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A tribute to a fabulously British, Raucous lady.
Watching your friend in the final hours of their life, is by far, one of the saddest things I've ever witnessed.

Today is a very sad day, a very close family friend passed away in the early hours of this morning after just a few weeks of being unwell.

Karen was a part of our family, our team, our life.

Yesterday, I spent time with her in the hospice with her, raiding the biscuit tin and holding her hand. I'd never been to a hospice before, I was apprehensive of what to expect, yet pleasantly surprised at the happy, smiley staff, welcoming volunteers and beautiful rooms, all to help you feel comfortable in your final days. They allow pets in too, which allows you to feel right at home. It was a home away from home.

Having someone tell you on their death bed that they love you is one of the most humbling things in life. The world around you stops, pauses. Those emails, phone calls and needy irritating friends no longer matter. Your focus is honed into the one thing that matters, you are completely focused as you know it's the last chance you've got.

It's amazing seeing so many loving friends that together, make a family around someone they love, someone who has been a major part of their life for a long, or short period of time. It's heartwarming to come together, put on a united front in order to, just be.

My final words to her were "Love you lots" something I always say at the end of my 'Hello I'm Clo' YouTube beauty videos. You never do know when your life will end, what will happen tomorrow and when your last, will be your last. It's so important to remind your love ones of how much they mean to you, you never know what's coming around the corner.

I heard the news of her passing this morning just after I woke up. The feelings of life glazed over me, as if lost in a trace, for now, the fight was over.

It's strange to think that that person, won't be there anymore, to give advice, a needed hug or that hardcore lecture about bad boyfriends in which she reveled.

Just before Christmas, Karen was just fine, chatting about how we were going to kick ass in 2014 and go find me a nice man who can keep up! Little did I expect to be attending her funeral before February is through.

Every time I eat a donut, see a Jäeger store or hear raucous laughter, I'll think of the woman who shaped my career, believed in me when no one else did and gave me my big break into the big, bad world of fashion. Her personality was infectious, core courageous, smiley happy and never let the world get her down, despite all the shit life threw at her.
If there's one person I aspire to be like, it's her. Never down, always up. Not many people could sing on their death bed, fighting through the strain, pain and toll cancer took on her body. Through slurred speech and shallow breathing she kept on fighting. Laughing and sounding posher than ever. Her British accent and posh tones, this time not so booming.

I made the promise to look after my mum and never take her for granted, never to rebel and to live life to the full, just like she did.

Life is for fucking living. This is again, a big, big wake up call. Life really is just too short, book that holiday, kiss that guy, laugh raucously.

I love you all lots,

Sweet dreams Karen, it’s been a dream.

Clo :- ))

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