Chanel Le Rouge

Today I'm talking about something that recently caught my eye.

Prim. Precise. Proper
Effortless. Elegant. Elite

Flawless skin, aligned and pruned hair. Evenly spaced lashes: the envy of every woman who passes.
Beautifully bronzed brows with the appropriate amount of 'The Cara' bush brow. Perfectly lined succulent lips.

Liner easily blends with block lipstick colour, neatly and strikingly set in place. A painted porcelain doll, in a wearable assessable fashion. It's wearable . Fresh. Appears somewhat effortless. It's Chanel Rouge.

The advertisement is simplistic, striking and obviously stunning, after all. This is Chanel.

This season it's all about the lips. With the change in weather, it's all too easy to shun your lips or just whack on the Chapstick or the latest 'baby lips' balm and think that will do.

Match your new season wardrobe with a new season lip colour with an ultra nourishing moisturising boost built in to keep your lips soft and kissable, a real winter wonderland.
The colour will help you beat the winter morning blues, put a colour on your lips and a smile typically comes free!

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