Jack Wills Sale Haul

So whilst in London today I popped into the Jack Wills store in Angel Islington  (The light blue section of the Monopoly board!) to honestly, kill some time. 
I'd been late for my meeting because I got lost and then when I got there the person I was waiting to see wasn't there and it was all really a mess and in the end I'd spent three hours traveling for a pretty unless 20 minutes meeting. So spent 6 hours in Starbucks to kill some time and stop myself from spending all my money shopping before my late train home!

I'm not a Jack Wills person. There I've said it. Never have been. The Jack Wills craze came about when I was in my last two years at prep school (7&8) everyone had it, it was a status symbol, a badge of honor, but I have never been one to follow the crowd and doubt I ever will be, I go against the grain and as its my life i'll do what I want to (its my party and ill cry if I want to!) but I've always found their ethos intriguing and their shop displays and layouts truly captivating.
Not only did I go into the store once but I also went back for a second look. (and bought twice!)

The Angel Islington Jack Wills store, is like their others. Aesthetically stunning. Their branding and visuals are undeniable. The location and building of the Angel Islington store is 'Fabulously British' classic meets preppy modern. The building is stand alone, grand and oozes british architecture, with the back door being a typical old school, hotel turnstile door feeding into the wide open space that is the retail shop space, high ceilings, huge glass windows, flooding the space with natural light and highlighting the perfection of every rack, display, counter, and brand counterpart. 
It's situated In the center of a busy suburban area. Indie antique and gifty shops surround it, coffee and juice bars as well as a vintage street located just down a side street, behind the store. 

Make note the street has 3 Prets and 2 Starbucks. It's mental. But that's London for you.

The staff glisten, premed and ready to go, the typical preppy, well educated stereotype continues, yet that is not to Jack Will's disadvantage. The aspirational qualities of the brand, keep it elite and reconfirms the some what hefty price tag for the typical students budget. But make note they do an NUS 10% discount!  

I had a good mooch around and struck up conversation with one of the assistants who complimented me on my all purple outfit (It was bonzer!) When I asked why it was so quiet - she told me Monday's are the best day to go into the Angel Islington Jack Wills store to mooch and try everything on as the other days are mental, she said it was due to everyone recovering from the weekend and kicking back and relaxing, and she really was saying it how it was. Young yuppies and students occupied every coffee house booth, wifi network, and fat free yogurt house going. 
Every person I saw in the Jack Wills store went straight to what they were buying, no trying on, no decision making, bish-bash-bosh done, sold to the man in the Jack Wills Jumper!

I picked up a few bits and bobs whilst there the first, and second time! (Really was killing time!) I thought I may as well, considering they were sale items and weren't going to be there forever!

This is what I picked up! 
Rushbrooke Pencil Tin £6.50 £2.50

This handy little tin is perfect for keeping all my eyeliners and make up pencils in line, neat and tidy! Stop them all being so unruly!  The front design is a Union Jack print, with the Jack Wills stamp logo centered, the back is plain navy with the Jack Wills crest in white, again centred.  With the slogan 
 I then purchased some eyeliners to go into the Ruchbrooke tin!

Tyrell Eye Liner in 'Aqua' £6.00 £2.00

The aqua eyeliner came boxed in a Jack wills eyeliner box. Beautifully presented, would make a wonderful gift that looks well thought through.
The colour of this stick is a baby, water blue. Its prominent and has a real true colour when applied the the skin.  It's an intriguing tone and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it as it has such good hold and texture.

The Cobalt (navy) eyeliner was also available so i picked up one of those for future note on colour tones!

Tyrell Eye Liner in 'Cobalt' (Navy) £6.00 £2.00

These 'Tyrell' Jack Wills eyeliners are soft, not solid or rigid like other eyeliners. They provide a smooth easy application line to the eyelid or under-eye area. Hold colour exceptionally well and if used with a primer or setter, hold and set for hours without moving or needing topping up or re-applying.

I then picked up some eyeshadows in matching or similar palette colours!
Colours : 
The 'Shenfield' Eye Shadows £8.00 £2.00
First and foremost. They are in no way worth £8. The colour isn't brill but ideal as a secondary or highlight colour, the purple and bright blue are true colour, yet need building up to create a solid, block colour. 

The 'Navy' was black. I'd be surprised if i ever worked it into a project as a navy- yet never say never!

The Bright Blue was an improvement on the Navy, although not a strong contender for 'Block colour eyeshadow of the year!'

The purple would make a sweet highlighter for the brow bone, or as a sparkle gloss coat on top of a bold block eyeshadow. Will use as an addition colour, as is not strong enough or long lasting enough to be a used independently.

Overall not too bad for the price I payed and considering that Jack Wills are not make-up specialists! You win some, you loose some - the eyeliner and tin were a hit, yet currently the eye shadows are a miss, the cheap alternative to these eye shadows from Jack Wills, which have a longer lasting colour and better colour and overall hold if used with a primer is Natural Collection eye shadows from boots £1.79 for one colour or just under £3 for a duo colour.

Then the second time I was in Jack Wills I saw these cute wallet holders that have these great uplifting, positive messages printed on them.

At just £1 each, these were just a quick buy for college, cheap cheerful and great for keeping you uplifted and positive!

So yeah! Those were my Jack Wills bargains and boy oh boy did I have some! 
I even did a youtube haul video of what I bought that i'll be sharing with you guys shortly!

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