Dior Shape Autumn Winter 2013

Today I'm writing about shape!

Shape always has been and always will be the forefront of fashion. The Bonnie to Clyde the ASAP to Rocky. Without it there is no finished article. No fashion. No trends. No fashionistas. No vogue.  

In essence, without the glue that holds the fashion creatives together: We all become obsolete and the world and economics of the world fall to pieces. Not shapes, pieces.

This season we're highlighting the glue that keeps us all together and on the edge of our Frow seats. In such a way that it's elegant and chic.

This winter season it's a about tailoring, dominating and owning your wardrobe and the clothes, shoes and accessories in it. Being a strong independent woman who rules and rocks her own world.

Black makes a return as a dress staple and regains its ever faithful 'What you need to wear'

Strong Ad campaigns from Gucci, Dior and Louis Vuitton, once again feature strong emotion, sure women. Their features are strong, their bodies elegant.

Chunky meets nightgown slip chic. The season combines and clashes shapes, blocks and mixes it up a little.

Who says you can't wear your nightie and your creepers to dinner!?!

You've only got to turn to the first page of October's Vogue (Alexa Chung issue) to see what I mean. Dior screams and controls the theme of the issue with their first page Dior Fashion advertisement.
Depicting women who know they are a cut above. Yet still retaining elegant, poisde, dignified and soulful.

The pull out combines the age old black, shapes concepts and introduces new luxe levels such as the addition of new trends and cultural influences.

Strappy closed toe sandals. A reminder of the season just passed; Closed for the winter season ahead and in jet black.

Ear cuffs throw up pop culture edge and that aspiration all quality fashion beholds. Multi shape jewellery, block shape and printed handbags - a change to the previous fashion bag.

This combination of new, fresh and empowered shapes, colours, pieces, models and a splash of red. They bring the piece to life. It is outstanding.
The poignant stance is the show stopper. Incorporating the subconscious mind to go into overdrive.

These strong, individual poses each page contains, is relevant to the shape of another style or piece in the collection. Shape once again has come into play.
The bold showcase of the Dior Sunglasses, shoots the fashionistas mind to flash back into catwalk mode.

Fitter female tailoring and the throw on doc Martians or super slim, high stilettos for easy styling for the office girl. She is confident, go getting and most importantly; fully aware of her strengths and capabilities.

These ads represent what every woman wants, the ideology of the perfect woman, confidence and legs to stop traffic. They do their job well. High end. Aspirational.

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