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Hello I'm Clo and I have Acne.

This to me is a very personal video that had no direct aim. Just needed to get my thoughts out there.
The video wasn't supposed to be out of focus, however it was and It's not the type of video I can re-film as it was very heat of the moment. I've uploaded it anyway just to share.
Please do take a moment of your time to watch the video and leave me a comment letting me know your reaction to the video, and the topics covered. I'm open to opinions regardless of whether you're an Acne sufferer or not.

There is no such thing as perfect and it's honestly overrated.

More on Acne here:

What prescription drug are you taking?
roaccatane- go see your doctor.

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Thanks :-) have a great day guys!

Toodle Pip,

Clo :-)
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