Where was I....?
Ah yes the date.
'A' Soon got round to asking me out on a date (only took him about a million years!) but this is what got me thinking - when is it too soon to go on a date, especially if you've recently come out of a relationship?
These are the points that I made both for and against going in a date two weeks after coming out of a relationship
* My ex did the dirty on me and lied about it - why should I Loath in self pity feeling its the be all and end All?
*I am young free And officially single
* I genuinely like the sound of this guy and he doesn't look too bad either ;)

* I don't want people to think I'm a bitch / whore.
*i don't want 'A' to feel like the date is a rebound / Plot for me to showboat him/ me to all and sundry!

Overall I came to the conclusion that all my worries and negative thoughts we're because of my ex- and what others would think.
Why should I care about how he feels or what his friends or even mine for that matter think? No one gave a second thought or regard for my feelings when he was having sex in a field with someone who has 4 children and also claims she's a lesbian. - and with that it was Sorted.

As 'L' puts it nicely 

" Would you be content dying Tomorrow knowing that you didn't make the most of your life!?, no ,well bloody live a little!" 
- Awesome. Sorted.

Despite the "he's a bad boy" "Don't go there" " not boyfriend material" text messages of 'support' I plowed through.
So we agreed to meet at the station where he would greet me off the train and true to his word he did - and was early. 

I feared we could have been those people who are great online, on the Internet but are crap face to face ! We couldn't have got on any better. Our house was on fire.

I had gone for 'I've just come from work chic" jeans, guys white shirt, belt to draw the eye to my feminine shape, rolled up sleeves just below the elbow as i am a woman and Im not a Builder, shape and take the eyes from my thighs, red block heart cut out Iron Fist heels to add length as 'A' is 6''4 My locket, favourite strawberry earrings and skinny mini dark navy jeans that make me feel like I'm on fire, in the most sexy, non harmful way!

'A' looked great. Shirt, unbuttoned just enough to spark interest, faded blue jeans, straight cut with belt and brown male loafers. Yes!
My questions were subsided, others doubts were quashed and I just didn't care. He didn't have to be there but he was and that to me in my post fragile state was fab!

If you could image the perfect date, now imagine the person being hotter than you remember, and as an added bonus doesn't try and dive out the door the second you step up to go to the ladies and that in summary was my date with 'A'. -it was great, it made me feel younger than I have down in a long time, not in an immature way, but in a 'this is fun' if a little outside the lines.
The best thing about it was we both had no rules, no grey areas so there was nothing to trip either of us up.
And by the end of the night it was confirmed I was definitely into him and he make it pretty clear he was too .
I'm now applying my new saying to everything in life-

" If you don't,you won't " 
How do you know something isn't going to go to plan if you don't even try it!?

Don't say no to things you know in the long run you'd regret not saying 'yes' to, although sometimes saying 'yes' is the wrong answer but if you don't say yes you'll never know.

These are the things a no is the answer to go with.

*pressured sex
*alcohol pressure
* anything you do not want to do

And that is a little in site into my dating antics!
Of course I will keep the identity of all people mentioned confidential and I haven't spilt half the juicy details and ins and outs as that is supes personal! I'll keep all of you in the loop if anything develops!

That's all for today folks,
Toodle pip!
Clo :-)

Temptation is over rated. C'est La Vie part two.

Hello I'm Clo!
"Today's post doesn't come from me, it comes from friend 'L' who is the most beautiful soul i've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She also is a brilliant writer who knows just how to put thinks into perspective in a crisis and exactly how to put pen to paper. She wrote this a few weeks ago, it's so beautiful and touching I just had to share, I hope you take something from it, if just a small piece. "

This is part two of a previous post!

Temptation is over rated.
Girl meets boy, boy has likes girl, girl likes boy,boy has sex with girl. Boy doesn't call girl back. 

Again. Beauty is something that should be grasped with both hands, whether it be inside beauty,or out; both are as equally important.

Many girls complain that they aren't beauty, but what is the definition of beauty per say? It's opinionated, not factual. Life is opinionated. Words, actions, decisions. 
Although, I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Whatever that reason may be, there is a reason. Unknown, undiscovered, but there. 

I was meant to fall in love with the people I did, and now I am meant to be on my own. No, I'm not looking for a sob story award. I only speak the truth. There is a purpose for us being here, there is a purpose for all the things that we do. I believe in fate. I believe what we do in life, the decisions we make, are already made for us, we have a path and what we do enables us to travel along the path. 

This writing, or whatever it may be, is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, to which I hope she reads again and again in the years that proceed her. She recently lost a boy she loved so deeply, and he broke her heart in so many ways that no amount of kind words or sweet lullaby's could fix it. 
Within an emotional trance already from a family death, she was then to find out of some infidelity on her [Then separated ] boyfriends part with a girl he had known a matter of hours. 

Although, they had broken up previous to this [Three Days], they were still emotionally attached, to which she thought, by love. In my eyes, and as I'm sure many others, you don't stop loving someone before the words, 'it's over'
After many lies, threats, violation of privacy and life, he finally admitted it. 

And this next bit is dedicated to those girls out there, and boys, who have been in a similar unlawful situation.  

Mistakes are the starting blocks of your life. You make these, to learn from them, you make them not only for yourself, but for others, as a demonstration that you are a willing, strong, independent person. 
You are not being controlled by anyone no longer, only you can control your feelings, your own mind. God created you to be yourself, to be true to yourself and live your life. 
Be true to Him. Take this as a life experience, do not waste your cries over something that cannot be undone. Do not dwell on the bad, dwell on the good. Do not find yourself in misery, but only happiness. Happiness is your goal. Happiness will help you succeed. 

You are young, you are gaining the life skills you need to overcome this. It will take time, I kid you not, but you have a strong heart; a heart made of gold, a smile that brightens anybody's day, and I know, as do others, you can make this out through the tunnel. You are not alone. Friends, family, anybody and everybody is here for you. Always and forever. One day, you will learn from your mistakes, you will laugh about this, you will cry about this, you will become a better person because of it. But for now, I am here for you, we are here for you, whatever time or day. 
You can cry on my shoulder always.

Forever and always. 

I told you she was bloody good.

That's all for today, Toodle Pip
Lots of love 

Clo :-)

Mistakes happen all the time. Love Life. C'est la vie.

Hello I'm Clo!
Today's post doesn't come from me, it comes from friend 'L' who is the most beautiful soul i've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She also is a brilliant writer who knows just how to put thinks into perspective in a crisis and exactly how to put pen to paper. She wrote this a few weeks ago, it's so beautiful and touching I just had to share, I hope you take something from it, if just a small piece. 

C'est La Vie

Mistakes happen all the time. 
In our life time, we must have made millions of mistakes; whether it be relationships, saying things we didn't mean, cheating on exams or anything. Mistakes make us who we are today and we learn from them. 

My belief is that we are on a path created by God or something similar; we must not divert from the path set to us. I was meant to do all the things I have done, all the silly things my stupidity allowed me to do. The only thing we can do in our life, after these mistakes, is to hold our head up and keep our heart strong. 

Our parents gave us the independence in our lives to create mistakes and move on from them. They teach us the things they do, because them themselves, made similar mistakes and taught us the right from wrong. 
Things happen, most commonly break-ups, that lead many into 'melt down'. I'm talking openly about a friend of mine who became a victim of a cheat and liar, a threatener, a man who knew nothing else but how to use his sexual organs. When said friend confronted her boyfriend, he denied everything.

Relationships are built mostly on trust, acceptance, faith. A relationship is where two become one. After the escapade, of which her boyfriend slept with an unknown girl, to which is a mother of 4 at the age of 20 years old, the friend and her boyfriend slept together, after some force. In my eyes, after the denial and the lies, my friend was meant to find out the truth of what happened. She was en route in her path of life. God intended her to find out, so that she could make future decisions and refuse to deal the same deck of cards again. 
Any relationship can be perfect, any relationship can be true. But is any of that real? What is perfection and truth? 
My advice to anyone dealing with the same or similar situation is to be true to yourself, learn from your mistakes, current or future, and to only be trusted in yourself. Because at the end of the day, you will never let yourself down.

She also wrote an L advice part two which i shall dig up and post!  

That's all for today people!

Till next time!

Lots of love, Clo :-)

Alone but unbroken.

Hello I'm Clo! 

So tonight is the first night I feel alone.

Not in the sense of "Oh I'm so lonely no one is there for me." but in the way of I have no one to cuddle me or kiss me goodnight, wrap me up in their arms and fall asleep together.
It's odd. I've been out of my last last what I would call a serious relationship, for just over a month now and I have not, until now felt this way, which I think is odd. It's just hit me though of how a custom you become to having someone else there, with you, buy your side. No matter how long you are together with another person, you're together because of a connection and once that's gone, you need to adjust and learn.

Having someone lay beside you is a very personal thing. It exposes you to someone else. You open up and let them in.

I don't desire or crave the person I used to be with, however I do miss the feeling of comfort within someone else's arms. I think a big hug from L would have done the trick, but perhaps now I've had time to recuperate from the happenings of July, move on and find someone that I'm I the rested in, I'm figuring out what I want next and what I'm looking for.

I think the best way for me to describe this episode, this feeling is that this is part of my heart mending, becoming whole again, adapting and changing, although I've come to terms with what has happened and there is nothing I could do, and now on reflection would want to change. This is one of the stages and processes my inner core must go through in order to fully regenerate and let someone else in in the future.

It was once claimed that I was broken, and in a way I am, but I'm back on the right track, back on the path of life. To move on and make it, in essence, all better.

I'm through the emotional hate, love, passion, anger, tweet bad things, throw things at walls stage, and trust me when I say some methods have proven better than others. Now it's time to work on my inner core. My heart and my head, train my heart not to give so much, train my head to become a better judge and to make myself stronger and whole again as a person.

That's all for today,

I may be 'Alone' tonight, but I am not unbroken.

It does get better. Stay strong.

Lots of Love, Clo :-)

Tattoo Sun Protection- Forever Ink

On the subject of tattoos..... when in boots ( I know my shopping trip story is getting old!) with L she was looking for a tattoo cover item for her tattoos of which she has eight. They are all less than one year old (or is that fresh?) And we were discussing the aftercare routine for tattoos that will be exposed in sunlight and when you're in an extra hot place! So they don't frizzle, burn or discolour and low and behold boots have done a special feature on it in their Health and Beauty magazine for July/August.

Here is the full article for all of you who are unable to pick up a free copy with your boots card.

Your tattoo is a work of art that you'll need to look after - and now for the first time, there's a specialist skincare range at boots to help....

Why do I need to use a specialist product for my tattoo? 

Newly tattooed skin is delicate and vulnerable - as you'd expect - so it needs special care in order to heal properly (your tattoo artist should advice you on aftercare) In the long term, you'll want to keep your work of art vibrant, so it's important to keep skin nourished and protected with a tailored moisturiser to help minimise colour fade.

How does forever ink work? 

There are two products to help you look after your tattoo: Forever Ink Balm, £6.99 (30g), for new tattoos, and forever Ink Shield, £12.99 (50g) for ongoing, long term maintenance. Gentle forever ink balm contains antibacterial manuka honey and vitamins B and E to nourish and protect newly tattooed skin, and help it recover. Once healed, there's a forever ink shield, a light, oil free moisturiser with unique ink lock technology to help seal in colour and keep your tattoo beautiful and vibrant, with added SPF 45 protection.

How long do I need to use it for? 

Forever ink balm can be applied from the day you have your tattoo done until the skin has completely recovered. To check if your skin has healed, run your hand gently over the tattooed area - it should feel smooth and just like the rest of your skin. Forever ink shield is designed for a lifetime of care, so you can continue to use it forever.

I've got very sensitive skin - can I still use Forever Ink ? 

Absolutely - both products have been dermatological lay tested, so they're suitable for sensitive skin. If you're concerned, however , you may want to consider doing a patch test first.
You can find this new product exclusively at boots in the specialist skincare section!

Worcester, UK

Harry Potter Tattoos!

So What was my inspiration for this random, unusual post!?

Buzz Net earlier today published a post about Harry Potter fanatics and their tattoos. I had a flick through (All 100 of them!) and came across a few cutie kitsch ones that were nice and neat and tidy and something if i were a Harry Potter fanatic would go for! 

I have no tattoos, yet my friend 'L' has 8. Tattoos are a very personal thing and are tailor made for each person in their own special way and I thought I'd share these HP inspired tattoos that many people have shared online with you all in one place!

The simplistic outline of the glasses really catches the eye, the scar above is in the same place as Harry potters head, just above to the left of his glasses.  

Love this, it combines so so much HP magic into such a little tattoo! 
The M is the official Harry Potter font, The 'A' is the sign of the Deathly Hallows. The 'I' is Harry's scar sign.

The Gold looks amazing 3D! So smooth and perfect.

Wizards Chess Pieces. Simplistic. Beautiful.

Here are some of my Instagram sketches inspired by Harry Potter

Other HP tribute tattoos I liked, included slogans such as:

It's Magic
It's Real For Us
All this time. Always

It got me thinking- If I was to have a theoretical tattoo what would I have and where would I have it!?

I've always liked the Idea of tattoo sleeves on certain people such as Hanna Beth the alternative model, who suits tattoos down to the T, what i really like is the fact that the sleeve isn't too full on, it has feminine qualities and each individual tattoo doodle has its own little space. 
However they just wouldn't be for me, I wouldn't be able to pull them off and I change my mind all too often! 

Hanna Beth - Alternative American Model

Tattoos that always interest me.

  • A Key
  • A Cloud
  • A Safety Pin
  • Chess Pieces

Worcester, UK

Bagin' A H&M Bargain

So last week whilst waiting for a meeting in the city I popped into H&M to have a little look. H&M are re-known for their quality, fashionable, on trend and in style clothing at great prices in a wide range of sizes which are available online and in stores all over the world.

Whilst I was looking around i noticed the vast array of greys, khaki and browns they had on offer in multiple garments, cuts and themes - these colours are my friend L's go to colours, so I gave her a call and we went back together earlier this week. 

Whilst there I managed to try on some things to continue my ongoing experiment of 'what looks good vs what really, really doesn't!' L is always a fantastic person to shop with, she'll laugh, sometimes cry (That has happened in H&M before!) and will give exactly what a girl wants when shopping for clothes - an honest answer! 

L is just one of those people who doesn't need to try anything on and just buys off the peg, I am the complete opposite - I have to try on, style up, hobble as if i'm wearing heels to get height, you name it. The works. I've done it all in changing rooms! and that's just before I decide if I like it or not! That's also because I'm yet to figure what exactly flatters my shape!

L just sits there chatting and texting away, much like Miranda and Carrie in the 'Bumps into Natasha scene in SATC!' - What are friends for ey!?

I tried on Skirts from the sale. Mini, fitted, and floaty, and have come to the conclusion that my hips and thigh curves will never look good in a skin tight, show your arse mini! 
However a Carrie Bradshaw ballet esque mini might! I'm all for clothes that make you happy!

It was floaty, light and frothy like a cappuccino, I danced and felt like I really was in the opening titles however, it wasn't reduced down when I got to the till and as it was in the 'sale' section it was slightly pulling on the back and was a little grubby so I gave it a pass this time around! 

L bought everything in her basket and everything fitted. (So jealous! Not fair!)

H&M's online store is a great place to pick up some bargains especially in summer! I went online to see if they had the very same skirt online to buy, they didn't but i picked up some other bargainous beauties instead! 

Like these cute blue skinny trousers which I picked up for just...... £3. IKR. £3 couldn't believe it, so it will be no surprise to you my natural reflex took over and selected the 'Add to basket' button. It's just a natural reflex- what more can I say!
I bought these in a UK 10- hope they fit and my butt doesn't floweth over! 

The same style trousers, just in a plain block blue colour, also £3 and in a UK 10. 
5-pocket trousers in stretch twill with a regular waist and slim legs. (Blue/batik - each pair of trousers has a unique wash and look.)     
98% cotton, 2% elastane. Machine wash at 40˚
Art.No. 73-4014 H&M Online.                  

So I was pretty pleased with those, then along came the steal of the day! This beautiful flared summer elasticated waistband simple 'Throw On' skirt in blue and white shades, for just £2. I tried this on in store, it was great, but not reduced like all the others and I knew it would be reduced and in the sale online, good job I acted quickly as these sold out in just hours! 

This style is ideal if you've got a shape like mine, petite on top and then hippy and with 'HELLO HELLO' thighs! this skirt skims over the problem areas and accentuates your best assets and draws the eye into all the right places. 

I'll be teaming this pretty skirt with a tight fit ribbed navy or white vest, then some sweet ballet pumps in nude, or some summer thong sandals with silver detailing and tones, demure, quaint silver jewellery and a navy bag and if it's really hot - a hat!

 Flared skirt in sturdy cotton with an elasticated waist and side pockets.

All in all the delivery was more expensive than any of the items coming in at £3.90, but hey! With a saving overall like the one I got, I'm not fussy about paying for delivery. 

So I spent £11.90 in total. Bargain Delivered to my door. Well worth a look online as H and M have a very big summer clearance going on ATM.

I'll do a full review when the items arrive which should be mid August! and whack out a couple of OOTDs and style ups!!

Worcester, UK