Barry M 160 Lip Paint Pot | Hello I'm Clo

Barry M 160 Lip Paint Pot | Hello I'm Clo

I ended up going to bed last night really early, so early I watched and surfed YouTube for an hour or two before finally nodding off to sleep. Whilst surfing I found 'Sprinkle of glitter' and 'Zoella' doing their all time make up favorites, which they filmed nearly three years ago, which led me onto Louise's (sprinkle of glitter ) video on lip products she wished she hadn't have bought, because I had time to kill I sat with my cocoa to watch my first ever 'poopy products' video. 
It was actually really informative, as I have to admit I really dislike online negativity, for me, before watching this video, if a product was *excuse me* crap, It didn't deserve air time or my effort, but Louise showed me that regretful buying videos are simply to guide her viewers buying choices.

She gives Insight into things such as nibs drying out, packaging not suitable for use on-the-go and what are good dupes and what are not. Half way through her 'poopy lip products ' hall she mentioned the Barry M lip paints. A package of which arrived yesterday morning (see my Barry mvideo coming next week!) I too, was very disappointed in the colours when they arrived from Amazon. They were absolutely nothing like the photographs. The colours were all much of a muchness and were weak pigmented and in no way worth the hype.

Ironic how I wasn't a fan of those types of videos, yet by just watching one I could have saved a few pennies. Never mind. I'm a make up artist, surely I can make something out of them!

I'm not overwhelmed by these products at all, the packaging is lovely, displays what brand it is and what number shade, yet doesn't print the name of the colour anywhere, not helpful when you've got hundreds of makeup products, I too, like so many of you guys like a cutsie little name for a colour, it helps me remember what shade it is and somehow provides an odd, sweet attachment to a product and may ultimately (but sadly) determine whether I like that piece of make up or not.

When over the disappointment of the pigment, I managed to pluck up the effort to try a little of the 160 black cherry on my lips, properly make an effort and to my surprise in the night lighting it was a really subdued colour that was understated, not brash or bold yet stood out against my pale skin in the best possible way! 

Needing some back up on my new thought revelation I asked the ever trusty parents what they thought. Got a mundane 'yes' from dad without so much of a raise of an eyelid. Mum was a fan, she liked the tone and the way it complimented my skin. Piece of advice you guys! Ask females! Or guys for a particular passion for lipstick shades (my dad is not one of those men!)

Barry m lip paint 160 black cherry is more like cherry without any black, it's not that dark it's more of a purple and red mix. It looks darker in the stick than it actually is.

Let me know what you like / dislike about the Barry M lip paints and if you have a fav!
I shall continue my Barry M journey tomorrow, for now I’m off to bed!

Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

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