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We're The Millers Film | Hello I'm Clo


So yesterday I went to see "We're The Millers" and I'm so glad I did.   It's become a little thing between myself and my friend L recently, Wednesday afternoons have become film afternoons, time to kick back and relax, watch a movie and two for ones on Wednesdays!   This week was my turn to pick the movie and I went for "We're the millers" after seeing a really short trailer for it and instantly wanted to see it after seeing some of the posters, which intrigued me! were-the-millers-posters-jennifer-aniston__oPtWERE-THE-MILLERS-Jason-Sudeikis-Poster WERE-THE-MILLERS-Emma-Roberts-Posterwe-re-the-millers-version-2 Here are the poster! Stripper? Drug Dealer? Virgin and a runaway? sounds like you've gotta see it to believe it and you have.

It was RAD! so so good! tummy ache laughing good.
The story line is a basic tale with easy to follow add ons, the characters are believable yet outrageous. The language is colourful and there are jokes and gags a plenty. With an all star cast the film in my mind was a go-er before the titles began! We're the millers has received mixed and low views from the critics but i'm all for it!
Aniston is genious, effortless and with a rocking hot body, Emma Roberts is the perfect typical teen, Jason Sudeikis is so funny I wanted to cry and at one or more points I did and last but not least British actor Will Poulter was a rabbit in the headlights! His eyebrows made his performance and was pure comedy gold.
Unlike other films that are a laugh a minute, We're the millers is one of those films where there is an actual story to follow and the laughs make you cry and gasp for air not just hahahahaha the whole way through. As the story develops, so do the characters and so do the laughs! With the main focus being on the four 'Family' members it's not one of those films where you think "Who IS THAT?- I'm confused." The supporting and additional cast are naturally added to the story line and don't just appear from no wehere, the timing and placement of the characters and situations surrounding them is brill.
If you haven't seen it already: here is the trailer! 

When Jennifer, graced the London Odeon red carpet for the UK premiere all eyes were on her, as she left her LBD on the peg and went all out for a summary number! (Shame about the weather really!)  Squashing those pregnancy rumors and embracing her youthful, fun spirit as well as her inner on-trend fashionista, wearing S/S 2014.

 Whilst flicking through 'Look' magazine they wrote up a quick piece about Jen's "Red Carpet Curveball"

Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you- that really is Jennifer Aniston walking the, er, blue carpet in a floral frock at the London premiere of the new flick, 'We're the millers' Being head over heels in love is obviously bringing out her softer side, as jen shunned her regulation black for a bloom-covered Christian Dior Resort 2014 collection dress, amping it up with super-spindly Casadei stilettos. The girlie transformation didn't stop there either, with Jen swapping her usual poker straight 'do for beachy waves. Well, that's one way to detract from those relentless pregnancy rumors. Clever!
- Look Magazine

But seriously guys, go see the film it's bonzer!

Toodle Pip!

Lots of love,

Clo :-)

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