Temptation is over rated. C'est La Vie part two.

Today's post doesn't come from me, it comes from friend Lizzie she also is a brilliant writer who knows just how to put thinks into perspective in a crisis and exactly how to put pen to paper. She wrote this a few weeks ago, it's so beautiful and touching I just had to share, I hope you take something from it, if just a small piece.

This is part two of a previous post!

Temptation is over rated.

Girl meets boy, boy has likes girl, girl likes boy,boy has sex with girl. Boy doesn't call girl back. 

Again. Beauty is something that should be grasped with both hands, whether it be inside beauty,or out; both are as equally important.

Many girls complain that they aren't beauty, but what is the definition of beauty per say? It's opinionated, not factual. Life is opinionated. Words, actions, decisions. 
Although, I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Whatever that reason may be, there is a reason. Unknown, undiscovered, but there. 

I was meant to fall in love with the people I did, and now I am meant to be on my own. No, I'm not looking for a sob story award. I only speak the truth. There is a purpose for us being here, there is a purpose for all the things that we do. I believe in fate. I believe what we do in life, the decisions we make, are already made for us, we have a path and what we do enables us to travel along the path. 

This writing, or whatever it may be, is dedicated to a dear friend of mine, to which I hope she reads again and again in the years that proceed her. She recently lost a boy she loved so deeply, and he broke her heart in so many ways that no amount of kind words or sweet lullaby's could fix it. 
Within an emotional trance already from a family death, she was then to find out of some infidelity on her [Then separated ] boyfriends part with a girl he had known a matter of hours. 

Although, they had broken up previous to this [Three Days], they were still emotionally attached, to which she thought, by love. In my eyes, and as I'm sure many others, you don't stop loving someone before the words, 'it's over'
After many lies, threats, violation of privacy and life, he finally admitted it. 

And this next bit is dedicated to those girls out there, and boys, who have been in a similar unlawful situation.  

Mistakes are the starting blocks of your life. You make these, to learn from them, you make them not only for yourself, but for others, as a demonstration that you are a willing, strong, independent person. 

You are not being controlled by anyone no longer, only you can control your feelings, your own mind. God created you to be yourself, to be true to yourself and live your life. 
Be true to Him. Take this as a life experience, do not waste your cries over something that cannot be undone. Do not dwell on the bad, dwell on the good. Do not find yourself in misery, but only happiness. Happiness is your goal. Happiness will help you succeed. 

You are young, you are gaining the life skills you need to overcome this. It will take time, I kid you not, but you have a strong heart; a heart made of gold, a smile that brightens anybody's day, and I know, as do others, you can make this out through the tunnel. You are not alone. Friends, family, anybody and everybody is here for you. Always and forever. One day, you will learn from your mistakes, you will laugh about this, you will cry about this, you will become a better person because of it. But for now, I am here for you, we are here for you, whatever time or day. 
You can cry on my shoulder always.

Forever and always. 

I told you she was bloody good.

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