Mistakes happen all the time. Love Life. C'est la vie.

Today's post doesn't come from me, it comes from friend Lizzie she is a brilliant writer who knows just how to put thinks into perspective in a crisis and exactly how to put pen to paper. She wrote this a few weeks ago, it's so beautiful and touching I just had to share, I hope you take something from it, if just a small piece.

C'est La Vie

Mistakes happen all the time. 

In our life time, we must have made millions of mistakes; whether it be relationships, saying things we didn't mean, cheating on exams or anything. Mistakes make us who we are today and we learn from them. 

My belief is that we are on a path created by God or something similar; we must not divert from the path set to us. I was meant to do all the things I have done, all the silly things my stupidity allowed me to do. The only thing we can do in our life, after these mistakes, is to hold our head up and keep our heart strong. 

Our parents gave us the independence in our lives to create mistakes and move on from them. They teach us the things they do, because them themselves, made similar mistakes and taught us the right from wrong. 
Things happen, most commonly break-ups, that lead many into 'melt down'. I'm talking openly about a friend of mine who became a victim of a cheat and liar, a threatener, a man who knew nothing else but how to use his sexual organs. When said friend confronted her boyfriend, he denied everything.

Relationships are built mostly on trust, acceptance, faith. A relationship is where two become one. After the escapade, of which her boyfriend slept with an unknown girl, to which is a mother of 4 at the age of 20 years old, the friend and her boyfriend slept together, after some force. In my eyes, after the denial and the lies, my friend was meant to find out the truth of what happened. She was en route in her path of life. God intended her to find out, so that she could make future decisions and refuse to deal the same deck of cards again. 

Any relationship can be perfect, any relationship can be true. But is any of that real? What is perfection and truth? 

My advice to anyone dealing with the same or similar situation is to be true to yourself, learn from your mistakes, current or future, and to only be trusted in yourself. Because at the end of the day, you will never let yourself down.

She also wrote an L advice part two which i shall dig up and post!  (You can now read part 2 here!)

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