Hair & Make-Up The Definitive Guide To Looking Good

Tuesday mornings are fast becoming my mini Lazy day as I have the morning off. I say off, what I really mean is working from home. No rest for the wicked.

Last night whilst waiting for Made In Chelsea to pop onto my TV screen and being without internet on every apple device known to man, I resorted to an ancient past time. The reading book. Classic.

The lack of connectivity to the outside world, combined with the inaccessibility of time travel to see Made In Chelsea meant I had time to take a peak at one of my books.

Hair & Make-Up The Definitive Guide To Looking Good - By Jane Campsie

It's a stunningly book. A glossy, info packed book that really draws in the eye. Bite sized chunks of info that you can read at a glance, then sip coffee whilst not loosing your place is my kinda book!

Although the read info so far is well constructed and jam pact full of things every girl should know The application techniques explained in the book are contradicted by many other books and my tutor at college (I'm studying Theatrical make-up)  but I think it's the way you interpret them and make them work for you that is important. So in the case of make up...

Sponges? Brushes? Fingers?

It's a case of personal preference, trial and error over and over again if necessary. What ever works for you works for you.

It's interesting though the thought process behind putting something in a book and publishing it. In order to fully support your idea and put it in print, you must really believe in that way of doing things, If someone has taken the time and effort to share their ideas, I suppose the least I could do Is try them. 

I'm not sure finger application is for me - but I'll give it a go!

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