The Night Before College

Now as many of you may know from my Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus tomorrow I start my new college.

I've recently moved house to live with my Nan who has onset Alzheimers and with the move, came a move of college as the one I was attending last year is now too far away.
Last year I studied Media and Film with combined Photography which i really enjoyed, but found very slow and at times boring, and I lost focus and interest very quickly. So when faced with the move of college I decided to go with something I've always looked at course wise, but was never brave enough to actually do it. I think in previous years when looking for courses I've always gone with a 'safe bet' something I know I can make money out of, or get a job in straight after I've completed the course, but with Nan and other changes of stuff in my personal life, Now is the time.

Right Clo You're Doing It!

I made the decision to do Make-Up at college about three months ago and didn't tell anyone what course I'd chosen, just like my YouTube and my Blog I feel a real personal, close connection with everything, so i play my cards close to my chest. So I don't go out screaming from the rooftops about it. It's something I do for me and after working in since 14 it's time to do something solely for me, without stress, without demand and enjoy my short years left as a teen.

My specialist field is of study is Theatrical Make-Up, which I can't wait to dive into! My interview was great, I was able to tell them why I've got only half a GSCSE in RE and why I wanted to do the course. They were super accommodating and considerate about Nan and what not, which I really appreciated, and even remembered me when I went back a couple of weeks later to file forms and get my student ID.

May I just make note: I was not aware that there would be photos on the form file day, that particular week I'd got a pencil stuck in my forehead (Very long, random and painful story) and it has ( it is still there) left a massive hole in my head that is slowly, but surely healing. This particular day it was bright red and a REAL focal point. Nightmare. So on my ID my face is looking pretty frightening. Luckily for me the bloke printing the ID's spelt my surname incorrectly *Tomalin gets everyone every time. They don't expect the A. So I have to do it all again tomorrow - yay for  concealer!

It's the night before and I'm strangely not worried or apprehensive, perhaps that will all kick in when I get my crack of dawn wake up call! Or run for the college bus!

So I thought I'd compile a list of things you need for the first day back at college or your college induction day! Lots of them are obvious go-tos but some are added extras you don't know you need until you need them.

I hope these trigger your brain to think I NEED THAT!
If so i've done my job! Have a great day tomorrow to all of you going back, enjoy, embrace and have fun, you do only live once and If there's one thing I learnt this summer it's that life is all too short. You don't have forever to wait to make the things you want to happen, happen. Go get your goals, don't just dream dreams. Achieve them.

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