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Avon Haul Video | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!
Today it's all about my Avon purchases! Sorry It's quite a long one, guess I, as ever had a lot to say!

French Manicure Set, Nude and White tip polish from Avon's Nail Expert collection Y160713

Caliente Couture, deep purple nail varnish from Avon's nail wear pro collection.

Nail Art Brush - Avon's nail collection accessories.

Avon Colour Collection stick concealer in 'Light' F3242900

Kohl eyeliner with smudge end, Black Avon's Kohl eyeliner collection

Avon Colour Collection colour mascara in Cobalt blue Z2090813 and Famously Green Z110713

Think Fast Pink Lipstick from Avon's Colour Collection WE070613

Nude flash lipstick from Avon's Colour Collection WE270613

Turquoise eyeliner from Avon's Colour Collection IY040713A

Midnight Blue eyeliner from Avon's Colour Collection IY230113A

Dark Brown eyeliner from Avon's Colour Collection IY020513A

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Thanks :-) have a great day guys!
Toodle Pip!

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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

Let's Talk About Eczema | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo and I have Eczema.

What is eczema?
Where do you have it?

Eczema Is something I have battled with for most of my life. Come to think of it I can't actually remember a time I didn't have it.

My first memory of Eczema is from my early childhood, school years. The boys in my class called me "Eczema Girl" because my skin was different to everyone elses. Snake like, easily broken and often open and weeping. My hands were often bound or lathered up to high heaven in some so called 'Miracle Cream' that, unfortunately for me, never did work. This made me stick out like a sore thumb, pardon the pun, made me different.

Many people with skin conditions, or other obvious, visible medical conditions say their early childhood years were the worst dealing with their conditions because they were different and because of that, combined with the lack of understanding and the general curiosity of children, made things difficult and made them feel uncomfortable.

Often it is said that as you grow older, you grow out of your skin condition. That hormones kick in and over ride skin symptoms and in essence balance it all out. Unfortunately once more, that was not my case.

I never felt as a child that my skin condition effected me, my personality and what I could and couldn't do. However over the years, and now with calm reflection I realise just how much eczema has effected and in many ways controlled my life.

Those early day comments never really bothered me or irritated me to my recollection, however the fact I can remember them says something about my sub-conscious memory.
Early day Eczema was very much lived behind closed doors. Not in the sense of hidden beneath clothes. My Eczema has always been visible. In the sense that it didn't effect my time at school or have such drastic changes so quickly that it automatically caused havoc with what ever I may have been doing at the time, like it does now.
Nights were always the worst and how my parents coped with their child being in so much pain I just don't know, no parent should ever witness that. I will never forget their support throughout the many nights of pain I suffered as a child, as now I suffer them alone. I went through a faze when I was about 7 where the itchiness of my Ezcema would be too much and I would scratch, scratch, scratch. I would never have any nails, as that wasn't allowed and was counter productive to my skins healing plan.
Because of the constant itching to try and alleviate the pain It would crack the skin more and it would bleed, to stop the skin becoming infected and permanently damaged creme or ointment would be applied. So that would be the first middle of the night job Apply Ointment no more than two hours later I'd be literally crying out in pain. My skin was burning.

I've spent many 3 o'clocks in the bath, bathing in ice cold water, removing the ointment applied just hours previously because It had literally reacted with the skin and burnt. That's when my skin started to peel off.
I would cry and cry and even water would give the sensation of burning. Everything was so hot, never cold or cool my skin had one temperature. Hot. There was nothing that would cool me down.

I have tried every creme, potion, lotion, steroid and pill going to treat Eczema and in the last 10 years have tried over 18 different medical prescriptions that's without counting the countless diet changes, herbal remedies, au natural subtenants and generally trying to be more chilled, in order to calm my skin down. However, now 18 my patience is wearing thin and these products with 'Miracle clams' have no avail. Failier to materialise and live up to expectation is a re-occurring theme with my Eczema treatments.

So we come to now. Present day and it has honestly never been so bad. It's out of control and spreading like wildfire and there is nothing to tame the beast. I am loosing skin so rapidly that the skin can't grow back quick enough to replace its predecessor.

I can't touch plastic without aggravating it. Public transport, coffee shops or toilets are a simple no go area zone.  Supermarkets are the worst. I touch one things and my hands fire. You never can figure out what it is that's upset it as there is too many materials and germs in a supermarket in order to narrow it down.

It's not like I can go around though with a sign saying:

I'd love to wear white cotton gloves all day ever day but I have an Iphone and it simply isn't practical (Have you tried typing with gloves on!?)  Not only that but it is just a fashion sin. Of course I'm being faceicious and health comes way before fashion on my current list of priorities, but you have to see things from my point of view. I have to live like this, suffer the aggravation and pain all day every day. 

My current main concern is the change of hands. I now have it on both hands which I haven't had in a few years and have never had to this extent. Being truthful, my main concern is other people. I am very self conscious about it but I generally feel for other people more as after all it's something I've had to deal with a hell of a lot longer. Like the people on my Theatrical Make-Up classes, I have to literally be all up in their grill all day long, with my hands on their face.
The make-up may be burning my hands and making them swell, but they have to have contact with my hands and skin. 
If they don't fully understand what my condition is about then may not want to get close.
However I don't want to be like:
"Hello I'm Clo I Have bad, seriously off putting swelling oozing hands that I'm going to touch you with."

It's just one of those things I guess. Damned if I do. Damned if i don't

I'm more than happy to answer people's questions, however I really dislike it if someone singles me out in a group of people. That happened to me a few months ago by someone who is so insecure about herself and her body that she will actively dress you down, pick faults and highlight things to others about you, in front of your face. I felt like a piece of gum on someones shoe and one day I will discuss at length with this girl this particular incident. 
After all someone who isn't as strong willed or body confident as I am, could have taken it in a very bad way and the knock on effects are just unthinkable . With the highest rates ever of teen suicide you just never know when someone is going to be tipped over the edge. Always think before you speak.

Yesterday (This was written a while ago! About three weeks) I wore cotton gloves for the first time to college. My hands are in pain and the general germs and grime that is everywhere gets into the open cracks on my hands. Wearing them keeps the skin tight and the germs out.
It was whilst sat reading my issue of 'Glamour' magazine I popped my headphones in to cancel out the canteen noise. Nothing was playing in them and now I wish I had of had music. Once my headphones were in, a girl on an adjacent table started to discuss the gloves and potential reasons why I wore them. General curiosity is fine, and I appreciate that I am doing something different but the audacity of some people! Don't mind me love... Chat away!

I could have made things really awkward by looking their way, headphones still in, or gone over to them. I didn't as I thought about the other girl and how she would be really put on the spot. Because I'm nice like that, I treat others like i'd like to be treated.

Present day 10th October.

This post was originally written before my 18th Birthday, It is now the 10th October and I feel, I can once again type out my thoughts.

My hands look like Nicki Lauda. That is the best way to describe it. It's swelling, it's growing and it is damn firey. It has travelled to my thighs and the redness and throbbing is the most un sexiest thing in the world.

In the past week I've had it on my chest, my boobs and under my boobs on my stomach. This shit is just not on.

I'm wearing Latex free gloves now for about 15 hours a day, when I remove them germs get in and the outside temperature effects how my hands look and feel.

Last week after another trying session at college, applying make-up to someone with my gloves on (It's simply the only way) I'd had enough. I called my parents and off we went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. What an absolute waste of my god damn time.Hilariousi

Having Eczema can piss you off at the best of time but when someone in a medical role has no inclination to help that tips you over the edge.

Not only did the A&E doctor not show any empathy to the fact that this is now ruining my life, he also and frequently forgot my name. Not cool. Didn't build any rapport with me there.
His advice:

"Wait to see your specialist next week" 
Despite the fact my skin is burning, it's ruining my life and is spreading by the day. You just sit back and relax, whilst I go stress out and make it worse, as you Mr doctor, behaved catagorically appailingly.
We come to now. I am emotionally raw. Girlies, Imagine the worst period ever but it not going way, the attitude, the pain. As well as being visible on your skin for the world to see. That Is currently how I feel.

Words sometimes don't fully describe what I'm going through, so I'll compile a little video for you all of some of my video diary entries to show how aggressive the growth is.

Eye Shadow Colours To Suit Eye Colour | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Did you know the colours used on your eyelids really can make the difference between a great look and a drab look?

When applying eye make-up, It's important to take into consideration your eye colour, Which will lead you to select the correct colours to compliment your eyes. In order to make you look fabulous!

Blue Eyes
Never use blue eyeshadow on blue eyes. The use of blue eyeshadow, or blue liner or mascara on blue eyes makes them look dull, it is also very aging. Making you look old, well before your time.
The best eye colours for blue eyes are taupes, different light brown shades which bring out the blue in the eyes and make them glow and sparkle. Blue eyes can also pull of pinks, golds and cream colours.

Using three brown colours on the eyelids and using your blender brush to softly blend, creates a very wearable, complimentary make-up look for blue eyes. Very natural.

Green Eyes
Beautiful green eyes are able to pull of multiple colours and shades. They have multiple colour choices for both day and night make-up looks. Mauves and purples will bring out the green in your eyes, green eyes also pull of pinks, golds and creams.

Brown Eyes
Most colours will suit a dark brown eye. However be wary of overdoing a dark smoky effect, as the result can potentially give the effect of receding eyes!

Silver and gold, look simply stunning on striking brown eyes. Their colours encompass the light and highlight and compliment the eye colour perfectly.

The colours you use on your eyes are vital, however the application and lid preparation are also vital. An great eye primer I've found that really holds everything in place is Number 7's Eye Primer. A great handy piece of kit! Once you start using it you'll soon notice the difference, the eyeshadow pigment stays longer and holds in the place you put it in the first place! See more here £7

Always make sure you a complimentary colour on the lid, then use a strong co-ordinating colour for the socket line. To define the eyes and complete the make-up look. It's all about looking the very best. Getting the most out of your make up.

When you want to incorporate eyeliner into your look, try to co-ordinate the liner colour with the colour you've used on your lids and eye sockets. Try, if you can to avoid black if you have light eyes / hair/ skin, as it can look too severe, also try not to use black if you're over 35, use a dark brown. Dark brown provided the same effect as black, yet is softer looking and kinder on your complexion.
Dark green and grey, are also options, other than black, however, are not widely available.

The same colour rules apply to mascara colours.

When doing make-up for stage, theatre, dress up or photographic / fashion purposes the rules do not apply and in theory anything goes!

Hope you found this helpful! If you'd like to know anything, or want me to cover something let me know, in the comments below!

Toodle Pip!

Clo := )

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Chanel Le Rouge | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!
Today I'm talking about something that recently caught my eye.

Idea Spark- Glamour magazine - Le Rouge Chanel Ad

Prim. Precise. Proper
Effortless. Elegant. Elite

Flawless skin, aligned and pruned hair. Evenly spaced lashes: the envy of every woman who passes.
Beautifully bronzed brows with the appropriate amount of 'The Cara' bush brow. Perfectly lined succulent lips.

*Sudden flash of Waitrose rotisserie chicken advert at the thought of 'succulent'*

Liner easily blends with block lipstick colour, neatly and strikingly set in place. A painted porcelain doll, in a wearable assessable fashion. It's wearable . Fresh. Appears somewhat effortless. It's Chanel Rouge.

The advertisement is simplistic, striking and obviously stunning, after all. This is Chanel.

This season it's all about the lips. With the change in weather, it's all too easy to shun your lips or just whack on the Chapstick or the latest 'baby lips' balm and think ;
"That'll do."

But really, this simply will not do. As Gok Wan says;

"Why look just good when you can look fabulous!? "
Match your new season wardrobe with a new season lip colour with an ultra nourishing moisturising boost built in to keep your lips soft and kissable, a real winter wonderland.
The colour will help you beat the winter morning blues, put a colour on your lips and a smile typically comes free!

Toodle Pip, Speak soon!

Clo :- )
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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

Alzheimer's You Bitch | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

This is a short ranty post. Apologies in advance all! But this has to come out, or I'll bust.

I am a young carer. My Nan has onset Alzheimer's I live with her for 3/4 of the week in order to care for her.
I do everything, from shopping to gardening, to entertaining. I am her source of information. To her I am the outside world. Her world.

I'm the one to tell her the time. Keep her tablets all in check. Her tea with fresh milk. I'm the one who'll lock all the doors. Draw the curtains. Be there for her when she's sad. When she misses grandad. When she misses Adam. Kiss her goodnight and give her a hug.

To watch the strongest person you know fall asleep and awake, unaware of what day it is or what they've had for breakfast. It breaks your heart.
The slightest, simplest thinks we all take for granted. With this vile disease are taken away. You don't even notice it's happening. But the people around you, loved ones really do. Over time it takes its toll. 

It's a ticking time-bomb and a buckle in waiting game.

I sit here writing, whilst nan reads the T.V guide. Not the stories about the programes on the box. The timing breakdowns. It's sad. There is nothing I can do. That is something I struggle to come to terms with.

She struggles with the fact I can't hear through headphones. She just forgets. She will talk when i'm clearly on the phone and forgets what an Iphone is.
There have been numerous occasions when I'm filming that she wonders in and starts having a full blown conversation. Whilst I'm filming. My viewers think it's funny. It is, but it's also my life.

The sense of guilt I feel when I leave her is overwhelming. It's a very strong emotion. I have to take a break though. It's draining and it's not until you leave do you realise it. I get one day a week to totally chill the F out. Lie in. It's bliss.

Nans just asked me what I want for breakfast. I HAVEN'T EVEN GONE TO BED YET!

So in summary Alzheimer's you're a bitch.

Life is so hard. Life is just so precious.

Toodle Pip!

Clo :-)
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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

A Really Great Day | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo! 

Today has been a really great day.

I'm currently sat crossed legged in the middle of my bedroom, In my pants and my beloved Superman tee, eating left over brownie bits. Sipping 'Waitrose' (Like it makes a difference) apple juice, pretending I'm sipping white wine.

I'm suddenly conscious of my craving for Wine now i've hit 18. Do I have a drinking problem? Am I pregnant- is this my craving and sign of new life!?
 No, No. It's all good. Phew. 

'Royals' by Lorde is playing on repeat in my ears. The fairy lights illuminate my shoe shelves. My forever friends.

My day started with a very rude awakening. That followed by a very heated, both emotionally and vocally discussion at work. A lot was said and feelings were revealed. It felt good to get everything out in the open in stead of hiding or shielding things away. As at the end of the day, It's not productive or helpful to any involved party.

I've finished the brownies. Lorde is on loop 3.

After a heart to heart on life at work we had the usual whopper Saturday breakfast. Sausage, egg and mushroom sandwiches. Lush. Pure savory indulgence.

The afternoon proved more proactive and productive. After recycling some old clothes at H&M's clothing bank. I spent some time at a charity book store, then Waterstones. Checking out what's new and about on the scene. I picked up a few books, which I will inform you of in due course!

I then made my way to my somewhat curve-ball meeting. Meet-Up with the Ex.
It's honestly the best therapy I've had.

By far the best decision I've made recently.

What appears to be so much time has gone by since we parted that I thought it was about time we sat down for a coffee and catch-up one on one.
Now, many of my early followers will know I've previously had plenty to say on this matter. However. I feel now that I'm emotionally in a different place. Kinda like pregnant women in their different trimesters.

God I'm mentioning pregnancy a lot in this post. 

Seeing him face to face was weird to say the least. It's like the time I spent with him, those long nights, trips and jokes we shared has just been condensed and labelled as a 'Piece Of Time' in the history of my life.
It's just so bafflingly odd

When I look at him now. I don't see or remember us together. But I don't remember why we didn't speak for so long either, which is to me a huge bonus. He is not defined by what he did or did not do anymore.
It's like a blank canvas that has been drawn on in pencil, then erased. When you look closely you can still see those faint lines that won't disappear, those instinctive thoughts. They will always be there.

When i see him now I don't want to scream and shout or dish out a piece of my mindful wisdom filled pie, like I did. I now think...

  • Your jeans are too tight. 
  • Your face is so flawless. Christ, Can we swap skins
  • You have a manbag. Really? I mean REALLY!? 

Conversation flowed easily and once again took its form in trimesters of topics, the first half an hour was about venting for him. In a non threatening, 'I need to say this' way.

I'm never easily intimidated. I take no shit. I know him better than he thinks and know exactly what his triggers and danger 'I'm gonna flip' points are. I didn't go to piss him off, neither did he. Perhaps that's why it went so well.

What was nice was that we could reminisce without trying to forget the past, laugh and acknowledge that we did indeed have something special. Weird, unusual. How we ended up together in the first place is beyond me.

It is so refreshing to mend broken relationships. Life will be smoother now knowing that I've well and truly closed that door. On our time as a couple, together. You and I.
Our friendship will continue. Gently does it, it will take time to be all hunky dory and rebuild.

I think in time it'll be a friendship I truly treasure.

You can't turn back time. So why try?
Why fight something you just can't change or control?

Overall a lot of emotions and much needed thoughts were released, as a result it made a great day.

I feel strong, empowered and back on track. After what has been a mental week. I Might even see an improvement on my Eczema now I've confronted some demons!

Today I was rocking a different get up to my usual 'Preppy, proper self' I turned heads and grannies didn't like it. But it matched my mood. OOTD coming soon! It also matched my music. Lorde is officially my new obsession at 16, that girl has a cracking voice. Real soul. Lyrics are real and pretty much sum up teen life.

That was in short my Saturday!

Toodle Pip Guys!

Clo :- )
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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

What Is A Cleanser? | Hello I'm Clo

Dictionary Definition
Cleanse: Make clean. Purify from sin or guilt.

Beauty Definition
Cleanse: Clean skin from dirt, oil and environmental grime. Removes impurities from the pores.

From basic soap and water, skincare has, overtime developed and become sophisticated. Today’s skin-care ranges are vast and have a large selection to suit your own needs. What works for one person, will not for another.

As part of a daily skin routine, along with toning and moisturising cleansing is the base. Without it, the others will be unable to perform and produce the desired end results we all look for from a skincare routine.
It’s important to find the correct cleanser for you. The look, feel and overall end result you’re looking for as well as what suits your skin type and your environment.

There are lots of different cleansers, from facial wash cleansers to foaming cleansers and typical wipe on wipe off cleansers all available online and in store. If you have a favourite brand of skin products, you may find your skin type is suited to that brand, so more susceptible to the addition of that brand’s product into your routine.

Cleansing bars are often favoured instead of soap. Ordinary soap is too drying for most skins. However, now you are able to lather up, just like you would with traditional soap, yet with all the nutrients and moisture your skin requires by using a cleansing bar.
They’re particularly refreshing for oily skin types and help prevent spots and blackheads developing and re-occurring.

For dryer completions, a cleansing cream is advisable. Cream cleansers cleanse and nourish skin simultaneously.  They typically have a light, fluid consistency, which makes them easily spreadable and ideal to evenly apply to the face.  Creams contain oil to dissolve surface dirt and make ups and give positive results when applied with cotton pads. You can also create a fresher faced look by simply using dampened cotton wool when applying your cleanser.

The products I have researched are all readily available. An accessible price and are suitable for an everyday homecare skin care routine.  

Name: Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser
Store/Brand: The Body Shop
Sub range: Aloe Collection
Skin Type: Sensitive
Price: £4/100ml 200ml £8
Availability: In store and online
USP: Cleanses without skin irritation.

What it’s users have to say:

I have combination skin and I bought the small bottle to try combat redness and irritation. I wasn't expecting much as it is a cream and I thought it would make my skin oily.” – Tea Leaf

Have used this before and it is gentle and has minimum drying effect. Does not irritate my sensitive/rosacea skin...it is a little drying for me....but non stinging, irritating and probably one of the best cheaper face cleansers” – JMG1956

This skin kind lotion is made with sensitive skin in mind. In order to correctly use this product from The Body Shop simple apply a ten pence piece worth of the lotion to a clean cotton pad or freshly washed and sanatised hands. Then apply to the face evenly. Due to its calming nature, you can apply this product on acne, open skin, abrasions and spots. Once applied, take another fresh cotton pad and remove the excess off the face.  Daily grime will be visable on the removal pad.  Repeat this process if in a dusty or grimy environment such as the underground, and if you’re wearing make-up.

This product is in eco packaging and is not tested on animals at any stage. You can use your body shop points, vouchers and cards on this range of ‘Aloe’ products.

Butylene Glycol is used in this product, typically people find Butylene Glycol to be very drying. However the other ingredients added to make this cleanser counteract this, such as Aqua (Water.)  Butylene Glycol is a thinning agent, which aids the smooth and seamless lotion
 application and removal. It’s conditioning agent qualities is what makes it a suitable addition to the lotion. This combined with Aloe barbadensis keeps the skin irritation free, hence the label ‘Sensitive Skin’
From a manufacturers point of view, Butylene Glycol is used to keep the product intact and usable for longer periods and in higher temperatures.

Butylene is the least irritating of the Glycols.

This product is Ideal for summer use, however. Due to its drying ingredients, is not suitable for everyone.
During the winter period, sensitive skin needs something more hydrating that retains moisture and leaves skin less exposed and more protected from the environment and ever drying air.

Full ingredients list:
Aqua (Water) (Solvent/Diluent), Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera Gel) (Skin Soothing Agent), Pentylene Glycol (Solvent), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Emollient), Elaeis guineensis (Skin-Conditioning Agent), Butylene Glycol (Humectant), Cyclomethicone (Emollient), Glycerin (Humectant), Glyceryl Stearate Citrate (Skin-Conditioning Agent), Cetearyl Alcohol (Emulsifier), Sorbitol (Humectant), Glyceryl Stearate (Emulsifier), Orbignya oleifera (Babassu Oil) (Emollient), Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (Stabiliser/Viscosity Modifier), Xanthan Gum (Viscosity Modifier), Disodium Phosphate (pH Buffer)

Name: Cucumber Cleansing Milk
Store/Brand: The Body Shop
Sub range: Cucumber
Skin Type: All skin types
Price: 250ml £10
Availability: In store and online / Now discontinued
USP: Refreshes and lightly moisturises.

“This is a good make up remover, it smells nice too” – Pink Diamond

“I use make up every day and find this cleanser the most gentle but effective I have ever used. Was devastated when it was taken off the market, but delighted when came back as a limited edition. Please keep it in stock as I am lost without it.” – Friendly Shopper


“I thought I would try this and I am so glad I did! It is fantastic! Removes all make-up and leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. I did not find it greasy as some I have used. Try it!” –Fnicole

I personally have used this cleanser. As an Acne and Eczema sufferer, I find it difficult to find a product that will hydrate and help heal the broken skin.
This cleanser, from one of my personal favourite stores ‘The Body Shop’ really does calm the skin down, especially after heavy make-up has been removed.
The cucumber cools and sooths any problem areas. I don’t find this lotion to be tingly once applied like similar cleansers.
A small amount applied to a cotton pad, then the facial area is enough for a standard morning and night cleanser, however you can add more to the pad if needed.
The use of Glycine Soja in this cleanser conditions and helps lock in skin hydration. As this product is marketed as an all round skin type cleanser. It’s paramount that it is suitable for just that. Lack of hydration is a re-accruing skin issue to many people, so something to sooth and aid that is very much welcomed.  The cucumber range, of which this cleanser is part of is highly recommended for people who have dry or highly sensitive skin.

Indredients: Water (Solvent/Diluent), Glycerin (Humectant), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Emollient), Cetyl Alcohol (Emulsifier), Stearic Acid (Emulsifier), Triethanolamine (pH Adjuster), Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil (Emollient/Skin Conditioner), Benzyl Alcohol (Preservative), Lanolin (Emollient), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus) Juice (Natural Additive), Fragrance (Fragrance), Hexyl Cinnamal (Fragrance Ingredient), Geraniol (Fragrance Ingredient), Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Fragrance Ingredient), Citronellol (Fragrance Ingredient), Linalool (Fragrance Ingredient), Hydroxycitronellal (Fragrance Ingredient), Benzyl Salicylate (Fragrance Ingredient), Green 5 (Colour), Yellow 5 (Colour).

Name: Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean
Store/Brand: Estee Lauder
Sub range: Perfectly Clean
Skin Type: All skin types
Price: 150ml £22
Availability: In store (Department Stores) and online
USP: Foaming Luxe Cleanser

Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Foam Cleanser is a duo product incorporating a purifying mask into the product. This formula from Estée Lauder is designed to unclogs pores, it leaves skin healthy with a  fresh and luminous glow.
Used with water, the creamy formula rapidly lathers into a rich foaming cleanser that works for all skin types and is ideal for combination skin without drying, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple.
The foam lather that cleanses the skin gently feels refreshing, yet thoroughly removes excess make-up and environmental impurities.
The two ways to use this product: Morning and night as a daily cleanser to purify skin and rid it of dirt.  Or twice a week as a 3-minute purifying mask use more often, as skin requires.
Our advanced, proprietary technology Calms, Comforts and Clarifies your skin, reducing irritation that can accelerate the appearance of ageing.
This next-generation cleansing technology combines natural skin-loving botanicals and minerals with our proven skincare expertise. Gentle enough to use daily, powerful enough to transform your complexion. Beautiful skin begins now.” -  Estée Lauder
This appears to be a love/ hate cleanser. Ideal for mature (Over 35) and wrinkle, or ageing prone skin. Younger skins, judging by reviews are unable to cope with the mature, rich in depth ingredients within the splash away wash.

Name: Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleansing Mouse
Store/Brand: Clinique
Sub range: Cleansers
Skin Type: Normal
Price: 150ml £17
Availability: In store (Department Stores) and online
USP: Part of Clinique’s 3 step skin care programme.

The rinse off foaming cleanser effectively removes long-wearing makeup, sunscreen and grim quickly and gently. Skin feels moist, clean, and fresh. Contains chamomile. Concentrated formula is long-lasting.
As a Clinique product, it is fragrance free 100% and is allergy tested, due to the sensitive nature of the product.
The application of this product is designed for home, facial recreational use. Simple lather the cleanser between two, freshly clean hands and apply to the facial area, avoiding open blemishes or scars. Massage then rinse thoroughly.
This product from Clinique is Ophthalmologist tested, which means it has been specially tested around and on the eye area, this is a form of medical testing. The product itself is tinted pink.
The Chamomile is used as a soothing agent, to calm skin and make it usable on sensitive skin, without stripping skin or being too harsh.

As the winner of ‘Best Cleaner’ 2011. It was only natural that I investigated. Just what makes this cleanser so popular!?

Name: Simple Cleanser Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion
Store/Brand: Simple
Sub range: Cleansers
Skin Type: Any
Price: 150ml £1.50
Availability: In boots, Superdrug and online
USP: Uses minimum ingredients to help even sensitive skin.

For the very best results apply first thing in the morning and last thing at night, simply apply to cotton wool and gently cleanse with an upward and outward motion.

The reason so many people opt to use this simple cleanser as part of their daily skin care routine, is due to the fact it is skin type versatile. It can cope with areas of dryness as well as normal skin types. It targets those dry areas to help nourish and improve their look and textural quality.

This simple cleanser contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Bisabolol and Allantoin, which helps to soften and gently cleanse the skin.

I have tried several different cleansers from different brands but this is the best one I've come across so far! As i have combination skin but also often get dry patches of skin this cleanser is great at removing makeup and general day-to-day grime and leaves skin soft and moisturized (no more dry patches!) - will be repurchasing!” Emma

Full ingredients list: Aqua, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Glycerin, Isopropyl Palmitate, Polysorbate 60, Sorbitan Stearate, Panthenol, Allantoin, Acrylates/ C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crospolymer, Bisabolol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide, 2Bromo 2 Nitropropane 1-3 Diol, BHT, EDTA

Overall, before you dive into a skin care regime, or change your current one. Write down what you’d like to gain or achieve by the changes. You also need to be fully aware of the key benefits of products you may potentially use.

Check the ingredients list, and research anything that stands out to you, or that you don’t understand.

Budget is a priority factor when looking to change your skin regime. There are many multipurpose, award winning high street ‘Budget’ cleansers like the simple one which are under £5 and readily  available in supermarkets and drug stores.

It’s often a case of trial and error. In order to find the perfect cleanser you may have to try a few. Once you’ve found the one that suits you best, make notes of any changes to your skin. Your environment, lifestyle and weather can all effect your skin and the cleanser’s performance on your skin.
You may find during the winter months your skin requires a more hydrating, longer lasting formula in order to keep it looking smooth, even and fresh throughout the day.

Without a cleanser in your daily skincare routine, you will not get the best out of your skin. Using a cleanser refreshes and hydrates your skin. It also treats and aids problem areas such as rough patches or sores.


Birthday Breakdown | My Eighteenth | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Now it's time for the big-old birthday breakdown. It was the big one. The big 1-8, and I'm gonna tell you all about it!

The day started at 12am in L's Car on the way to a 24 hour McDonalds.We'd been out to the student union open mic night. It'd run over and we were later than we expected!
L screamed when she realised what the time was.

I'm not really one for birthdays. Never really have been. L on the other hand, is the biggest birthday freak ever! So much so, she wears her 'It's My Birthday' badge the following day. 

We fully celebrated when we rolled up to the 24 hour McDonalds. In the only way two modern, single girls can. A selfie.
L also got very excited when she found the balloon stand, with just one lonely green balloon in. She proceeded to sing happy birthday, once more. I actually took a video, although L has told me I simply can not repeat NOT publish it online or show it to anyone. Her excuse?
"It was in the moment and personalised for you, you only."

My little helium balloon is still going strong 5 days on!

I then went home, to my little bed to rest my head.
Friday is one of my college days so my 6am wake up, was, after the previous nights events. Not welcome.
Urgh. just the thought makes me sigh and feel sleepy.

Off to college I toddled. The girls (I'm In a class just of girls, it's brill! we're crazy!) all know I don't do Birthdays, but made a big fuss anyway. After the lecturer discovered It was my Birthday, the entire class had to sing Happy Birthday to me.
I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. So embarrassing.

Afternoon arrived. The day was flying by. The thought of seeing all my 'old' friends really excited me, as things have been so very different since moving in with Nan.
I had a three hour Body Art practical, so luckily for me, P painted me pink so I could relax for the afternoon!

I only had an hour and a half to shower, get ready and get to J's to pick him up. So everything time wise was very tight!
Throughout the afternoon I kept applying body oil and facial oil to keep my skin and acne hydrated. To make it more suitable to the type of make up I was using that evening and to decrease the chances of cracks and blemises. I basically wanted to cover the fact I was having a bad face day!

My dress for the evening, after careful consideration, was actually a slap dash last minute decision. It was black leather look and feel. Tight bodice with skater skirt and an invisible zip up the back.
Granny pants and 120 denier jet black tights for warmth and mosesty!

I'm A Lady You Know!

This is the closest dress I could get on Vera Moda's website. It's the same as mine, except mine has a skater skirt instead of a fitted one. The skater skirt is much more suited to my mega behind and thunder thighs!

Because I'm so pale and I can't tan due to medication. I was very washed out with such a jet black colour, so I threw on my fuchsia pink pashmina for good 'splash of colour' measures!
All very dramatic really!

My make up matched my shoes..
The shoes the shoes!

Rio Simple Two Part Sandal from Topshop Look Here

The 5" heel added some height, that's for sure. I chose size UK 5 wore insoles from the local independent cobler and ball and heel pads which i bought for 99p total from BodyCare.
They created the perfect fit and molded to my actual foot size and shape.
They were simply Incredible.
I wore these bad boys for over 8 hours without taking them off, or getting tired! #epic

I wore the insoles within my tights, to give a smooth somewhat flawless foot appearance. They also really helped support my dancing feet, when at 3.30 am I popped my flats on! 
Putting them inside the tights prevents them from slipping out of place or being on show. No one knows you're wearing them!

The make up look I went for was very dramatic and being all in black it needed a splash of colour.
I used my MUA pearl eye shadows in shades 4 and 9. 

Then used a red lip, the 24 hour one from Maybeline. 
The colour really does last, although my lips were having a bad lip day so it became flaky. This is only because I'm on Roaccatane! Do not fear without the drug the lip colour and lines stay on and in place for the 24 hour, so whatever you do, don't mess up the line as it's a nightmare to get off!

I however at 4.30 in the morning decided I wanted to take the remainder lip colour off and let my lips breathe. I had to use my toothbrush. That's all I'm saying.

I was an hour late for my own Birthday do. Myself and my parents got caught in traffic as South Africa were playing a netball game in the city, meaning it created traffic delays. I was therefore late picking J off and dropping all my gear off at his 
I could hardly carry about my cleanse, tone, moisturies and other beauty essentials around in my ever so stylish clutch now could I!? 

When we arrived at Nandos our 'Party' had only just been seated.  I choose.. believe it or not Chicken.

A nice chicken wrap, with a side of mash. Mash is the thing you know.

There were eight of us in total, a real mix of friends and my ex. Oh and lots of balloons. L had bought balloons as she knows that I hate any birthday stuff.Boy I love that girl.

In a desperate attempt to finish my Nandos card. I made every one of our 'Party' get a stamp, we soon filled them up and were able to get 1/4 of a chicken with some herb and lime. Yum!

Whilst eating the chicken wrap and additional 1/4 a chicken (J and I devoured the entire thing rather selfishly! I jest of course!) There was a knock on the window. Two of our friends were sat outside smoking and waving like lunatics!

There was no room or time for them to eat with us at the table and we all agreed to meet with them at a pub later on. I used the half a chicken voucher and brought it out in a take out bag, for the two of them so they weren't left out. 

You've never seen two men devour half a chicken with their bare hands in such a neat way!

We then moved onto FireFly which is a really great posh indie pub that's always my go to place for drinks!

Dior Shape Autumn Winter 2013 | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo! 
Today I'm writing about shape!
Shape always has been and always will be the forefront of fashion. The Bonnie to Clyde the ASAP to Rocky. Without it there is no finished article. No fashion. No trends. No fashionistas. No vogue.  

The horror!

In essence, without the glue that holds the fashion creatives together: We all become obsolete and the world and economics of the world fall to pieces. Not shapes, pieces.

This season we're high lighting the glue that keeps us all together and on the edge of our Frow seats. In such a way that it's elegant and chic.
Shape dominates the catwalk each season, whether we agknolege it or not.

This winter season it's a about tailoring, dominating and owning your wardrobe and the clothes, shoes and accessories in it. Being a strong independent woman who rules and rocks her own world.

Black makes a return as a dress staple and regains its ever faithful

"what to wear"

go to item colour status.

Strong Ad campaigns from Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton, once again feature strong emotion, sure women. Their features are strong, their bodies elegant and slender and their clothes tailored to their emotions and inner selves.

Chunky meets nightgown slip chic. The season combines and clashes shapes, blocks and mixes it up a little.

Who says you can't wear your nightie and your creepers to dinner!?!

You've only got to turn to the first page of October's Vogue (Alexa Chung issue) to see what I mean. Dior screams and controls the theme of the issue with their first page Dior Fashion advertisement.
Depicting women who know they are a cut above. Yet still retaining elegance and pose, dignity and soul.

The pull out combines the age old black, shapes concepts and introduces new luxe levels such as the addition of new trends and cultural influences.

Strappy closed toe sandals. A reminder of the season just passed; Closed for the winter season ahead and in jet black.
Ear cuffs throw up pop culture edge and that aspiration all quality fashion beholds. Multi shape jewellery, block shape and printed handbags - a change to the previous fashion bag.

This combination of new, fresh and empowered shapes, colours, pieces, models and a splash of red. They bring the piece to life. It is outstanding.
The poignant stance is the show stopper. Incorporating the subconscious mind to go into overdrive.

These strong, individual poses each page contains, is relevant to the shape of another style or piece in the collection. Shape once again has come into play.
The bold showcase of the Dior Sunglasses, shoots the fashionistas mind to flash back into catwalk mode.

The cheekbones and facial structure represent and spark strong male baggy suits with glittering accessories that scream GIRL.
Fitter female tailoring and the throw on doc Martians or super slim, high stilettos for easy styling for the office girl. She is confident. Go getting and most importantly; fully aware of her strengths and capabilities.
She will go far. 
It's all borderline posh grunge. Ear cuffs and all.

These ads represent what every woman wants, the ideology of the perfect woman, confidence and legs to stop traffic. They do their job well. High end. Aspirational.

However no matter how high end the ad there is something you can learn from it and take away. All be it some are harder to read than others.
Ideas and styles as well as dupes you can find on the high street as let's face it

What student has a wardrobe full of Chanel!?

Speak soon :-)
Toodle pip!

Clo :- )

Leave me a comment or get in touch letting me know what you are into or what you'd like me to write about!

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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo

Everybody in the club | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Turning 18 was an experience to say the least.
Not only am I now fully legal to pretty much do whatever I wish; drink, dance, porn. I now have nothing age wise to hold me back.

Turning 18 is also a pain as I now have to change my 'about' section on everything, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Stumble Upon and Blogger. Phew.
Think that is the full list anyway!!

There was no question that I was going out on my eighteenth birthday. Passport in hand, a group of friends and I headed to a club. For the first time, we could all go out together (I'm the baby of the group. :( ) No need for fake ID or serious heavy make up!

I was also pretty chuffed that I got discount on entry to the club, not because of prebooking, although at some clubs you can do. But by using my student or NUS card.
Although I was completely top trumped by L. Who, with her new fellow S got free entry, as he sits on the uni council student thing. Which evidently gives him the VIP treatment. The gold card openly encourages him to bring along a guest free of charge.
It's once again, not what you know, it's who you know!! So check out which one of your group has some serious well worth knowing social connections and get your ducks in a row and save yourself some wonga!

With many clubs now opting into having cloak room facilities. It's well worth investing your saved dollar from the club entry in the coat room with, as the name suggests... a coat. It's getting cold now so a coat it needed for when you go to leave!

I didn't really have any pre perceptions on what clubbing may be like, however it is very much like what you see in movies. Bad dancing, groping and some seriously dodgy neon lighting.

Once in the club dance area, there was very little left to the imagination. The girls in there quite literally had everything, EVERYTHING on display. I may as well have been dressed in a nuns habit. I spent so much of the night checking out what everyone was wearing, laughing hysterically at people's oops moments, pop outs, rips, tears and escaping buttocks with some of my guy mates, that there wasn't all that much time left for dancing.
Of course the laughter wasn't in a snide way, however some people make poor club wear choices and because of that have real oops moments.

In fact, despite being in a club and as a group celebrating three of our birthdays. 19, 19 and 18 respectively. We didn't dance at all. We only realised this at 3.30 when we stumbled out the club a little worse for wear because the club cleaners has arrived and the f*** off song had been on loop for the past 10 minutes.  

Yes that does happen. No it's not just in movies.

Another contributing factor to not dancing, was the fact that most of my friends are smokers and when provided with a smoking area or balcony. They're going to smoke.
Luckily for me I squeezed in between two of my smoker friends so I wouldn't get cold, whilst in the early morning air. It actually worked pretty well, nice and toasty, cosy.

It was whilst in the smokers area that I noticed the ever presence of security.
Clubs and pubs in the UK are really having a crack down on underage drinking and clubbing (Main focus on clubbing)  If you ain't got ID you're not getting in. Simple. It's 18 for a reason. No budging.

The reason for the security and heavy staff?
Drugs and illegal substances, Bought in Alcohol and as a deterrent to any mischief!

Drugs are an ever present issue in our current society. But in clubs it's a no go for anyone wanting to get it or deal it. It's refreshing and re-assuring that so many clubs really do have a no messing policy. They just won't stand for it. They're on hand if you have an issue, and if someone wants to start a fight or attempt to get it on when you don't want to; they'll break it down for them.  
No questions. When you're in the club (A reputable on that is) you're in a safe zone. The smokers zone is hot with security to stamp out 'Accessible' street drugs such as weed.

Bad Face Day :(
Unfortunately for me, I was in essence having a bad face day. My acne had once again flared and my lips were dry as dry ice. Every layer of make-up applied, it sunk in all too quickly and dried. Leaving cracks and blemishes noticeable. I was all too grateful for the dark lighting!
I took my make up essentials which consisted of:
  • mini brush set
  • concealer
  • eyeshadow of choice
  • lipstick
  • foundation
It may appear to be a lot. But I have a big bag. Trusstt!

Not only did I take my make-up essentials, I also took and wore

Bridget Jones / Granny Pants / Anti Rape / Shapewear. 

Big black pants.
Now as a UK 10, I simple do not need shape-wear or anything to hold anything in, as there is simply nothing their to hold. More fat on a chip if you will.

The ideal behind the pants is simply that added security and class. I was wearing a black dress and thick 120 denier tights and with the addition of the knickers. There was no risk of flashing my trash, or anyone getting anywhere near it through all those layers of clothing. It also kept me nice and warm throughout the evening in the smoking area and early morning trek back to J's where I was crashing for the night. 
Always wear another pair of pants underneath your Bridget's for extra support. You can also use your big pants as an emergencey purse. Simply slip a flat tenner between your normal pants and your granny pants just in case (They're so tight it'll hold in place.)
Meaning, If your bag or purse is stolen and you need a taxi home you're not so stuck. 
If you're prepared for every eventuality with a sneaky tenner, it makes life less stressful! You may never need it. But it is always handy. 

WARNING: If you are going to wear such pants, allow enough time to get to the bathroom! They're a bugger to get off, allow 10 min bathroom breaks and always take a girlfriend or gay friend with you for moral support!!

Also be aware you are at risk of some very rough chatter about people's love lives whilst in the loos! When nature calls. ALWAYS take your drinks with you.  You never know who's about, also. Speaking from experience don't mix your drinks. It doesn't suit in the morning!

There are just so many benefits in clubs nowadays. Another benefit of being out in the open (Smoking area) with more natural (Yet dark) light, is you get to have a good old gander at people's make-ups and have a snoop at their get ups.

Tight tops. Non existent skirts. Garish colours. Fuck me heels and down right awful false eyelashes. Which really harshed my fashion buzz and totally killed my stylistic vibe.

We all like to look nice, we all make extra effort every now and then when we want to be the centre of attention or catch someone's eye. However, thrusting your bust, flashing your trash and offering it up on a plate is not the way forward.
It's the environment people loose themselves in and quite literally let things hang loose and low (clear bra less reference right there)
It's important to wear something that's comfy. If your going for sexy, go sexy but in something comfortable! At the end of the night (excuse the pun) you're not going to enjoy yourself if you're worried about what you're wearing and what's popping in and out of your dress!

The same applies to accessories, the amount of girls who get their ears caught in dresses, other people and hair. Is unbelievable!!

Overall be comfy, be you and don't over do it!
Have fun and stay safe!

Speak soon,
Toodle Pip!

Clo :- )

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 H&M Sale Haul | Hello I'm Clo