OMFG Graphic Stationary


This week has been mental a real OMFG. Totally crazy. Between college, nights out, brithdays, nights in with family friends and work. It's been one of those weeks where you feel you haven't slept. In fact. I haven't. The life of a teenager!

I may take the next week to recover. 

After Friday nights antics. Lack of sleep and serious dehydration, if a little hungover (Lizzie was totally out of it) A group of us decided to hit a local fry up as we were in some serious caffeine and an overhaul of what went down as evidently a lot did. It was, after all, my eighteenth.

After our fry up, which I must stress is by no means a cure of a hangover and only aggravates the original issue! Trust me!! We all parted ways to get on with the day ahead!

Lizzie and I had already planned to go into Worcester city centre to do a spot of shopping. (Like I need to do more shopping!!)  It was whilst being dragged unwillingly into Waterstones that I discovered something that stood out and proud from the shelves. 

I've been looking for sometime now for the perfect Notebook. Somewhere to pop down all my creative ideas, opinions on products, notes, inspiration and any other general stuff that I need to later refer to. Although Pinterest, Iphone Apps and other handy little life extras are a fully valid point. I'm a kinesthetic learner and love to be able to touch and feel things. Have everything In one place. Scrapbook and plan out ideas.

A notebook is the perfect place for me to keep notes (Obviously!) and also has the option of adding in receipts, leaflets and other bits and bobs, such as colour swatches or a dab of the latest Colour Crush lipstick from bodyshop

This set of stationary is fun and funky and the perfect size for popping into my handbag. Whilst containing all the relevant hair, beauty, make-up bits and bobs that are totally necessary to my life as a blogger and beauty student!

It's made of recycled paper and is a decent thickness front and back. The paper is flimsy yet thick quality wise so if you write in ink it won't run through.There is a neat white invisible line border around the central focused lines, on which you write. The lines are thin and a translucent brown colour.


It's got that old school, recycle feel which reminds me of gifts and quaint little back street london indie stores. 

So my fellow stationary lovers! Check out the displays and products available in Waterstones, as it's no longer just a place for books. They have lots more on offer than you realise especially as kindles and ipads become more of a thing.

Long live cute stationary!

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