Birthday Breakdown My Eighteenth

Now it's time for the big-old birthday breakdown. It was the big one. The big 1-8, and I'm gonna tell you all about it!

The day started at 12am in Lizzie's car on the way to a 24 hour McDonalds.We'd been out to the student union open mic night It'd run over and we were much later than we expected!

I'm not really one for birthdays. Never really have been. Lizzie on the other hand, is the biggest birthday freak ever! So much so, she wears her 'It's My Birthday' badge the following day. 

We fully celebrated when we rolled up to the 24 hour McDonalds. In the only way two modern, single girls can. A selfie.

Lizzie also got very excited when she found the balloon stand, with just one lonely green balloon in. She proceeded to sing happy birthday, once more. I actually took a video, although Lizzie has told me I simply can not, repeat NOT publish it online or show it to anyone. Her excuse?

My little helium balloon is still going strong 5 days on!

I then went home, to my little bed to rest my head. Friday is one of my college days so my 6am wake up, was, after the previous nights events. Not welcome. Urgh. just the thought makes me sigh and feel sleepy.

Off to college I toddled. The girls (I'm In a class just of girls, it's brill! we're crazy!) all know I don't do Birthdays, but made a big fuss anyway. After the lecturer discovered It was my Birthday, the entire class had to sing Happy Birthday to me. I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. So embarrassing.

Afternoon arrived. The day was flying by. The thought of seeing all my 'old' friends really excited me, as things have been so very different since moving in with Nan.
I had a three hour Body Art practical, so luckily for me, Poppy painted me pink so I could relax for the afternoon!

I only had an hour and a half to shower, get ready and get to J's to pick him up. So everything time wise was very tight! Throughout the afternoon I kept applying body oil and facial oil to keep my skin and acne hydrated. To make it more suitable to the type of make up I was using that evening and to decrease the chances of cracks and blemishes. I basically wanted to cover the fact I was having a bad face day!

My dress for the evening, after careful consideration, was actually a slap dash last minute decision. It was black leather look and feel. Tight bodice with skater skirt and an invisible zip up the back.
Granny pants and 120 denier jet black tights for warmth and mosesty!

This is the closest dress I could get on Vera Moda's website. It's the same as mine, except mine has a skater skirt instead of a fitted one. The skater skirt is much more suited to my mega behind and thunder thighs!

Because I'm so pale and I can't tan due to medication. I was very washed out with such a jet black colour, so I threw on my fuchsia pink pashmina for good 'splash of colour' measures!
All very dramatic really!

My make up matched my shoes..
The shoes the shoes!

Rio Simple Two Part Sandal from Topshop Look Here

The 5" heel added some height, that's for sure. I chose size UK 5 wore insoles from the local independent cobler and ball and heel pads which i bought for 99p total from BodyCare.
They created the perfect fit and molded to my actual foot size and shape.
They were simply Incredible.

I wore these bad boys for over 8 hours without taking them off, or getting tired! 

I wore the insoles within my tights, to give a smooth somewhat flawless foot appearance. They also really helped support my dancing feet, when at 3.30 am I popped my flats on! 
Putting them inside the tights prevents them from slipping out of place or being on show. No one knows you're wearing them!

The make up look I went for was very dramatic and being all in black it needed a splash of colour.
I used my MUA pearl eye shadows in shades 4 and 9. 

Then used a red lip, the 24 hour one from Maybeline. 
The colour really does last, although my lips were having a bad lip day so it became flaky. This is only because I'm on Roaccatane! Do not fear without the ro-accutane the lip colour and lines stay on and in place for the 24 hour, so whatever you do, don't mess up the line as it's a nightmare to get off!

I however at 4.30 in the morning decided I wanted to take the remainder lip colour off and let my lips breathe. I had to use my toothbrush. That's all I'm saying.

I was an hour late for my own Birthday do. Myself and my Dad got caught in traffic as South Africa were playing a netball game in the city, meaning it created traffic delays. I was therefore late picking J off and dropping all my gear off at his I could hardly carry about my cleanse, tone, moisturiser and other beauty essentials around in my ever so stylish clutch now could I!?  

When we arrived at Nandos our 'Party' had only just been seated.  I choose.. believe it or not Chicken.

A nice chicken wrap, with a side of mash. Mash is theist thing ever!

There were eight of us in total, a real mix of friends and my ex. Oh and lots of balloons. Lizzie had bought balloons as she knows that I hate any birthday stuff. Boy I love that girl.

In a desperate attempt to finish my Nandos card. I made every one of our 'Party' get a stamp, we soon filled them up and were able to get 1/4 of a chicken with some herb and lime. Yum!

Whilst eating the chicken wrap and additional 1/4 a chicken (J and I devoured the entire thing rather selfishly!) There was a knock on the window. Two of our friends were sat outside smoking and waving like lunatics!

There was no room or time for them to eat with us at the table and we all agreed to meet with them at a pub later on. I used the half a chicken voucher and brought it out in a take out bag, for the two of them so they weren't left out. 

You've never seen two men devour half a chicken with their bare hands in such a neat way!

We then moved onto FireFly which is a really great posh indie pub that's always my go to place for drinks!

We stayed there till gone 12 after bumping into some other friends who were also out for the night.
We then hit Tramps nightclub!

We came out the club at closing time. The Fuck off song had looped twice, then the music stopped. We'd lost more than half of our 'Party' and after the food and drink. It was time to head home.

I was crashing at J's for the night and so was someone else. Let's just say they got distracted by a male companion so they weren't coming back with us! I popped my Tipsy Feet on ready for the treacherous mile walk back to J's student house.

After dropping Charlie off at her house a little worse for wear and very confused. The walk continued. All rather uneventful until we reached J's at 4.30, where I somehow managed to trip over a table in the dark and ended up swearing blue murder in pain, whilst simultaneously trying to be quiet so I didn't wake up the whole god damn house! It wasn't ideal.

I went to sleep at about 5. Woke up the following morning at 7. Yes 7. Desperately needing a wee.
In a shared student house, the last thing you want is someone scrambling about at 7 in the morning semi blind and not knowing where they're going. You also don't want someone peeing, being the first thing you hear when you wake up!

So there is me, looking for something appropriate for morning greetings, as my shorts and vest were simply not going to cut if if i met someone on my way!

Once appropriately dressed for the 'Meet in hall' occasion / scenario. I ran about the empty, silent house desperate for a wee. Found a toilet. Peed some what loudly. The house was silent, after all! Got a drink and made my way back to bed and the slither of duvet J had so kindly left me.

I digress.
When I came to at 9 (still god damn early for a Saturday!) I didn't have a hangover! Whoop!
But needed a very long period if time to get my shit together and wake up. I spent over two hours chilling and watching J play Grand Theft Auto 5 it was then we got the communal  text to signal breakfast.

We had a fry up and a  nice cuppa! Plus a catch up with L who we'd lost in the club, the previous evening and then Lizzie and I parted ways with J, for a spot of retail therapy and new autumn cakes at costa ! Yummy!

Looking back now, one week on. I wish I'd have taken more pictures, there are no decent ones, yet plenty if J eating chicken and my ex looking miserable! Typical.

There is only one picture of what I was wearing, frankly both myself and my dad look 100% mental. 
We were mid joke, hence the odd pose and stance!

Overall it was a good night, can't complain. No excess muss or fuss. Just how I like it. It was nice to be back with friends, being a young carer can be very lonely at times.

So that is all my birthday antics! Apologies for rambling, but my ageing brain will surely forget many a detail from that night. I'll probably want to look back on this and remember my youth when I'm old!

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