Take note!

Yesterday whilst on my college induction, I had the realisation of just how important it is to take note and take pictures. The epitome of scatter brain, I unfortunately have the same mechanical brain as a fish, complete with the unfortunate three second memory trait. Whilst exploring my new college pathway and rummaging through Mac galore, MUA and trait lipsticks, gloss, pencil and concealer, my memory sparked ideas and made my mind buzz with creativity. I started making notes and snapping away at the brand names, colours, pots, product name and getting images to remind me later what the texture was like how I would apply it and how exactly how I would use it.

Whilst rummaging through the draws and boxes upon boxes of make-up bits and bobs at college I came across this mac eye creme / eye shadow, in a very deep, jet Gothic black. I really liked the texture and would look great for my clown make-up look! It's from Mac and is called 'BlackTrack' LOVE!

This is something that I've been looking to have a proper gander at and try out for a while. It's a potential multipurpose make-up essential item. Use on lips, cheek and eyes. This one from benefit is an oldie, yet I believe it is still available, or something similar is available from Benefit online or in store. This is a rich red and it a great one for my clown project for the clown cheek circles. Because it's a liquid it can really be played with and worked on, applied lightly for a subtle hint or built up to create a bold look just like a clown.

Speaking of clowns... Which has turned into the main focus of this posts! These super duper red and black stream false lashes triggered the image of the film poster of Tim Burton's 'Alice' from 2010.

Sparkles- Something every girl should have! These are some other images I took, which spark ideas in my mind for looks! They also serve as reminders of what I need to add to my beauty case, or things I need to review for the blog!

The purple, nude and green cancel out different things on the face, which I will be blogging about soon!

Snapping the brand name of items is always a safe bet as it's rubbish when you get back from a shopping trip and you've forgotten the name of that thing you saw, you saw in that place, next to that shop. It just makes your memory stronger and life a little easier.

White foundation, lightens a foundation that is a little too dark for you to create a better tone. Great for lightening and highlighting areas on the body and as a costume foundation for events like Christmas if you're dressing up as a fairy or snowman. Halloween is also when you need plenty of white foundation. It's easier to purchase online than it is in store.

Lots of lovely lip colours, names and lip stick specialist brands!

Glamour magazine last month ran a feature about using your phones camera as a memory tool and aid for everyday life, from photographing your ticket for you coat in the coat room, you locker number at the gym, where you parked the car and the barcode and stock number of the dress you can't decide if you want or not as without this information it becomes a chore looking for said item at a later date.

Take snaps of fashion, beauty and make up you like the look of and are attracted to when out and about, or whilst shopping with friends. 
Keep notes and pictures. Create a mood board and when you want to experiment or try something new, look through your notes or have a gander at your mood board. The idea behind making notes is so you don't forget! Make notes of what you like and don't like about things, you may not even know what you like about it, but keep it in mind as one day you may figure you just like the colour. 

Upload your pictures to Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to keep track, on pinterest you can designate boards to different crazes and topics. Just like i do here are some of my boards!

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