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Hello I'm Clo!

Today whilst doing a spot of research I came across this little gemstone of a discount for 15% off Asos internationally.

This is the code, I don't know when It expires but i can, indeed confirm it works. I saved myself a fair few pounds this evening! So be quick and don't hang about, use it on those things that are sat in your basket, go on.... treat yourself ;)

 This is the code you need to use to get 15% off all purchases at ASOS.

This code can't be used with any other discount code like student NUS.
Happy Shopping with 15% off at asos poeple!  
Another great place to pick up ASOS discount codes is 

as Codesium find all the ASOS discount codes for your area. 
Which is handy as most ASOS Discount codes are for the US site and not UK!

They do discount codes for US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong to mention a few!


So those are a few tips and tricks for Asos Discounts! 

Toodle Pip,

Clo :-)
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