Peace In Love Gig Birmingham O2 | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Hi Guys! 
Just realised I hadn't shared with all you blog followers my YouTube Vlog of when I went to see Peace at Birmingham's O2 Academy a few weeks ago! 


Here is the Hello I'm Clo Vlog of the day!

They were EPIC. Like so so good. Their debut album is one of my all time favorites. They're pretty difficult to describe but go and check them out there stuff is the biz.

Indie rock come 70's free spirit fashion EXPLODED across Birmingham that night when 3,000 people rocked up to mosh with the local band.

"As rejuvenating as a wash of zesty orange juice over a crushing hangover"

Doug, Harry, Dom, Sam,

Band members...
  • Harrison Koisser – lead vocals, guitar
  • Samuel Koisser – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Douglas Castle – lead guitar
  • Dominic Boyce – drums, backing vocals

Check out their debut album: my favorite tracks are Drain and Waste Of Paint - Warning though, they are very catchy.

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The Definition Of Beauty - Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Today, as the title suggests the topic is, The Definition Of Beauty.

As a beauty student this discussion comes up time and time again with the girls. What is beauty? What makes someone attractive?
So when I stumbled upon this tonight it bought to mind lots of different view points and ideas.

You can't control what you're born with. You can't determine your race, height or eye colour. These aren't environmental factors that are dependent on the world around us. I have one thumb drastically bigger that the other (1.5cm to be precise) Someone I used to know once made a really big deal and created a scene about it some time ago whilst on a night out with some friends. My thoughts at the time and still remains;

1. What's it to do with you?
2. It ain't something I can change so WHATEVER.
3. What are you so insecure about that you feel the need to pick on me for no reason and publicly degrade me in front of friends? - Like; who does that?

I no longer feel self conscious about my thumbs, my mole on my neck with a black vein through it or my man feet; because if i could do something about it, i would have by now and if i can't change why try!? What a waste of time and energy; and I don't like waste.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time someone called me beautiful or complimented on the way my features naturally are, not even when I was in my last relationship which, in hindsight is very sad.  I, as do many other girls my age feel inferior to others looks and natural luck when it comes to skin because it seems life would be easier if we were flawless.

I guess I bring my personality to the party! WhAAAAY! Although, last week I rather rudely got informed by someone who is for very obvious reasons not part of my life, that my personality was the worst thing about me. Said statement was swiftly contradicted by a YouTube viewer telling me how awesome my personality is. US GIRLS GOTTA STICK TOGETHER.

Rocking my personality, is to me the way forth. There's not a lot I can do about my face. There is nothing I can do about the fact I would trade faces with my friend Georgia in a heartbeat beacuse she's pretty and everyone tells her so. I suppose it's the little girl inside of me that secretly wants to be a Barbie doll and live in a plastic, easy world. Its that little girl that creates inner jealousy of others and sparks problems.

We are all different for a reason. I've said it before and i'll say it time and time again. Perfection as it's perceived in magazines and amongst our peers; Is overrated. 
Everything happens for a reason and this to me seems like something i've got to overcome, learn to love and develop feelings for as a normal human being. 
Of course I don't want to swap faces with G, I just need to learn to love what I have, make the most of it and be confident in my own skin, that way others will follow my lead and will too appreciate my own individual beauty.

Beauty is what you make of it. Don't live your life in fear of the beauty your inner voice tries to hide.
We only have one life, so we better bloody live it.

Isn't life funny.
Just some thoughts, Speak soon.

Toodle Pip,

Clo : -)

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Hair & Make-Up The Definitive Guide To Looking Good - Hello I'm Clo

Hair & Make-Up The Definitive Guide To Looking Good

Hello I'm Clo!

Tuesday mornings are fast becoming my mini Lazy day as I have the morning off. I say off, what I really mean is working from home. No rest for the wicked.
Last night whilsy waiting for Made In Chelsea to pop onto my TV screen and being without internet on every apple device known to man, I resorted to an ancient past time. The reading book.

I'm not one for 'Reading,' as in reading a fictional story. That's just not me. I like reading facts, expanding on current knowledge and feeding my brain so It can grow. No I don't want to be a big head!I have an abundance of hair, make up, beauty, fashion and style books that i've compiled. I'm up to about 25, it's just finding time to take out of my busy schedule and chill, relax and take a bite of booky knowledge.

The lack of connectivity to the outside world, combined with the inaccessibility of time travel to see Made In Chelsea meant I had time to take a peak at one of my books.

Hair & Make-Up The Definitive Guide To Looking Good 

By Jane Campsie

It's a stunningly layed out book. A glossy info packed book that really draws in the eye. 
I'm only on the first couple of pages ( I like to absorb it all!) It's got just the right amount of sciency bits so you know what you're looking for within your make-up. 
Bite sized chunks of info that you can read at a glance, then sip coffee whilst not loosing your place is my kinda book!

Although the read info so far is well constructed and jam pact full of things every girl should know (LADIES i'm talking to you! ) The application techniques explained in the book are contradicted by many other books and my tutor at college (I'm studying Theatrical make-up) (If you're new to Hello i'm Clo - HELLO!) When discussing this with my mum we discussed the idea that you can be given techniques on application or on anything in life, but it's the way you interpret them and make them work for you that is important. So in the case of make up...

Sponges? Brushes? Fingers?

It's a case of personal preference, trial and error over and over again if necessary. What ever works for you works for you.

It's interesting though the thought process behind putting something in a book and publishing it. In order to fully support your idea and put it in print, you must really believe in that way of doing things, If someone has taken the time and effort to share their ideas, I suppose the least I could do Is try them. 

So I shall continue reading now I've waffled on at you all, Hope you're all good! 

Lots of love, Toodle Pip!

Clo : -)

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What is Theatrical and Media Make Up ? Hello I'm Clo

Hello I’m Clo!

Today’s topic, as the title suggests is - What is Theatrical and Media Make Up ?

So! As many of you already know (If you don’t check my Hello I’m Clo bio!) I’m a trainee make up artist. I’ve been so psyched about learning as much as possible since finding out I got on the course last July. My course started in September and I’ve so far loved every moment.

I now feel I’ve learnt enough techniques and theory to help you guys. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt on here and on my youtube. That is once I’ve tidied my bedroom so it’s fit for the world to see!
I’ve waited what seems like a long time to start my make up tutorials, this is due to the fact I didn’t want to give you the wrong info or advice, so now I’m in the know we’re all good!

Many people automatically judge and categorize beauty students. I used to too. However, I really have been surprised at how much information beauty students have to take on board, process and put into practice. It’s not as simple as opening a pot of paint and whacking it on someone’s nails! You’ve got to know what type of nail the client has, how there skin will react to a products and what to do if God forbid, something goes wrong.

When people hear I’m on a make up course they automatically think face painting and “Why do you look like that if you’re a make up student!?” Haha and haha to both of those I say! It’s really in depth and requires a lot of skill, the same as a hair dresser or computer programmer.

Here is a little insight into what I get up to and create on my course. With each topic we have input and theory in how to use, apply and remove a product as well as aid with our techniques and application development.

For Media Make Up that covers everything from runway fashion, fashion photography and studio looks, everyday and bridal.

Theatrical is a little more full on! We study multiple topics from Disney inspired stuff to character and fantasy make ups. We also study camouflage make up for covering up skin conditions, burns, bruises and imperfections.
Blood guts and gore are thrown into theatrical too, casualty, fake blood and creating imperfections. Special effects, airbrush and 3D make up is insightful and incredibly stretching.

It’s astounding really how much prep and effort goes into creating theatrical make up and make up looks in general. It really is an art. Amongst my friends at college we joke how our friend Georgia was born to be a make up artist her attention to detail, creativity and precision is just astounding and within just a few short weeks on the course she created a show stopping industry level piece. If I have a picture I’ll show you!

I found them after sorting through what seamed like thousands!

Getting your hands dirty is mandatory, hair style study is compulsory and putty, prosthetics and wax are all dealt with!

It’s a really great course. I’ve learnt a lot and will learn a lot more over the next two terms. There are no creativity boundaries. Your creative ideas come to life through the medium of make up and there really is no better feeling than seeing your creation come to real walking, talking life.

 That's it for today, speak soon!

Toodle Pip!

Clo :- )