Basic Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial | Hello I'm Clo

Basic Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Today's look is a nice and simple brown eye with a little added shimmer, a beautiful look for a non corporate office and a chilled day out. Great as a base for a day to night look with the highlighted brow bone.

Please bare with me- this was filmed very early in the morning! The coffee kicks into me after a while! More coffee is needed at that time of the morning.

Here's how I created this look!

First and foremost pop your hair up, tie it back if it's long or just use a toothed Alice band to scrape it all off your face, this will also sweep your baby hairs out of the way so they don't get make up all over them!

Anti Bactirialise (If that's even a word!) your hands before you begin so you're not putting any unnecessary germs onto your skin and moisturise your hands so they're soft and no flakes of skin will irritate or move your make up when you use your hands.

Moisturise your face and neck line and the top of your neck, this will keep your make up fresher and hydrated for longer. If you require a long term make-up look use a primer like I have. I used the Seventeen primer, which i find to be a really great even, long lasting primer. Use a fingertip sized amount, apply with fingers and focus on your T zone. Apply primer to any other areas that you are going to conceal.

Redness? Red Spots?
For red spots apply a green concealer. Natural Collection do a fantastic green concealer for under £2. You just can't go wrong. Apply with a concealer brush, I use the Barry M concealer brush or with clean fingers in a stippling way to red areas or areas that are prone to over blush, or become redder throughout the day.

If you don't suffer from redness, lucky you! Skip the redness bit and apply normal skin coloured concealer just to the areas that need it i.e spots or dark marks. For super dark marks I use a heavier, thicker concealer, the Maybelline 24 hour one.  You may like to apply stick concealer to under your eyes to brighten them and look a little more awake- just like I did! The concealer I used was Colour Trend from Avon which was £1.50 What. A. Bargain.

After patting in my concealer I applied my foundation using the hydrating formula from The Body Shop in shade 4. Apply to the areas of your face that require it (For me that's all) and blend, blend, blend to the top of your neck where you put your moisturiser on. I apply foundation with a sponge, however you can apply using your fingers or a foundation brush.

Using the Real Techniques buffer brush I push all my foundation into all the little cracks that my sponge may have missed and once again blend down my face / neck to create a smooth coverage and colour transition.

Locking my foundation in with the Avon mineral powder, in shade Ivory helps keep my make up in place whilst balancing out the colour. I apply this by using my Models Own powder brush.

Eye Primer
Boot's Number 7 eye primer is a bloody Godsend and I wouldn't be without it- it helps keep pigment and doesn't let my shadow stray- perfect! I followed on from primer using my Number 7 eyebrow shaping pencil and brow brush, creating more of a defining brow shape using short sharp and soft strokes to build up the final look. Lock in with a small amount of powder that's left on your powder brush.

Eye Shadow
Using my Heaven and Earth brown tone palette from MUA i used four colours to combine and work into my eye sockets to create a natural, glowing look. Starting with the darkest of shades, I apply to the lid with an eyeshadow brush, then take the medium tone and using a slanted brush, define my eye crease, especially on the right hand side. I then take the lightest colour and blend in with a blending brush and adding focus and emphasis on the inner corner, as this is where the lightest shade should sit. Adding a little white based / ivory colour onto a fresh blending brush and applying lightly on the brow bone, whilst meeting the colour of the eye-shadow complete the look and opens up the eyes to look awake and refreshed. Don't worry if you make any slips you can blend them in and all will be well!

Once you're happy with your eyes apply you favorite mascara, try an everyday mascara without curl or lash extension formula so it doesn't overpower the look of this make up. I'm currently loving the Collection no clumps mascara, the colour is easily removed after a days wear and holds its self well. It is so easy to apply and has no clumps. Does just what it says on the tin!

Like I said in the Make-Up tutorial I filmed an OOTD. See the full outfit of the day here:
Flower Leather and Pink OOTD | Hello I'm Clo 
I hope you enjoyed this make up tutorial, let me know what you'd like me to do next!
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