The Definition Of Beauty

As a beauty student this discussion comes up time and time again with the girls. What is beauty? What makes someone attractive? So when I stumbled upon this tonight it bought to mind lots of different view points and ideas.

You can't control what you're born with. You can't determine your race, height or eye colour. These aren't environmental factors that are dependent on the world around us. I have one thumb drastically bigger that the other (1.5cm to be precise) Someone I used to know once made a really big deal and created a scene about it some time ago whilst on a night out with some friends. My thoughts at the time and still remains

1. What's it to do with you?
2. It ain't something I can change so WHATEVER.
3. What are you so insecure about that you feel the need to pick on me for no reason and publicly degrade me in front of friends? - Who does that?

I no longer feel self conscious about my thumbs, my mole on my neck with a black vein through it or my man feet; because if I could do something about it, I would have by now and if I can't change why try!? What a waste of time and energy; and I don't like waste.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time someone called me beautiful or complimented on the way my features naturally are, not even when I was in my last relationship which, in hindsight is very sad.  I, as do many other girls my age feel inferior to other's looks and natural luck when it comes to skin because it seems life would be easier if we were flawless.

I guess I bring my personality to the party! WhAAAAY! Although, last week I rather rudely got informed by someone who is for very obvious reasons not part of my life, that my personality was the worst thing about me. Said statement was swiftly contradicted by a YouTube viewer telling me how awesome my personality is. US GIRLS GOTTA STICK TOGETHER.

Rocking my personality, is to me the way to go. There's not a lot I can do about my face. There is nothing I can do about the fact I would trade faces with my friend Georgia in a heartbeat beacuse she's pretty and everyone tells her so. I suppose it's the little girl inside of me that secretly wants to be a Barbie doll and live in a plastic, easy world. Its that little girl that creates inner jealousy of others and sparks problems.

We are all different for a reason. I've said it before and I'll say it time and time again. Perfection as it's perceived in magazines and amongst our peers; Is overrated. Everything happens for a reason and this to me seems like something I've got to overcome, learn to love and develop feelings for as a normal human being. Of course I don't want to swap faces with Georgia, I just need to learn to love what I have, make the most of it and be confident in my own skin, that way others will follow my lead and will too appreciate my own individual beauty.

Beauty is what you make of it. Don't live your life in fear of the beauty your inner voice tries to hide.
We only have one life, so we better bloody live it.

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