Birmingham Aspire Launch Event 2014 | Hello I'm Clo

Birmingham Aspire Launch Event 2014 | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I’m Clo!

Today I’m talking about an event in Birmingham I was invited to by a great friend and attended on Wednesday evening. The event was to launch the new BPS group ‘ Birmingham Aspire’ which is a networking group for the aspiring inner city professionals. Accountants, lawyers and other corporates. 

I wasn’t sure I’d go along, until, some other colleagues from The Hot 500 business group said they were also attending the event ; as I’d been working late evenings, launching things and keeping on top of the day to-day running of I’m Sorry What Did You Say I wasn’t 100% sure I’d go until late afternoon, however, there was talk of free pizza. Event sold. 

I decided on my 'Pink Friday' ISWDYS bootie wedges for the 'Corporate' occasion. It's good to break the mould.

John decided to dress up for the occasion!

After quickly getting changed in the toilets at college, throwing on some make up and making my way towards Birmingham City centre I started to get a little curious regarding the even I was going to attend. I go to events all the time and half of those I never know fully what I’m going to until I get there. 

The event was hosted in Two Colmore row, which isn’t yet fully finished. 

We were on the first fully completed floor. It’s very New York office. Wide spaces, lots of glass, manned lifts and bright, bright lights. Very bright, even at night. The space lacked personality due to not yet being occupied- good job lots of people turned out to support the launch and give it a vibe.

 Thank you Luanda for demonstrating 'The People'

There were musical performances (Which I didn't feel entirely relevant for the theme of event, but were brill all the same.) Food and juices, talks from the organisers and key note as well as open networking opportunities to meet new people and connect as well as a brief Q and A about the group and what it will provide for people who fit the target audience.

I highly recommend this group to those who are looking at getting a summer internship or looking at a career in one of these corporate sectors as it’s a great way to get your foot on the ladder and edge your way in. In the opening address it was even said:

“You are already ahead of others by coming to the event.”

If you apply to a summer programme and you’ve attended the events, know some of the people, you’re seen as more go-getting than others, who have not made the effort to attend. 

It’s £29 per year, lets face it though. You can’t put a price on your future. There are some really great mentors and people heading up the scheme too who’ll be able to point you in the right direction and give you some advice, should you need it. They’ve all got relevant experience and are all key people of influence in the area. 

Here's Abdul Shakur and Tinashe Lebron

I would really push fellow young ladies to attend! Alex who is one of the women in the know! Is one of the go to women and is more than happy to help out budding law students. 

For me, it’s probably not for me, however I’m not their chosen demographic. I’ll forever be self employed, running my own businesses but if there’s one thing I’m willing to do; it’s learn. I’m all up for networking and learning combined, so from that point of view it would be beneficial to me to attend a few events throughout the year to keep my figure on the pulse.

Birmingham Aspire is part of Birmingham Future and this is what they had to say on their website:

"As a member of Birmingham Future you will be given all the tools you need to further your career, build your network of contacts, shape the city that you love whilst having fun. Becoming a member will enable you to:
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