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First Week Of College | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

This week has been a whirlwind. Mental. Crazy. Cray.

I started my new college and new course. So having recently moved to the area I'm still getting to grips with transport and where things are. All whilst looking after Nan, being uber prepared and being on time!

Apologies from me guys that by updates, posts and blogs this week have been a little thin on the ground. I have been meaning to put pen to paper and keep you all updated, however this week has flown by.
Normal blogging schedule will resume next week!  

I may not have posted, or written any major posts this week, however! Endless streams of notes have been written, time spent planning posts and pictures and references collected in order to aid the publishing process next week. Hint! There are 17 drafts in my draft box. Yes 17.

So! Onto the college course!

I'm studying Theatrical Make-up. The full course title is:
Theatrical & Media Make-Up VRQ Level 3 Diploma  

I am so psyched to even write this post, let alone be at college studying what I totally love! akdbskdsbkajdbkjsakas ahhhh whooo!

These are some of the things I will be studying. It's a long list!

Media Make-Up
  • Character Make-Up
  • Fantasy Make-Up
  • Camoflage Make-Up for burns, scarres, bruises, skin conditions.
  • Casualty Make-Up, like what you see in doctor dramas!
Special Effects (Using Products and Special Effects products)
  • Fake Blood
  • Wax
  • Putty
  • Prosthetics
  • Special Effects Designs
  • Bald Caps
Applying Prosthetics
  • Fake nose
  • Fake chin
  • Bald cap
Creating Prosthetics

Make-Up for Photography
  • 1920's to 1980's make-Up
  • Black and white
  • Photography make-up general
  • Period make-up 

A better one than this wig party one though!

Hair and Wigs
  • Hair Styling
  • Wigs
  • Postiche
  • Hair for costume make-up
  • Toupee
  • Hair Piece
  • Weft

It's right up my street, I'm so pleased to finally be on a course which I feel totally devoted to. It took me just minutes in my first college lecture to realise that this is what I want to do. I don't yet have a set end goal in mind. I have lots of options which I can explore, which I don't find daunting. I find it all rather exciting and a little challenge.

The first day consisted of Ice Breakers and getting to know you and the course. We spoke about things we liked/ disliked what we were looking forward to on the course and If we had any prior experience or work experience in the industry.

Because of the nature of the course and the products, techniques and equipment we will be using there was a lot of health and safety notes and tutorials to go through in order to keep us and our clients and models safe.
The building I'm in at college has a fully functional hair retail shop, hair salon and beauty rooms. Members of the public and 'Guinna Pigs' are always to-ing and fro-ing so it's important that we all know what to do if disaster strikes or if someone needs assstance.

Next on the first day itinerary was distribution of time tables, lecturer information, college handbook and information sheets for transport, etc all that bumf!

Later that afternoon I attended my first theory lesson. I briefly touched upon theory in one of my previous posts 'Back To Blogging' which is ironic considering the opening paragraph of this post, never mind! Theory is one of those things, you either love it and lap it up or hate it and avoid it.

I love THEORY!
Lets just get that out there! It's brilliant. I have a real keen interest in skincare, which steams from my long suffering of both eczema and acne to an extreme extent. So the theory side really captures my attention and gets my brain cogs going! Theory I believe is one of the most paramount things people overlook. I'm the person who knows everything about a subject they're really into, well at least I try to! Practical works final result is in my humble opinion, is largely improved if you know more about the product, technique and client or models skin history and what their end goal in mind is.

Perhaps that's just me, but 'Form Filling' and rules/ application techniques for make-up and hair are going to be my trivia bag by the end of the year: I can tell!

 We then started our theory for our first practical project which is based on clowns see clown post here. Please bare in mind that the following images are my first attempt at filling a make-up face form in and I am in no way arty! 

I'm sure one day I'll look back on these with fond memories and laugh at my drawing incompetence. Let's just hope I'm better at the practical application than the drawing: I suppose you can't be good at everything!

By far the highlight of my career so far. I joke. I am totally kidding.

It's funny. I usually would be nervous, or slightly daunted by the thought of diving into something completely new that I haven't done before and meeting new people.  I think my excitement did override my subconscious nervousness.
I blended right in. Everyone in the class is creative and interested in the subject, of course there are those who are treating it as a doss and really aren't that bothered. I don't surround myself with those people, as they simply aren't going to enhance my learning, which is what I'm there to do. Making friends and colleagues is just a bonus.

I've settled in quickly, completed three full days and know peoples names, which for me is a milestone. Though come to think of it, there was an unfortunate situation where I've been calling one girl Deena when her name is actually Deanna. Similar letters. Whatever.  It's all good.

Remember Clo. Dianna = Deanna

Dive right into your new college year, be enthusiastic and really live it. Don't get to the end of the year, like I did last year and think:
What have I actually achieved/ learnt/ done?

Be involved in discussions as it has a serious benefit on your learning. Be open and honest, if you have a problem inform the people that need to be in the know, take everything free on offer, folders, food, condoms, products, discount cards. Have it all!!

I'll be writing my blog more than ever now I'm on this particular beauty related make-up course as my notes will be published alongside pieces of my practical work so you can all keep upto date, be inspired and learn hints and tips! It's also a really great way for me to chart my progress and try new things!

Leave me a comment in the box below letting me know if you too are doing a similar course or how you feel about going back to college this year!

Speak Soon,
Have a bonzer, super day!

Toodle Pip,

Clo! :-)

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