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Make-Up Academy Review | Budget Make-Up | Hello I'm Clo

You may have seen my recent video hauling a new super-super cheap make up brand i descovered in  British drug store Superdrug. I am also super, super shocked that the video has had over 6,000 views! Crazy!
Here is a link to the video:

I thought I'd try out each individual product that I purchased and let you all know what I thought. What I'd use it for and if i would but it again.

MUA Make Up Academy Bronzer 

Shade: 1
Price: £1
Skill Level: Medium
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes

Sorry for the images today guys. They're not the best yet MUA plastic cases are very reflective and a pain to photograph!

This is first and foremost a great budget line product. It's a light bronzer with a top coat shimmer.
If you're looking for a strong, bold colour with a strong pigment, this is not the product for you. However after a few coats of application the colour does build, use on the top of cheek bones for a highlight or as an addition to contouring.
I would not advice an all over the face brushing of this product, as like I said, it has got a shimmer and you really don't want to look like an umpa-lumpa. 
A soft coat over the chest or upper arms for a light glow on a night out, takes the edge off the good old pale British non-tan!

The photographs for MUA (The pro ones) are very different to the actual shades in the flesh and on the skin. They appear lighter due to the flash of the photography equipment. I do recommend going into Superdrug and swatching the colours on your skin to see which one suits you and your skin tone the best.

This Bronzer was also featured in Make-Up and Magazines' August favorites blog post. Here is Alice's post. Check it out as Alice's pictures are much, much better than mine!

MUA Make Up Academy Nude 'Bare' Lipstick

Shade: 14
Price: £1
Skill Level: Basic
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy MUA Nude Lipstick Here

It's a good place to start when you're starting out with make-up and make-up experimentation.
Before diving into bright colours and mental, drastic looks, colours and extensions. Introducing a neutral or natural colour to your daily routine to start out with is a good Idea as it helps you hone in on the basic skills you need in order to progress and then eventually experiment and add into your make-up bag.

MUA Make Up Academy Blusher in Cupcake
Shade: Cupcake
Price: £1
Skill Level: Basic
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy MUA Cupcake Blusher Here

This is a beautiful shade from Make-Up Academy's blusher collection. Looks great on the apples of the cheeks and as an all over splash of colour on the face. For just £1 it has a brilliant pigment and is striking when on the skin.
This blusher from MUA creates a perfect look when lightly blended into a contour and set with a finishing spray or dash of translucent powder to give it that extra hold.

I then bought two of Make-Up Academy's Eye Shadows.
Purple is one of my go to clothing colours. I'm now experimenting more with purple colour and undertones in make-up. So eye shadows, liners and even mascaras (For the theatrical make-up)

I'm really pleased that I found these MUA Eye Shadows as they really do have a fantastic pigment that builds whilst layering. When used with a primer the colours last even longer.

MUA Make Up Academy Pearl Dark Purple Eyeshadow
Shade: Pearl 9
Price: £1
Skill Level: Medium
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy Here

Shade 9 of pearl from Make Up Academy is one of those products you wish you'd found sooner. It's great. Wonderful full texture and pigment.
Apply a base eyelid primer for a longer lasting eyeshadow hold, or apply eyeshadow with a damp to wet, yet not wringing wet brush, to create a more solid build and block of colour.

To set the eyeshadow in place, place a piece of loo roll over the top of the eyelid and lightly dust translucent powder over the top. The powder disperses through the paper and sets the make-up without smudging or unnecessary make-up movement.

This lighter shade of purple from the Make -Up Academy eyeshadow collection is a colour just made to go hand in hand with the darker shade #9. Blend and mix to create a mix. Play with the same colour base i.e Purple in different tones i.e 9 and 4.
Playing is the best way to learn make-up wise. We're forever learning, trialing new techniques and figuring out what works best for us as individuals. An awful lot of these techniques and ideas come down to personal preference and personal favorites.

MUA Make Up Academy Pearl Light Purple Eyeshadow
Shade: Pearl 4
Price: £1
Skill Level: Medium
Budget Products: Yes
Re-Purchase: Yes
Buy Here

Overall I'm a big, big fan. Make-Up Academy, is like I mentioned a new discovery. Whilst discussing make-up at lunch in college, many of my friends told me they too use Make-Up Academy products on themselves and in their make-up boxes and kits. 
We all love a bargain and if that bargain is diverse and mulch-purpose as well as decent; it's an all round winner for me!
MUA allows you to try new looks, colours and styles without breaking the bank. It's easy to apply, easy to remove. Which for beginners and make-up newbies; is a major plus! (We've all been there!)

Palettes are my next purchase from MUA as I don't actually own a palette with eye shadow in it. Which for a trainee make up artist is of course crazy!
I know Sleek and Naked both do palettes, however until I'm used to using a palette instead of pots and individual shadow colours I'm going to buy a 'cheapy' and at £4-8 I can't really go wrong.

This palette caught my eye! It's £4 and contains 10 shades. This is what MUA's website had to say about it! Buy Here

Introducing the long awaited palette, we have listened to the requests of our MUA Fans!

A ‘timeless’ palette featuring ten gorgeous MATTE neutral shades designed to create endless looks for every occasion. The warm and cool tones of each velvety shade can be worn alone or blended together for cashmere –soft finish! The flesh tone shades in Butter and Bare are perfect to use as a base colour, whilst the smouldering chocolate tones in Penny and Truffle allow you build on your look, taking you from minimalist-chic to night time smoke. If you love matte and smoky this palette is for you!

Unwrap (white), Butter (cream), Bare (Nude), Taffeta (Peach) , Fade (brown), Penny (bronze), Chino
(taupe), Truffle ( chocolate), Fog ( dove grey) , Smoke ( black)

The palettes vary, some have muted hues, others have colours that pop! It's worth popin' a palette in your basket next time you're in Superdrug, as you really can experiment and make many looks from just one palette, if you take your time and get creative!

That's all for today!
Toodle Pip,

Lots of love,

Clo :-)

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