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Hello I'm Clo!

OMG! I wrote this post a month ago and it un-published its self :( Just like my 'Pimples' post. Bad times! But never mind here it is!

Print is loud and proud this season! When I was in H&M the other day I snapped a fair few items and prints that caught my eye! 

You'll be seeing prints like these on the following garments this season! 
  • Crop Tops
  • Baggy Oversized Tees
  • Leggings
  • Bold Acrylic Jewellery
  • Rucksacks

 Slogan Tees and slogan crops are hot, great for people who are straight up, straight down shape wise, WARNING. These tops are made for skinny mini's and because of that suit that type of athletic, skinny gal. If you have wide hips or thunder thighs, steer well clear of crops unless you can balance your legs out correctly! - I'm still working on the balancing act!

Cartoon character, charactertures, logos and relatable slogans and stamps such as
"Pow" "Wham" "WOW" "LA"

All those are thin and lightweight crops.
This one with multiple slogans on is slightly thicker longer crop, great for popping under a denim jacket and as a thicker everyday loose fitting top.

This image from H &M is Ironic as the woman who served us (Me and L) in H&M had a seriously high pony tail so high it was practically on her forehead like a my little pony. High, high hair is going to be big big, big!

The styles and themes behind these pieces are grass roots from grime, streetwear, youth fashion and dance.
Age is a big thing, the idea of using TV show characters and movie logos, on a 'coming of age' style tee  to be worn by young people is quirky and kitsch.

That's all for today,

Lots of love, Toodle Pip

Clo! :-)

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