Trend Alert! - Scrunchies!

Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton was seen kick starting the year (2013) in January at a Pretty Green, Liam Gallagher party alongside beau Jessie Wood sporting a scrunchie.
Many a blogger and reviewer put Fearne's unruly locks and top knot with scrunchie, fashion 'Faux Paux' down to her ready to pop baby bump, yet now. 8 months later we're re-reviewing and questioning is she onto something? 

Tonight (Saturday 7th September 2013) Pixie Lott stepped out in London at the Nickelodeon's Fruit Shoot Skills Awards, wearing a scrunch. 

Now it's not like Miss Lott to be seen out of trend, after all she is a little stunner and in a relationship with one of the hottest British male models in current British fashion, so what's with the scrunchie? Well let's explore...

First and foremost - What is a 'Scrunchie'? 

Well dear people! A 'scrunchie' is a fabric covered hair elastic tie, most commonly used to tie long hair in place with one piece of elastic. Large elaborate and unassuming forms are available in many different colours, fabrics and designs.  - That's according to Wikipedia anyway!  Now whenever I hear the word 'Scrunchie' I automatically think of this scene from Sex and The City in which Carrie tells her latest flame, Burger (Pun not intended) that wearing a scrunchie in New York is simply not cool!

Scrunchies are most commonly linked to ballet dancers and pre-school children. Quite frankly I think that's the only reason they're not more widely worn; because of the childish association. Yet if rocked correctly they can can look cool. Yes. I did just say scrunchies can be cool.

Now someone who really can rock a bloody scrunchie is celeb stylist, and my number one street style envy; Alexis Knox! (Alexis is on the left below.)

In my personal, humble opinion. Scrunchies are better rocked with long, long hair just like Alexis' above for that real statement look and edge. 

I couldn't find any solid evidence, whilst researching this piece, that scrunchies are making a come back or becoming 'On trend' but I can confirm that it is becoming socially acceptable to wear them out and about, in public, regardless of age. - Perhaps I should grow my hair long and find out!

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