Eye Shadow Colours To Suit Eye Colour

Did you know the colours used on your eyelids really can make the difference between a great look and a drab look?

When applying eye make-up, It's important to take into consideration your eye colour, Which will lead you to select the correct colours to compliment your eyes. In order to make you look fabulous!

Blue Eyes

Never use blue eyeshadow on blue eyes. The use of blue eyeshadow, or blue liner or mascara on blue eyes makes them look dull, it is also very aging. Making you look old, well before your time.
The best eye colours for blue eyes are taupes, different light brown shades which bring out the blue in the eyes and make them glow and sparkle. Blue eyes can also pull of pinks, golds and cream colours.

Using three brown colours on the eyelids and using your blender brush to softly blend, creates a very wearable, complimentary make-up look for blue eyes. Very natural.

Green Eyes

Beautiful green eyes are able to pull off multiple colours and shades. They have multiple colour choices for both day and night make-up looks. Mauves and purples will bring out the green in your eyes, green eyes also pull of pinks, golds and creams.

Brown Eyes

Most colours will suit a dark brown eye. However be wary of overdoing a dark smoky effect, as the result can potentially give the effect of receding eyes!

Silver and gold, look simply stunning on striking brown eyes. Their colours encompass the light and highlight and compliment the eye colour perfectly.

The colours you use on your eyes are vital, however the application and lid preparation are also vital. An great eye primer I've found that really holds everything in place is Number 7's Eye Primer. A great handy piece of kit! Once you start using it you'll soon notice the difference, the eyeshadow pigment stays longer and holds in the place you put it in the first place! See more here £7

Always make sure you a complimentary colour on the lid, then use a strong co-ordinating colour for the socket line. To define the eyes and complete the make-up look. It's all about looking the very best. Getting the most out of your make up.

When you want to incorporate eyeliner into your look, try to co-ordinate the liner colour with the colour you've used on your lids and eye sockets. Try, if you can to avoid black if you have light eyes / hair/ skin, as it can look too severe, also try not to use black if you're over 35, use a dark brown. Dark brown provided the same effect as black, yet is softer looking and kinder on your complexion.
Dark green and grey, are also options, other than black, however, are not widely available.

The same colour rules apply to mascara colours.

When doing make-up for stage, theatre, dress up or photographic / fashion purposes the rules do not apply and in theory anything goes!

Hope you found this helpful! If you'd like to know anything, or want me to cover something let me know, in the comments below!

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