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I'm back to blogging! After what seams to be a weeks worth of 'stuff' crammed into just two (Very long) days, I feel like I've lost a part of me by not blogging, tweeting, pinning or instagramming! I've taken a mini social media break! But i'm back and back, with a very big bang. Bubblier than ever and really raring to go! Whooooo! Lets do this.

So! This week I started college, where I'm enrolled on a Theatrical Make-Up and Media Make-Up course, which is a year long course, intense. On which you learn EVERYTHING on media and theatrical makeup. It sounds like a fluffy, doss subject, but believe you me it's proper hardcore and down and dirty. You'll see what I'm banging on about as I will be publishing my notes, how tos, pieces of work and sketches on the 'Hello I'm Clo' blog, to keep track and share what I'm up to with you guys.

I'll study all aspects of Make-up from management to hair, wigs, make-up and products.
I've only completed two days and I'm hopelessly and totally in love. It's as if this is what I'm meant to do, I'm making notes like the biggest geek ever. Absorbing and learning, taking it all in. It's such a rush learning new things.

There are two parts to the course, theory and practical. Practical is the hands on stuff, painting faces, applying wigs, creating hair pieces and actively using make-up and then there's the theory. Theory is the side people generally find less interesting and have have less enthusiasm for, however my thinking is; you wouldn't build a house without the foundations, so why dive straight into practical if you don't know the theory of what's going on.

Theory doesn't bother me, I lap it all up and make sure I apply it to my practical. With the ideas whizzing around my head about possible pathways, careers and job wise things in the future, for me it's of paramount importance that i sit up, shut up and listen to everything the lecturers have to give, after all. I have one shot at this and I fully intend to get it right first time.

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