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Pimples settle down!

Today is all about pimples! We all get them, we all hate and despise them and they all get us down at some point or another, throughout our lives. Some are more prone them than others, I unfortunately have spot prone skin and have been medically diagnosed as having cystic acne.

My skin is prone to boils and facial cysts. FACT. It's not pretty. It's not nice and it's a real buzz and self esteem killer.

When researching my Acne skin condition, that combined with research for my theatrical make up class a certain cream/ product kept cropping up 'Witch Hazel' I did further research and then popped to my local boots chemist to pick up a tube to test it out for myself.

Witch Hazel is a soothing gel that helps keep skin clear and helps prevent spots and pimple. You rub it on troublesome areas. Although this is what it says on the tin, it is no miracle cream and there really is no such thing otherwise we'd all be using it! But the main reason I picked this gel up , is to reduce the size and redness of pimples, spots, blotches, and after spot darkness.

This is what it says on the bottle:

Witch Hazel gel is a traditional, natural astringent, used to help close pores and tone the skin.

We have combined distilled Witch Hazel and Glycerin in a cooling and soothing gel.
Dissolves grease and clears oiliness. Helps to keep skin clear and prevents spots and pimples. Color and fragrance free. PH balanced.
Dermatologically tested.

Ingredients: aqua, alcohol, glycerin, hamamelis viginiana, carbormer, methylparaben, sodium hydroxide.

35ml bottle.

At a bargainous £1.99 or 199 boots points this is a great go to daily redness reducing gel. No gimmicks just good old fashioned basic skincare. Basic design bottle, no muss no fuss and really does reduce redness and spot oozing. 

I'm currently on the acne nuke drug Roaccatain that is kind of like chemotherapy for the skin. Which should kick in and start seeing a difference in about three weeks- figures crossed!
I'm documenting my daily process on the Roaccatain acne drug, so you guys can see exactly what it does!

Birmingham, UK


  1. Aw i suffered from acne throughout the whole of my high school life, i'm now in my second year of college and my spots have calmed down however i do still get a couple of the under the skin spots (i hate these the worst!)and them days when i just don't want to go out as i feel embarrassed! It's good how you can talk about this freely too! I use the Clean and Clear daily face wash (there's many different one's you can get)but i found that this has really helped me and i've been using it for many years.. I hope this helps! I'm gunna carry on having a browse through your blog posts if you wouldn't mind having a look at mine? thankyou xo

  2. Thanks Kirsty for your comment!
    I'll check Clean and Clear out next time i'm in boots! Acne is an awful thing to go through, but I find doing a facial steam twice a week just with boiling hot water in a bowl really helps bring out those spots under the skin and keep the skin balanced that, combined with the Witch Hazel gel helps keep the redness down, it's also a great way of getting all the daily outside grime out of your skin! Clo :)