Some Thoughts On Life 01

No one gets everything they ask for, there is no such thing as the dream man or dream house.

Life is hard.

A tough hard slog dodging what's right and what's wrong. Ups and downs appear and subside throughout life. Its in this point where I am approaching an all new high that I reflect and be thankful for the small mercies that got me to this brand new place.
When you find something in life you just can't live without; be it a vocation, boyfriend. Hold on and explore. This exploration and serious thought and reflection sparks from my new love and interest in something I put off for all too long. I subsided my own interest and career in order to please and pacify others.

Bang on about it as I do, if you too have found your interest I am so pleased for you! If you're stuck in a rut unsure of where you're heading, just like some of my friends do not fear- you will find it!!

They say if you enjoy your job you'll never work a day in your life whoever 'They' are.. In many ways this is damn right, I, in the current position I am in am interested in exploring the route of writing; magazines, online; discussing latest fads, fashion, hair, trends, make up and beauty.

I have found something I truly enjoy. I do it because I enjoy it not because anyone told me to.
It's your life and you have to live with the decisions you make in it. I went into my make up course with no idea career wise. I wanted to pursue general interests and passions and as it happens the career part unraveled and revealed itself pretty quickly. There are times where you have to follow your head or your heart. I followed my heart because if you follow what you love in life you'll somehow find a way to create a career around it.

A year ago I was on a completely different path and the year before that I was on a different one. Life is just too short to not enjoy it. Change course and find what you truly love.

Everything happens for a reason believe it or not and if you think it doesn't get better, you're mistaken, it does and it gets brilliant. You have your whole life ahead of you so don't rush into decisions or panic about the future. Live life in the moment as its modern day cliche but you only live once! 

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