2013 Reflection

So, here we are. Another year is just moments away; the time is nigh for reflection and future thinking.
It’s been a year of trial and tribulations. 
For me, 2013 has been a year of tremendous progress as a young entrepreneur, yet a year full of personal tragedy and heartbreak.

My life appears to run in threes. It’s a number that I can not escape and because of this an awful lot happened in 2013. From start to end the year was full of opportunities, challenges and successes.

Some of my years highlights include:

Changing 31B Store to I’m Sorry What DidYou Say
Turning 18 – Getting a business bank account – YAY!
Streamlining not being a busy fool.
Starting my online blog ‘ Hello I’m Clo’ – My downtime!

January was the start of a busy year, new relationships were formed and helped keep me grounded throughout February’s show season and have since kept me in touch with my inner teenager. Something the team are often weary of. If there’s one thing 2013 has taught me, it’s that life is just too short.

February was a turning point for the business. The formation of new working relationships with independent brands such as Urban Junk, PXL, Ichiban and PolyPop once again stood ‘I’m Sorry What Did You Say’ apart from everyone else in the fashion world. It was incredible to meet people from around the world whose passion and commitment to fashion connects them despite the language barriers.

Healing was also an incredible and integral part of my year. Since leaving school in 2011 after suffering years of bullying . In 2013 I found myself back in education, this time sharing my experiences and helping others. I fell in love.

It’s incredible to go into a room and pick out those who are just fronting being ok, pulling them aside and re-assuring them that when action is taken things do get better.
Having attended state and private education the gap is ever expanding between them, that much is obvious, however they still have very similar issues.
It’s odd how once school was a scary, daunting place for me. Now I’m invited, wanted and making a difference.

Young entrepreneurs came from every angle in March. It’s wonderful to see so many people just bloody going for it and grabbing their dreams. Just last week I heard of a 9 year old starting a nail bar in her front room. Kudos.

April to June was just work, work, work. Collaborations, speaking and searching for the apprentice. Needless to say I am not yet Alan Sugar, I am still looking for one.

July hit. Business took an unplanned hiatus due to a sudden family death. This bought time to re-evaluate what really is important in life. I am no longer a busy fool and don’t do anything I don’t want to. I now only accept roles, projects and ambassadorships for things/organisations and charities I truly relate to or believe in. There has to be that passion.

It’s fair to say that many aspects of 2013 have gone by in a blur.  Thinking and personal development and learning have become very apparent and poignant for me. That is probably why there were no defining moments between July to September.

I rejoiced on the 27th September when it was my 18th birthday, finally after four years of battling I could get a bloody business bank account – Result! You’ll be pleased to hear I spent the night in proper 18th style fashion.

The Hot 500 in Birmingham really did bring me back in October after a funny old couple of months and I have Joel Blake and Gary Lennon to thank for that. Over the past year I have learnt so much from them both; their commitment to young entrepreneurs is unprecedented.  They have taken me under their wing and for that I am truly grateful. Everyone should have those positive influences in their life. They Level up.

I really have met some incredible people this year. The young entrepreneur revolution is coming. Coming big style and it all starts here. On the internet.

November and December bought out my inner creative. Planning and pre setting as well as producing ideas, thoughts and creations for late 2013 early 2014 and it felt fantastic to be back in the driving seat. There are more improvements in the pipeline for ISWDYS, the internet is ever revolving, changing and improving. I love that.

Travel has become a repetitive part of my life both personally and professionally throughout the year. I’ve been here there and everywhere but I’m enjoying and embracing the ride I am now fully in the know of the London Tube system – no map or app necessary!  I look forward to 2014 and all the travel opportunities it has to offer – passport ready! Let’s spread the good stuff this coming year.

Overall I feel I’ve conquered the good, the bad and the ugly this year. It’s come at a good time I feel. I’ve learnt, grown as an individual and feel all the better for it. I won’t tread old ground and will instead explore pastures new.

As 2014 approaches myself and the team are full steam ahead to run into the new year all guns blazing, strategically running/blazing of course.

I hope you have a prosperous 2014 and achieve all you set out to. Write your goals down and go out and get them!

Love and warmth,


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