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Hello I'm Clo!

Turning 18 was an experience to say the least.
Not only am I now fully legal to pretty much do whatever I wish; drink, dance, porn. I now have nothing age wise to hold me back.

Turning 18 is also a pain as I now have to change my 'about' section on everything, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Stumble Upon and Blogger. Phew.
Think that is the full list anyway!!

There was no question that I was going out on my eighteenth birthday. Passport in hand, a group of friends and I headed to a club. For the first time, we could all go out together (I'm the baby of the group. :( ) No need for fake ID or serious heavy make up!

I was also pretty chuffed that I got discount on entry to the club, not because of prebooking, although at some clubs you can do. But by using my student or NUS card.
Although I was completely top trumped by L. Who, with her new fellow S got free entry, as he sits on the uni council student thing. Which evidently gives him the VIP treatment. The gold card openly encourages him to bring along a guest free of charge.
It's once again, not what you know, it's who you know!! So check out which one of your group has some serious well worth knowing social connections and get your ducks in a row and save yourself some wonga!

With many clubs now opting into having cloak room facilities. It's well worth investing your saved dollar from the club entry in the coat room with, as the name suggests... a coat. It's getting cold now so a coat it needed for when you go to leave!

I didn't really have any pre perceptions on what clubbing may be like, however it is very much like what you see in movies. Bad dancing, groping and some seriously dodgy neon lighting.

Once in the club dance area, there was very little left to the imagination. The girls in there quite literally had everything, EVERYTHING on display. I may as well have been dressed in a nuns habit. I spent so much of the night checking out what everyone was wearing, laughing hysterically at people's oops moments, pop outs, rips, tears and escaping buttocks with some of my guy mates, that there wasn't all that much time left for dancing.
Of course the laughter wasn't in a snide way, however some people make poor club wear choices and because of that have real oops moments.

In fact, despite being in a club and as a group celebrating three of our birthdays. 19, 19 and 18 respectively. We didn't dance at all. We only realised this at 3.30 when we stumbled out the club a little worse for wear because the club cleaners has arrived and the f*** off song had been on loop for the past 10 minutes.  

Yes that does happen. No it's not just in movies.

Another contributing factor to not dancing, was the fact that most of my friends are smokers and when provided with a smoking area or balcony. They're going to smoke.
Luckily for me I squeezed in between two of my smoker friends so I wouldn't get cold, whilst in the early morning air. It actually worked pretty well, nice and toasty, cosy.

It was whilst in the smokers area that I noticed the ever presence of security.
Clubs and pubs in the UK are really having a crack down on underage drinking and clubbing (Main focus on clubbing)  If you ain't got ID you're not getting in. Simple. It's 18 for a reason. No budging.

The reason for the security and heavy staff?
Drugs and illegal substances, Bought in Alcohol and as a deterrent to any mischief!

Drugs are an ever present issue in our current society. But in clubs it's a no go for anyone wanting to get it or deal it. It's refreshing and re-assuring that so many clubs really do have a no messing policy. They just won't stand for it. They're on hand if you have an issue, and if someone wants to start a fight or attempt to get it on when you don't want to; they'll break it down for them.  
No questions. When you're in the club (A reputable on that is) you're in a safe zone. The smokers zone is hot with security to stamp out 'Accessible' street drugs such as weed.

Bad Face Day :(
Unfortunately for me, I was in essence having a bad face day. My acne had once again flared and my lips were dry as dry ice. Every layer of make-up applied, it sunk in all too quickly and dried. Leaving cracks and blemishes noticeable. I was all too grateful for the dark lighting!
I took my make up essentials which consisted of:
  • mini brush set
  • concealer
  • eyeshadow of choice
  • lipstick
  • foundation
It may appear to be a lot. But I have a big bag. Trusstt!

Not only did I take my make-up essentials, I also took and wore

Bridget Jones / Granny Pants / Anti Rape / Shapewear. 

Big black pants.
Now as a UK 10, I simple do not need shape-wear or anything to hold anything in, as there is simply nothing their to hold. More fat on a chip if you will.

The ideal behind the pants is simply that added security and class. I was wearing a black dress and thick 120 denier tights and with the addition of the knickers. There was no risk of flashing my trash, or anyone getting anywhere near it through all those layers of clothing. It also kept me nice and warm throughout the evening in the smoking area and early morning trek back to J's where I was crashing for the night. 
Always wear another pair of pants underneath your Bridget's for extra support. You can also use your big pants as an emergencey purse. Simply slip a flat tenner between your normal pants and your granny pants just in case (They're so tight it'll hold in place.)
Meaning, If your bag or purse is stolen and you need a taxi home you're not so stuck. 
If you're prepared for every eventuality with a sneaky tenner, it makes life less stressful! You may never need it. But it is always handy. 

WARNING: If you are going to wear such pants, allow enough time to get to the bathroom! They're a bugger to get off, allow 10 min bathroom breaks and always take a girlfriend or gay friend with you for moral support!!

Also be aware you are at risk of some very rough chatter about people's love lives whilst in the loos! When nature calls. ALWAYS take your drinks with you.  You never know who's about, also. Speaking from experience don't mix your drinks. It doesn't suit in the morning!

There are just so many benefits in clubs nowadays. Another benefit of being out in the open (Smoking area) with more natural (Yet dark) light, is you get to have a good old gander at people's make-ups and have a snoop at their get ups.

Tight tops. Non existent skirts. Garish colours. Fuck me heels and down right awful false eyelashes. Which really harshed my fashion buzz and totally killed my stylistic vibe.

We all like to look nice, we all make extra effort every now and then when we want to be the centre of attention or catch someone's eye. However, thrusting your bust, flashing your trash and offering it up on a plate is not the way forward.
It's the environment people loose themselves in and quite literally let things hang loose and low (clear bra less reference right there)
It's important to wear something that's comfy. If your going for sexy, go sexy but in something comfortable! At the end of the night (excuse the pun) you're not going to enjoy yourself if you're worried about what you're wearing and what's popping in and out of your dress!

The same applies to accessories, the amount of girls who get their ears caught in dresses, other people and hair. Is unbelievable!!

Overall be comfy, be you and don't over do it!
Have fun and stay safe!

Speak soon,
Toodle Pip!

Clo :- )

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