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Microdermabrasion After Care Advice | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Microdermabrasion After Care Advice | Hello I'm Clo

I'm a big fan of microdermabrasion and today, whilst at the beauty salon and shop in Merry Hill I picked up an after care leaflet from Skin Base to share with you all the key aftercare points.

It is recommended that your adhere to the following advice after having microdermabrasion treatment. Many deep pore cleansing skin facials also need to follow this after care advise in order to not contradict or irritate the skin/ treatment.

For 12 hours
Do not wear heavy make-up. Mineral make up and natural make up is preferable.

For 24 hours
No swimming, facial waxing or fake tan application.

For 48 hours
No sauna, sun beds or sun exposure. No Botox, collagen injections or dermal fillers.

For 72 hours
Do not use any anti-ageing creams, AHAs, glycolics, retinal or exfoliating products.

At all times
During a course of microdermabrasion SPF 15 minimum must be applied and exposure to UV should be avoided.
Regular moisturiser applications are vital to replenish moisture and prevent the skin from becoming dry and peeling.

Be Aware...
If skin feels hot, splash with cold water, pat dry and moisturise regularly with a gentle, hydrating moisturiser.
Skin may appear red after treatment, this is perfectly normal and any redness will generally subside within 72 hours.

And those are the quick, easy and simple after care guidelines for microdermabrasion!

Toddle pip!

Clo : -)
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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

OMFG Stationary | Hello I'm Clo


Please first and foremost forgive me for my tardiness. 
This week has been mental a real OMFG. Totally crazy. Between college, nights out, brithdays, nights in with family friends and work. It's been one of those weeks where you feel you haven't slept. In fact. I haven't.

I may take the next week to recover. 

After Friday nights antics. Lack of sleep and serious dehydration, if a little hungover (L was totally out of it) A group of us decided to hit a local fry up as we were in some serious caffeine and an overhaul of what went down as evidently a lot did. It was, after all, my eighteenth.

After our fry up, which I must stress is by no means a cure of a hangover and only aggravates the original issue! Trust me!! We all parted ways to get on with the day ahead. 

L and I had already planned to go into Worcester City Centre to do a spot of shopping. (Like I need to do more shopping!!) 
It was whilst being dragged unwillingly into Waterstones that I discovered something that stood out proud on the shelves. 

I've been looking for sometime now for the perfect Notebook. 

Perfect notebook Clo? REALLY!?

Somewhere to pop down all my creative ideas, opinions on products, notes, inspiration and any other general stuff that I need to later refer to.
Although Pinterest, Iphone Apps and other handy little life extras are a fully valid point. I'm a kinesthetic learner and love to be able to touch and feel things. Have everything In one place.

A notebook is the perfect place for me to keep notes (Obviously!) and also has the option of adding in receipts, leaflets and other bits and bobs, such as colour swatches or a dab of the latest Colour Crush lipstick from bodyshop. Purely an example.

 I. do. not. need another one!!

anyway... Back to it girl...

The OMFG notebook captured my heart. No doubt about it. It's fun and funky and the perfect size for popping into my handbag. Whilst containing all the relevant hair, beauty, make-up bits and bobs that are totally necessary to my life as a blogger extraordinaire (I jest.)

Epic Primark Haul Video | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo! 

As ever, In my Primark Haul I'm drinking Coffee. Laughing at my own sad little jokes (YOLO) and having a whale of a time. 

I love being a blogger.

Fashion wise I'll show you some bargainous bargains I've recently picked up. There are so many bargains to pick up in Primark. Despite the recent raise in standard prices.

I talk through everyday fashion basics, sale items, random items, beauty stuffs, Primark make up and fab fab fab accessories and items I'm popping into my 'Props' box for college and make-up looks.

But what am I rambling on about!? 

You can just watch the video! Watch It and let me know what you all thought of my latest mad antics in the comments, Sub, Like and all that jazz!

Toodle Pip fellow earthlings.


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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

Advanced Blow Dry | Hello I'm Clo

Hello! I'm Clo!!

Today I'm running you guys through the more advanced blow dry techniques needed for an advanced blowdry. 

Hair Clo?! Aren't you a Make-Up Student?

Part of my Theatrical Make-Up course is Hair and Postiche which is hair styling and hair piece and wig application; so eyebrows, beards, mustache and other facial and body hair addition.
Yesterday in class we went through the following techniques...

The reasoning behind why we do a more 'advanced blow dry' is to add shape, create volume and body, alter thickness and create structure.

Tools you'll need to create the perfect blow dried look:
  • Hair Dryer
  • Barrel Brush
  • Volumising Moose
  • Towel
  • Hair Spray
  • Comb/ Tail comb 
  • Hair divider clips
The one thing you won't be needing for an advanced blow dry is a vent brush as the air escapes and doesn't help create shapes or hair volume. 

How to create the perfect advanced blow dry with slight curl or full volume. Step by step.


  1. Wash hair in the shower twice and rinse well. Apply conditioner if your hair requires it.
  2. Use the Rotary and Effleurage massage methods on your hair, head and scalp. ( I will do a post on each of these techniques. Until then give it a good rub and massage well ) This wakes up all your hair follicles and roots of hair, giving you an all over better looking result once blow dried.
  3. Pat excess water off the hair with a towell, wrap hair up in a turban with a towel.
  4. Prepare your hair dryer to appropriate heat and wind speed. Prepare all your necessary tools, sprays and brushes.
  5. Brush your hair through with a comb or detangler to get any unwanted knots out. This makes drying and styling much easier!
  6. Give your hair a good dose of heat protector all over, despite length, it's important to keep your hair protected from heat. Both long term and short turn to prevent damage and not to impose on the final look of the hair style.
  7. Apply moose liberally, a basic moose is all that is required. Dispense into your hands then run evenly through hair. This creates volume and hold before the heat styling begins.
  8. Divide hair into manageable sections with clips to make drying easier and manageable.
  9. Once the moose has absorbed into the hair and there are no visible white bits in the hair, start blow drying use a barrel brush. Brush the hair to the bottom of the hair strand, drying as you go. When you reach the end of the hair roll the hair upwards towards the root. Continue blow drying as you roll. This creates a loose curl or flick. The bigger the brush the looser the hair curl or hair is. 
  10. Apply this method to your entire hair.
  11. Brush into place any stray bits.
  12. Apply hair spray with special focus on the ends of the hair where the flick or curl ends. Spray to hold the style.
Your hair is styled!

Remember to only use products that are suitable for your hair type. I.E Dry, oily, sensitive, afro etc.
You can also add shine mist or sparkle to the hair, once styled for the ultimate glossy effect.

Back combing the roots slightly in a gentle fashion, also adds volume and hold to the hair and makes it stand tall. Spray to hold.

That is how to do an advanced blow dry!
Leave me a comment, let me know what you'd like me to write about/ try and demo! Leave me links to your blog too!

Toodle Pip
Have a great day!!


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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

Second Star To The Right Straight On Til Morning | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Second star to the right straight on til morning

No one gets everything they ask for, there is no such thing as the dream man or dream house.

Life is hard.

A tough hard slog dodging what's right and what's wrong. Ups and downs appear and subside throughout life.
Its in this point where I am approaching an all new high that I reflect and be thankful for the small mercies that got me to this brand new place.
When you find something in life you just can't live without; be it a vocation, boyfriend. Hold on and explore. This exploration and serious thought and reflection sparks from my new love and interest in something I put off for all too long. I subsided my own interest and career in order to please and pacify others.

Bang on about it as I do, if you too have found your interest I am so pleased for you!
If you're stuck in a rut unsure of where you're heading, just like my friend Poppy do not fear- you will find it!!

They say if you enjoy your job you'll never work a day in your life whoever 'They' are.. In many respects this is damn right, I, in the current position I am in am interested in exploring the route of writing; magazines, online; discussing latest fads, fashion, hair, make up and beauty.

I have found something I truly enjoy. I do it because I enjoy it not because anyone told me to.
It's your life and you have to live with the decisions you make in it.
I went into my make up course with no idea career wise. I wanted to pursue general interests and passions and as it happens the career part unraveled and revealed itself pretty quickly.
There are times where you have to follow your head or your heart. I followed my heart because if you follow what you love in life you'll somehow find a way to create a career around it.

A year ago I was on a completely different path and the year before that I was on a different one. Life is just too short to not enjoy it.

Everything happens for a reason believe it or not and if you think it doesn't get better, you're mistaken, it does and it gets brilliant. You have your whole life ahead of you so don't rush into decisions or panic about the future. Live life in the moment as its modern day cliche but you only live once! 

Just a little reflective insight for today folks!

Toodle pip!!

Clo :- )

Free Fashion Hair Beauty Music and Lifestyle Magazines Video | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo! Today it's all about free music, fashion and beauty magazines!

Topshop Magazine: Fashion Magazine: Available from Topshop stores and Topshop at Selfridges.

Dare at Superdrug: Beauty: Available at Superdrug stores.

Health & Beauty: Beauty: Available at Boots.

DIY: Music Magazine: Available at Indie record stores (I got mine at Rise Records)

H&M Handbook: Fashion: H&M postal book.

The Times Mag / Luxx Magazine: Fashion and high end beauty: Available in The Times newspaper every Saturday. Luxx released every three months.

Local Magazines/ 24Severn Magazine : Lifestyle/ Fashion/ Beauty: Local boutiques and salons.

Tony and Guy: Hair: Tony and Guy hair salon stands outside their stores.

Hit me up!- Here are the links!
Tumblr: http://helloimclo.tumblr.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/chloetomalin
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/chloetomalin
Blog: http://helloimclo.blogspot.co.uk/
Google +: https://plus.google.com/b/117420128020765166093/110150779231989114645/posts
Youtube Chanel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HelloImClo

Thanks :-) have a great day guys!

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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

I have Acne Video | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo and I have Acne.

This to me is a very personal video that had no direct aim. Just needed to get my thoughts out there.
The video wasn't supposed to be out of focus, however it was and It's not the type of video I can re-film as it was very heat of the moment. I've uploaded it anyway just to share.
Please do take a moment of your time to watch the video and leave me a comment letting me know your reaction to the video, and the topics covered. I'm open to opinions regardless of whether you're an Acne sufferer or not.

There is no such thing as perfect and it's honestly overrated.

More on Acne here:

What prescription drug are you taking?
roaccatane- go see your doctor.

Hit me up!
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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/chloetomalin
Blog: http://helloimclo.blogspot.co.uk/
Google +: https://plus.google.com/b/117420128020765166093/110150779231989114645/posts

Thanks :-) have a great day guys!

Toodle Pip,

Clo :-)
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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

Make-Up Academy Review | Budget Make-Up | Hello I'm Clo

You may have seen my recent video hauling a new super-super cheap make up brand i descovered in  British drug store Superdrug. I am also super, super shocked that the video has had over 6,000 views! Crazy!
Here is a link to the video:

I thought I'd try out each individual product that I purchased and let you all know what I thought. What I'd use it for and if i would but it again.

MUA Make Up Academy Bronzer 

Shade: 1
Price: £1
Skill Level: Medium
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes

Sorry for the images today guys. They're not the best yet MUA plastic cases are very reflective and a pain to photograph!

This is first and foremost a great budget line product. It's a light bronzer with a top coat shimmer.
If you're looking for a strong, bold colour with a strong pigment, this is not the product for you. However after a few coats of application the colour does build, use on the top of cheek bones for a highlight or as an addition to contouring.
I would not advice an all over the face brushing of this product, as like I said, it has got a shimmer and you really don't want to look like an umpa-lumpa. 
A soft coat over the chest or upper arms for a light glow on a night out, takes the edge off the good old pale British non-tan!

The photographs for MUA (The pro ones) are very different to the actual shades in the flesh and on the skin. They appear lighter due to the flash of the photography equipment. I do recommend going into Superdrug and swatching the colours on your skin to see which one suits you and your skin tone the best.

This Bronzer was also featured in Make-Up and Magazines' August favorites blog post. Here is Alice's post. Check it out as Alice's pictures are much, much better than mine!

MUA Make Up Academy Nude 'Bare' Lipstick

Shade: 14
Price: £1
Skill Level: Basic
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy MUA Nude Lipstick Here

It's a good place to start when you're starting out with make-up and make-up experimentation.
Before diving into bright colours and mental, drastic looks, colours and extensions. Introducing a neutral or natural colour to your daily routine to start out with is a good Idea as it helps you hone in on the basic skills you need in order to progress and then eventually experiment and add into your make-up bag.

MUA Make Up Academy Blusher in Cupcake
Shade: Cupcake
Price: £1
Skill Level: Basic
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy MUA Cupcake Blusher Here

This is a beautiful shade from Make-Up Academy's blusher collection. Looks great on the apples of the cheeks and as an all over splash of colour on the face. For just £1 it has a brilliant pigment and is striking when on the skin.
This blusher from MUA creates a perfect look when lightly blended into a contour and set with a finishing spray or dash of translucent powder to give it that extra hold.

I then bought two of Make-Up Academy's Eye Shadows.
Purple is one of my go to clothing colours. I'm now experimenting more with purple colour and undertones in make-up. So eye shadows, liners and even mascaras (For the theatrical make-up)

I'm really pleased that I found these MUA Eye Shadows as they really do have a fantastic pigment that builds whilst layering. When used with a primer the colours last even longer.

MUA Make Up Academy Pearl Dark Purple Eyeshadow
Shade: Pearl 9
Price: £1
Skill Level: Medium
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy Here

Shade 9 of pearl from Make Up Academy is one of those products you wish you'd found sooner. It's great. Wonderful full texture and pigment.
Apply a base eyelid primer for a longer lasting eyeshadow hold, or apply eyeshadow with a damp to wet, yet not wringing wet brush, to create a more solid build and block of colour.

To set the eyeshadow in place, place a piece of loo roll over the top of the eyelid and lightly dust translucent powder over the top. The powder disperses through the paper and sets the make-up without smudging or unnecessary make-up movement.

This lighter shade of purple from the Make -Up Academy eyeshadow collection is a colour just made to go hand in hand with the darker shade #9. Blend and mix to create a mix. Play with the same colour base i.e Purple in different tones i.e 9 and 4.
Playing is the best way to learn make-up wise. We're forever learning, trialing new techniques and figuring out what works best for us as individuals. An awful lot of these techniques and ideas come down to personal preference and personal favorites.

MUA Make Up Academy Pearl Light Purple Eyeshadow
Shade: Pearl 4
Price: £1
Skill Level: Medium
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy Here

Overall I'm a big, big fan. Make-Up Academy, is like I mentioned a new discovery. Whilst discussing make-up at lunch in college, many of my friends told me they too use Make-Up Academy products on themselves and in their make-up boxes and kits. 
We all love a bargain and if that bargain is diverse and mulch-purpose as well as decent; it's an all round winner for me!
MUA allows you to try new looks, colours and styles without breaking the bank. It's easy to apply, easy to remove. Which for beginners and make-up newbies; is a major plus! (We've all been there!)

Palettes are my next purchase from MUA as I don't actually own a palette with eye shadow in it. Which for a trainee make up artist is of course crazy!
I know Sleek and Naked both do palettes, however until I'm used to using a palette instead of pots and individual shadow colours I'm going to buy a 'cheapy' and at £4-8 I can't really go wrong.

This palette caught my eye! It's £4 and contains 10 shades. This is what MUA's website had to say about it! Buy Here

Introducing the long awaited palette, we have listened to the requests of our MUA Fans!

A ‘timeless’ palette featuring ten gorgeous MATTE neutral shades designed to create endless looks for every occasion. The warm and cool tones of each velvety shade can be worn alone or blended together for cashmere –soft finish! The flesh tone shades in Butter and Bare are perfect to use as a base colour, whilst the smouldering chocolate tones in Penny and Truffle allow you build on your look, taking you from minimalist-chic to night time smoke. If you love matte and smoky this palette is for you!

Unwrap (white), Butter (cream), Bare (Nude), Taffeta (Peach) , Fade (brown), Penny (bronze), Chino
(taupe), Truffle ( chocolate), Fog ( dove grey) , Smoke ( black)

The palettes vary, some have muted hues, others have colours that pop! It's worth popin' a palette in your basket next time you're in Superdrug, as you really can experiment and make many looks from just one palette, if you take your time and get creative!

That's all for today!
Toodle Pip,

Lots of love,

Clo :-)

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Take note! | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo and today we're take note!

Yesterday whilst on my college induction, I had the realisation of just how important it is to take note and take pictures. The epitome of scatter brain, I unfortunately have the same mechanical brain as a fish, complete with the unfortunate three second memory trait.
Whilst exploring my new college pathway and rummaging through Mac galore, MUA and trait lipsticks, gloss, pencil and concealer, my memory sparked ideas and ambition my mind oozed creativity.
I started making notes and snapping away at the brand names, colours, pots, product name and getting images to remind me later what the texture was like how I would apply it and how exactly how I would use it.

Whilst rummaging through the draws and boxes upon boxes of make-up bits and bobs at college I came across this mac eye creme / eye shadow, in a very deep, jet Gothic black. I really liked the texture and would look great for my clown make-up look!
It's from Mac and is called 'BlackTrack' LOVE!

This is something that I've been looking to have a proper gander at and
 try out for a while. It's a potential multipurpose make-up essential item. Use on lips, cheek and eyes.
This one from benefit is an oldie, yet I believe it is still available, or something similar is available from Benefit online or instore.
This is a rich red and it a great one for my clown project for the clown cheek circles. Because it's a liquid it can really be played with and worked on, applied lightly for a subtle hint or built up to create a bold look just like a clown.

Speaking of clowns... Which has turned into the main focus of this posts! These super duper red and black stream false lashes triggered the image of the film poster of Tim Burton's 'Alice' from 2010.

Sparkles- Something every girl should have!
These are some other images I took, which spark ideas in my mind for looks! They also serve as reminders of what I need to add to my beauty case, or things I need to review for the blog!

The purple, nude and green cancel out different things on the face, which I will be blogging about soon!

Snapping the brand name of items is always a safe bet as it's rubbish when you get back from a shopping trip and you've forgotten the name of that thing you saw, you saw in that place, next to that shop. It just makes your memory stronger and life a little easier.

White foundation, lightens a foundation that is a little too dark for you to create a better tone. Great for lightening and highlighting areas on the body and as a costume foundation for events like Christmas if you're dressing up as a fairy or snowman. Halloween is also when you need plenty of white foundation. It's easier to purchase online than it is in store.

Lots of lovely lip colours, names and lip stick specialist brands!

Brand name of some face paint.

Black face paint

Red face paint that is 24 hours, great for a day doing promotions involving red!

Great blue body colour.

Glamour magazine last month ran a feature about using your phones camera as a memory tool and aid for everyday life, from photographing your ticket for you coat in the coat room, you locker number at the gym, where you parked the car and the barcode and stock number of the dress you can't decide if you want or not as without this information it becomes a chore looking for said item at a later date.

  • Your cloakroom ticket
  • Clothes tags
  • A recipe you love
  • A bus or train time table
  • Where you parked your car
  • Foundation bottle shade number

Take snaps of fashion, beauty and make up you like the look of and are attracted to when out and about, or whilst shopping with friends. 
Keep notes and pictures. Create a mood board and when you want to experiment or try something new, look through your notes or have a gander at your mood board. The idea behind making notes is so you don't forget! Make notes of what you like and don't like about things, you may not even know what you like about it, but keep it in mind as one day you may figure you just like the colour. 

Upload your pictures to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to keep track, on pinterest you can designate boards to different crazes and topics. Just like i do here are some of my boards!

So yeah! Take note guys!

You never know when you'll need them!

Toodle Pip!

Clo :- )

Like, leave a comment and respond :3

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