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On the subject of tattoos..... when in boots ( I know my shopping trip story is getting old!) with Lizzie she was looking for a tattoo cover item for her tattoos of which she has eight. They are all less than one year old (or is that fresh?) And we were discussing the aftercare routine for tattoos that will be exposed in sunlight and when you're in an extra hot place! So they don't frizzle, burn or discolour and low and behold boots have done a special feature on it in their Health and Beauty magazine for July/August.

Your tattoo is a work of art that you'll need to look after - and now for the first time, there's a specialist skincare range at boots to help....

Why do I need to use a specialist product for my tattoo? 

Newly tattooed skin is delicate and vulnerable - as you'd expect - so it needs special care in order to heal properly (your tattoo artist should advice you on aftercare) In the long term, you'll want to keep your work of art vibrant, so it's important to keep skin nourished and protected with a tailored moisturiser to help minimise colour fade.

How does forever ink work? 

There are two products to help you look after your tattoo: Forever Ink Balm, £6.99 (30g), for new tattoos, and forever Ink Shield, £12.99 (50g) for ongoing, long term maintenance. Gentle forever ink balm contains antibacterial manuka honey and vitamins B and E to nourish and protect newly tattooed skin, and help it recover. Once healed, there's a forever ink shield, a light, oil free moisturiser with unique ink lock technology to help seal in colour and keep your tattoo beautiful and vibrant, with added SPF 45 protection.

How long do I need to use it for? 

Forever ink balm can be applied from the day you have your tattoo done until the skin has completely recovered. To check if your skin has healed, run your hand gently over the tattooed area - it should feel smooth and just like the rest of your skin. Forever ink shield is designed for a lifetime of care, so you can continue to use it forever.

I've got very sensitive skin - can I still use Forever Ink ? 

Absolutely - both products have been dermatological lay tested, so they're suitable for sensitive skin. If you're concerned, however , you may want to consider doing a patch test first.
You can find this new product exclusively at boots in the specialist skincare section!

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