I've been very bad

First and foremost, my apologies. I have been a very bad, very naughty blogger.

It's now sat in Pret, Selfridges. That I find myself lacking motivation, spark and get up and go. 

I received bad news this morning, on my way into Birmingham. It doesn't effect me personally but it knocked me for 6 and shook me to my core.

Life really can change so very quickly, one quick devotion can change everything. 

So after hours of what seems to be aimless wondering. I find myself waiting. Waiting for the meeting I predict may not happen.

Oh, how so much has occurred. Since we last spoke.
Basically, as many of you know, I'm behind the online fashion retailer - I'm sorry what did you say!? Business and college, doing my make up course has taken off, blew up big time, simultaneously leaving me very busy, very go, go, go. Ironic that I've today been aimlessly wondering. 

I'm here there and everywhere, ridiculously busy.

I digress. 

Isn't it funny how we pass hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. Every single day- yet we have no idea what their lives are like, their problems, what they're going through. Their thoughts and emotions. 

Oh. I've lost concentration again and let my mind wonder. How the bright lights and decorations of Selfridges captivate the eye at this time of the year. 

Sometimes certain things make you happy.

Speak soon,

Toodle pip,

Clo :) 

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