Bagin' A H&M Bargain

So last week whilst waiting for a meeting in the city I popped into H&M to have a little look. H&M are re-known for their quality, fashionable, on trend and in style clothing at great prices in a wide range of sizes which are available online and in stores all over the world.

Whilst I was looking around i noticed the vast array of greys, khaki and browns they had on offer in multiple garments, cuts and themes - these colours are my friend Lizzie's go to colours, so I gave her a call and we went back together earlier this week. 

Whilst there I managed to try on some things to continue my ongoing experiment of 'what looks good vs what really, really doesn't!' Lizzie is always a fantastic person to shop with, she'll laugh, sometimes cry (That has happened in H&M before!) and will give exactly what a girl wants when shopping for clothes - an honest answer! 

Lizzie is just one of those people who doesn't need to try anything on and just buys off the peg, I am the complete opposite - I have to try on, style up, hobble as if i'm wearing heels to get height, you name it. The works. I've done it all in changing rooms! and that's just before I decide if I like it or not! That's also because I'm yet to figure what exactly flatters my shape.

Lizzie just sits there chatting and texting away, much like Miranda and Carrie in the 'Bumps into Natasha scene in SATC!' - What are friends for ey!?

I tried on Skirts from the sale. Mini, fitted, and floaty, and have come to the conclusion that my hips and thigh curves will never look good in a skin tight, show your arse mini! 
However a Carrie Bradshaw ballet esque mini might! I'm all for clothes that make you happy!

It was floaty, light and frothy like a cappuccino, I danced and felt like I really was in the opening titles however, it wasn't reduced down when I got to the till and as it was in the 'sale' section it was slightly pulling on the back and was a little grubby so I gave it a pass this time around! 

Lizzie bought everything in her basket and everything fitted. (So jealous! Not fair!)

H&M's online store is a great place to pick up some bargains especially in summer! I went online to see if they had the very same skirt online to buy, they didn't but i picked up some other bargainous beauties instead! 

Like these cute blue skinny trousers which I picked up for just...... £3. IKR. £3 couldn't believe it, so it will be no surprise to you my natural reflex took over and selected the 'Add to basket' button. It's just a natural reflex- what more can I say!
I bought these in a UK 10- hope they fit and my butt doesn't flow over! 

The same style trousers, just in a plain block blue colour, also £3 and in a UK 10. 
5-pocket trousers in stretch twill with a regular waist and slim legs. (Blue/batik - each pair of trousers has a unique wash and look.)     
98% cotton, 2% elastane. Machine wash at 40˚
Art.No. 73-4014 H&M Online.                  

So I was pretty pleased with those, then along came the steal of the day! This beautiful flared summer elasticated waistband simple 'Throw On' skirt in blue and white shades, for just £2. I tried this on in store, it was great, but not reduced like all the others and I knew it would be reduced and in the sale online, good job I acted quickly as these sold out in just hours! 

This style is ideal if you've got a shape like mine, petite on top and then hippy and with 'HELLO HELLO' thighs! this skirt skims over the problem areas and accentuates your best assets and draws the eye into all the right places. 

I'll be teaming this pretty skirt with a tight fit ribbed navy or white vest, then some sweet ballet pumps in nude, or some summer thong sandals with silver detailing and tones, demure silver jewellery and a navy bag and if it's really hot - a hat!

All in all the delivery was more expensive than any of the items coming in at £3.90, but hey! With a saving overall like the one I got, I'm not fussy about paying for delivery. 

So I spent £11.90 in total. Bargain delivered to my door. Well worth a look online as H&M have a very big summer clearance going on right now.

I'll do a full review when the items arrive which should be mid August! and whack out a couple of OOTDs and style ups on the blog!

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