What is Theatrical and Media Make Up ?

As many of you already know (If youdon’t check read this!) I’m a trainee make up artist. I’ve been so psyched about learning as much as possible since finding out I got on the course last July. My course started in September and I’ve so far loved every moment.

I now feel I’ve learnt enough techniques and theory to help you guys. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt on here and on my youtube. That is once I’ve tidied my bedroom so it’s fit for the world to see!
I’ve waited what seems like a long time to start my make up tutorials, this is due to the fact I didn’t want to give you the wrong info or advice, so now I’m in the know we’re all good!

Many people automatically judge and categorize beauty students. However, I really have been surprised at how much information beauty students have to take on board, process and put into practice. It’s not as simple as opening a pot of paint and whacking it on someone’s nails! You’ve got to know what type of nail the client has, how there skin will react to a products and what to do if something goes wrong. 

When people hear I’m on a make up course they automatically think face painting and “Why do you look like that if you’re a make up student!?” Haha and haha to both of those I say! It’s really in depth and requires a lot of skill, the same as a hair dresser or computer programmer.

Here is a little insight into what I get up to and create on my course. With each topic we have input and theory in how to use, apply and remove a product as well as aid with our techniques and application development.

For Media Make Up that covers everything from runway fashion, fashion photography and studio looks, everyday and bridal.

Theatrical is a little more full on! We study multiple topics from Disney inspired stuff to character and fantasy make ups. We also study camouflage make up for covering up skin conditions, burns, bruises and imperfections. Blood guts and gore are thrown into theatrical too, casualty, fake blood and creating imperfections. Special effects, airbrush and 3D make up is insightful and incredibly stretching. You really do have to get your hands dirty!

It’s astounding really how much prep and effort goes into creating theatrical make up and make up looks in general. It really is an art. Amongst my friends at college we joke how our friend Georgia was born to be a make up artist, her attention to detail, creativity and precision is just astounding and within just a few short weeks on the course she created a show stopping industry level piece. If I have a picture I’ll show you!

I found them after sorting through what seamed like thousands!

Getting your hands dirty is mandatory, hair style study is compulsory and putty, prosthetics and wax are all thrown into the mix. It's really good fun!

It’s a really great course. I’ve learnt a lot and will learn a lot more over the next two terms. There are no creativity boundaries. Your creative ideas come to life through the medium of make up and there really is no better feeling than seeing your creation come to real walking, talking life.

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