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Hello I'm Clo and today has been amazing!

I'm basically just going to gush today about lots of things that happened today! 

So first and foremost I had thee most incredible lie in. Pure bliss. There is nothing better than having a beaut lie in on a Sunday after 6 days at work! 

After coming round naturally, without alarm, without any interference by noisy shorty and grumpy parents, I made a pot of English brew and dat down with the times paper and with my latest beauty book and my latest pump, pump, motivate book by Daniel Priestly. 

Relaxing over my two favorites things: books and teas just highlights that taking downtime is exceptionally therapeutic! 

After having a little think and pondering about my YouTube channel I decided to really go for it and film away today. It's odd how when you stop filming for a while, you somehow start to loose confidence and self belief. My answer to disbelief and confidence issues? Kick some ass and dive in.

I figured out what hauls I needed to do, what I needed to talk about and showcase I even decided to do my first make up tutorial! My thoughts were I'm putting my make up on anyway, may as well film it! 

It's exciting to be starting something new! I really want to share my makeup knowledge and skills with you all- I've been training for months now and the time is now!

I've also been thinking about little series I can run throughout the year, which I will divulge soon so you too can share your ideas, and chip in! 

My first tutorial was very blippy! It took me an hour to film and with interruptions from my mum saying dinners ready and dad playing beats dub step like a teenager it wasn't all plain sailing! It was fun though to do something way out of my comfort zone and just say yes! 

Being away from work makes me value my time more and be more effective. Effective in the sense of in my downtime, doing something constructive such as reading French or reading books, expanding on current knowledge and keeping up to date and connected to the world.

Between editing (which takes forever!) and eating cake (oh, so good) I chilled out by watching a bit of Made In Chelsea, which is totally my guilty pleasure, I love the fashion, the drama and the make up! They're all so good with their looks. Perfect for inspiration. 

My haul filming followed on from my natural make up tutorial and gave me lots of ideas and inspiration again, for outfits if the days! Be prepared lovely readers and YouTubers - I'm getting my makeup fashion shit together! 💄apt as this is my 100th blog post! 

After my meeting for today cancelled last night I didn't really know what I was going to do other than have a beast if a lie in!

I've really enjoyed my day, staying at home and not having anywhere to be made my day free fall in the best possible way. 

My video goes live tomorrow! 

I'm so excited guys! 

Speak to you tomorrow, lots of love,

Clo 😄
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