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Hello I'm Clo!
Today it's all about my Avon purchases! Sorry It's quite a long one, guess I, as ever had a lot to say!

French Manicure Set, Nude and White tip polish from Avon's Nail Expert collection Y160713

Caliente Couture, deep purple nail varnish from Avon's nail wear pro collection.

Nail Art Brush - Avon's nail collection accessories.

Avon Colour Collection stick concealer in 'Light' F3242900

Kohl eyeliner with smudge end, Black Avon's Kohl eyeliner collection

Avon Colour Collection colour mascara in Cobalt blue Z2090813 and Famously Green Z110713

Think Fast Pink Lipstick from Avon's Colour Collection WE070613

Nude flash lipstick from Avon's Colour Collection WE270613

Turquoise eyeliner from Avon's Colour Collection IY040713A

Midnight Blue eyeliner from Avon's Colour Collection IY230113A

Dark Brown eyeliner from Avon's Colour Collection IY020513A

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Thanks :-) have a great day guys!
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