Harry Potter Tattoos!

Buzz Net earlier today published a post about Harry Potter fanatics and their tattoos. I had a flick through (All 100 of them!) and came across a few cutie kitsch ones that were nice and neat and tidy and something if i were a Harry Potter fanatic would go for! 

I have no tattoos, yet my friend Lizzie has 8. Tattoos are a very personal thing and are tailor made for each person in their own special way and I thought I'd share these HP inspired tattoos that many people have shared online with you all in one place!

The simplistic outline of the glasses really catches the eye, the scar above is in the same place as Harry potters head, just above to the left of his glasses.  

Love this, it combines so so much HP magic into such a little tattoo! 
The M is the official Harry Potter font, The 'A' is the sign of the Deathly Hallows. The 'I' is Harry's scar sign.

The Gold looks amazing 3D! So smooth and perfect.

Wizards Chess Pieces. Simplistic. Beautiful.

Here are some of my Instagram sketches inspired by Harry Potter

Other HP tribute tattoos I liked, included slogans such as: It's Magic. It's real For Us. All This Time. Always.

It got me thinking- If I was to have a tattoo what would I have and where would I have it!?

I've always liked the Idea of tattoo sleeves on certain people such as Hanna Beth the alternative model, who suits tattoos down to the T, what i really like is the fact that the sleeve isn't too full on, it has feminine qualities and each individual tattoo doodle has its own little space. 
However they just wouldn't be for me, I wouldn't be able to pull them off and I change my mind all too often! 

Hanna Beth - Alternative American Model

Tattoos that always interest me: Keys. Clouds. Safety Pins. Chess Pieces.

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