Advanced Blow Dry

Today I'm running you guys through the more advanced blow dry techniques needed for an advanced blowdry

Part of my Theatrical Make-Up course is Hair and Postiche which is hair styling and hair piece and wig application; so eyebrows, beards, moustaches  and other facial and body hair addition.
Yesterday in class we went through the following techniques...

The reasoning behind why we do a more 'advanced blow dry' is to add shape, create volume and body, alter thickness and create structure.

Tools you'll need to create the perfect blow dried look:

How to create the perfect advanced blow dry with slight curl or full volume. Step by step.

  1. Wash hair in the shower twice and rinse well. Apply conditioner if your hair requires it.
  2. Use the Rotary and Effleurage massage methods on your hair, head and scalp. ( I will do a post on each of these techniques. Until then give it a good rub and massage well ) This wakes up all your hair follicles and roots of hair, giving you an all over better looking result once blow dried.
  3. Pat excess water off the hair with a towell, wrap hair up in a turban with a towel.
  4. Prepare your hair dryer to appropriate heat and wind speed. Prepare all your necessary tools, sprays and brushes.
  5. Brush your hair through with a comb or detangler to get any unwanted knots out. This makes drying and styling much easier!
  6. Give your hair a good dose of heat protector all over, despite length, it's important to keep your hair protected from heat. Both long term and short turn to prevent damage and not to impose on the final look of the hair style.
  7. Apply moose liberally, a basic moose is all that is required. Dispense into your hands then run evenly through hair. This creates volume and hold before the heat styling begins.
  8. Divide hair into manageable sections with clips to make drying easier and manageable.
  9. Once the moose has absorbed into the hair and there are no visible white bits in the hair, start blow drying use a barrel brush. Brush the hair to the bottom of the hair strand, drying as you go. When you reach the end of the hair roll the hair upwards towards the root. Continue blow drying as you roll. This creates a loose curl or flick. The bigger the brush the looser the hair curl or hair is. 
  10. Apply this method to your entire hair.
  11. Brush into place any stray bits.
  12. Apply hair spray with special focus on the ends of the hair where the flick or curl ends. Spray to hold the style.
Your hair is styled!

Remember to only use products that are suitable for your hair type. I.E Dry, oily, sensitive, afro etc.
You can also add shine mist or sparkle to the hair, once styled for the ultimate glossy effect.

Back combing the roots slightly in a gentle fashion, also adds volume and hold to the hair and makes it stand tall. Spray to hold.

That's how to do an advanced blow dry!

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