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My 18th Birthday Is Looming | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

In yesterdays post 'Some People Can't Admit They're Wrong | Life Is Hard' i discussed the fact my ex is popping along to join in the birthday celebrations happening later this month.

My birthday is the 27th September and myself friend L and J are all celebrating all our birthdays which are in the same week on one night!

Warning Citizens of Worceter! THINGS MAY GET MESSY.

My mates are so excited! However I am currently feeling pressure from my wardrobe to make new purchases for this 'Special' occasion. All the girls are planning their outfits, hair and make up and i'm stuck with the conundrum and ever girl issue.

I have a full wardrobe. Nothing to wear.

So I've started to look for the perfect outfit. We're off for dinner at Nandos, then hitting an indie pub, then bar, then clubs (ID arrival pending!)
My wardrobe could do with an update and style switch up, as over summer I just bought basics and played it cool, not diving into anything too trend heavy, which was a good call as I feel there wasn't a firm focus on style through the summer season. 
We're now coming into LBD (Little Black Dress) season and I want something that I can wear and revamp and style over and over easily. Easier said than done! Black is not my best colour, yet i feel it would be easily blended with other pieces in my collection and styled with the right shoes, accessories and jewellery I can be onto a winner! 

This is where my inner fashionista breaks free and gets excited!
My resent fashion focus is shape, with a special focus on what works for your body shape and your personality. I have a tight top half, with wide hips and beast muscle thighs, tight calves and a killer ass. All these things collectively do not make dress shopping simple! 

My friends are going shopping just grabbing everything off the shelves. But I have to have a plan. My methods are easily compared to a military operation! There are many things to be taken into considered, my first fashion hurdle is shape.

My shape is best described in two words. Iggy Azalea.

Whilst researching and looking for possible party wear options and doing a spot of online shopping. I realised I needed to compile all these ideas on a visual scale so i can v-to things more simply, accessories and get further ideas without any stress, in true creative director style! So I turned to my ever trusty Pinterest and popped together a board to whack all my options up on! 'My 18th'

I've decided the best look to go for is classy, simplistic, minimalist and elegant. Summing up my personality qualities and values and throw in a statement clutch bag or shoes to spark my creative side.

So incorporating what I've learnt about shape and combining those thoughts with the current trends and the final look I want to go for I have a fair few ideas and possible pieces that I could wear on my eighteenth birthday night!

So what am I into fashion and style/ colour wise that may contribute to my final birthday decision?

I currently have an obsession with white and black barely there stiletto sandals and would like to get a pair, I've been searching all throughout the summer season which makes the fact that I have two weeks to find the perfect pair, potentially stressful and not so optimistic! I'm fussy about my feet, just like Cinderella the shoe must a) fit and b) be comfortable. 

I also love skater dresses, which are ideal for my thighs as skim them nicely and block of my booty when I don't want it to be the side of the moon.

I am totally in love with Henry Hollands HI! designs at Debenhams. Although the designs are aimed at a younger market, they encompass the fun and flirty prints of my personality and I really connect with the brand on so many levels.

So I'll start with dresses, as that is what is going to be covering a good percentage of my body! (Well I hope so!)
Why a dress? Well. I've been trying to connect with my feminine side and embrace the legs I have, there is no point in hiding them away, I may not 100% love them but every so often they need an airing and need to make an appearance.
Ugg boots and skinny jeans are simply not going to cut it, and as I will be attending clubs there are club rules to adhere to. Being a special occasion, it is also expected of me to make an effort and look pretty decent! (Fingers crossed) I did consider a jump suit, but when looking through my wardrobe realised i did in fact require the addition of a black dress, or skirt or anything that screams I HAVE FEMALE GENITALIA as appose to baggy jeans, guys shirts, uggs and lumberjack jackets.

These are some of the dresses i've come across that i'm liking the look of.

Name: Paula Caged Back Swing Dress in Black
Where from: Missguided
How Much: £19.99
Buy: http://www.missguided.co.uk/paula-caged-back-skater-dress-77727
Score: 6/10

What attracted me to this dress is the lovely high cut at the front, and cute strappy straps. It's a mini length and provides a good figure profile, hugging the bust area, yet free flowing over problem areas: the bum and upper thighs and hips. The front is enticing yet the back i'm not too keen on, the straps across the back will draw attention to my very pale skin and highlight how pale I am.

Next up was this figure hugging number, again from Misguided and was promptly 'pinned' on the board!

Name: Gendry Strappy Cut Out BodyCon Mini Dress in Black
Where from: Misguided
How Much: £19.99
Score: For non existand hips and killer pins 8/10 for me -1/10 the tight fit accentuates the ass region and that is one area that does not need enhancing!

If it's not for you Clo- Why did you add it to the board!? Well the cut is what caught my eye. The sweet, demure straps combined with the small cut outs sides really intrested me, a reallly great choice for a well tanned, tight and toned body, ideal if you have and athletic figure or natural build without the wide set hips and ass that slows traffic!

If the bottom bit, below the waist hadn't been so tight. If it was a flared or skater skirt finish that would have been just my thing and would have made me look much better and much more comfortable! Skin tight things just don't do it for me.

I then had a little wonder onto ASOS.

Name: Asos Deep Plunge Skater Dress In Jacquard
Where from: Asos own brand
How Much: £45.00
Buy: http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Deep-Plunge-Skater-Dress-In-Jacquard/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=3005307&cid=13930&Rf-300=1880,1944&sh=0&pge=1&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Black
Score: 6/10

This little number needs some serious tit tape!
If you're looking to flash your trash or make it known you've arrived, and have no body hang-ups or inhibitions this is the dress for you. The great flare of the skater skirt, deemed it suitable for addition to the board.
The V plunge to show off and showcase the bust area is a loud reminder to me that it's ok to show a bit of skin. Even if it is Winter.
I don't like the back cut of the dress, the top bar just simply seems to me pointless and the cut and shape of the back is not a flattering one for my shape or size.

I personally wouldn't wear this type of WOW WOW HELLO dress, it's just a bit too much and honestly would prefer jeans and a jumper! Clothes also say a lot about you and speak volumes about your personality.
I wouldn't have the confidence to carry this off and without the confidence you just look like you're trying too hard!
My personality does not do skin. It does jumper. 

That being said. The next number I found flashes a fair bit of skin, yet remains a classic timeless fall cut and a typical staple LBD. 

My back has always been a feature past boyfriends have liked. It's one of those subtle things that people just like for no reason. My skin is silky soft, freshly buffed and glows. 

I'd feel more confident about this dresses plunge, than that of the previous one as this V plunge is at the back, not the front. So I wouldn't have to worry every five seconds if my boob was also making a special appearance at Nandos
Lets keep It PG people.

Name: Asos: True Decadence Skater Dress With Low Back
Where from: Asos, True Decadence
How Much: £35.00
Buy: Here
Score: 8/10

This is one of those dresses where it's a case of whether or not you can pull it off, a 'Marmite' Little black dress. A pair of open toes stileto sandals are the way forward with this dress. It's delicate and feminine in a block colour. The addition of statement, bold or bulky heels would be off putting. A simple no no. Perhaps a simple flare of colour, or simplistic gem design and a statement bag.

The V plunge back is not a low low, let the front sag style. It's low enough to tempt and tease, yet high enough to wear your black Bridget's over your smalls to stop wind or dance incidents and keep your dignity!

The best thing I can liken it to overall, is Carrie Bradshaw's dress, from Sex and the City. The  'Naked Dress' but in black and a little thicker for the good old British weather!

Sweet Deals at MissGuided threw this dress up as an option, again, great for athletic builds, yet too high for me!
Name: Karmina Value High Neck Skater Dress
How Much: £7.49
Buy: Here
Score: 3/10

I also looked at these two options, yet thought they were a bit 'Kids Party' 'Fairy' for my 18th! Cute and simple, with an edge. But not for this occasion.

Can I Take A Balloon Home? 

Dress on the left
Name: Asos Cami Skater With Mesh Inserts
How Much: £30.00
Buy: Here
Score: 8/10

The cami skater dress from Asos combined all the things I'd seen in the other dresses, deep plunge, yet covered modesty. The full skirt effect in a skater style and with a modest length. But because of the accessories I have in my mind that I want to use, in order to style my outfit. This dress wouldn't work.
It's also a little 'Fairy' like I mentioned above and because of the milestone age celebration. I want to look my age and not my shoe size!

The dress on the right Is my new style challenge and I will be surprised If I don't buy it as a little style challenge for myself!
I love the dress, it's so unique and different, hugs all the right places and would show my body shape off very well. However you've just got to have a feeling for that special dress and this wasn't the one for this occasion.

Dress on the right
Name: Asos Petite TuTu Dress With Corset Top
How Much: £50.00
Buy: Here
Score: 8/10

The search continues and I am eagerly awaiting packages in the post! I'll keep you all in the know! 

I am now wary that this post has become war and peace, so I'll post the rest of it into a few more posts, perhaps 'Accessories For 18th' and 'Shoes For 18th'

I'll also do an OOTN on my Birthday, make up tutorial on my Hello I'm Clo YouTube channel and will as ever be tweeting and instagramming throughout the day and night! Even I, the non party person has to admit that i'm now a little bit more excited about the night now I've written about it. It's true. Clothes can make you happy.
Who needs a bloke ey?

For now though, you must have had enough of my ramblings for today!

Have a great day y'all,

Toodle Pip



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