Chloe Tomalin Personal Statement | Hello I'm Clo

Chloe Tomalin Personal Statement | Hello I'm Clo

Hi guys! 
It's not long now until the UCAs deadline is upon us! Many of my friends are still struggling writing their personal statement for their university application forms via UCAS online, they're lacking inspiration and are unsure what to put in it. I'm not saying mine is the bees knees, however a little inspiration goes a long way! 

So here we go! It's 39 lines long, which means I have a few spare if I'd like to add anything.

"Hello I'm Clo! 

Since the age of 7 when I was selling sweets at school I was fascinated by peoples buying habits, how they bought into the packaging and the brand of a certain sweet.
Sweets turned into jewellery, then to clothing. At 16 I became the youngest person in the UK to open a retail store. I then ventured into e-commerce. ‘I'm Sorry What Did You Say’ (The business name) has grown to be an international online clothing destination in just 3 years.

At 16 I was pulled out of education due to years of violent bullying. I am now a professional school speaker, discussing overcoming adversity, how to follow your passion and be exactly who you want to be. Turning my bad experience into something more positive and helping others.

As an ambassador for Start Up Britain, The Hot 500 and Biz Britain I am an active peer mentor for fellow young entrepreneurs. Each project I embark on I've transferred previously learnt skills from a previous project. Constantly developing ideas and concepts. As any good creative should. 

I write for multiple online platforms about young entrepreneurship and conduct the social media marketing for many local independent businesses. In the past, I have been a web content writer and editor for the Bra Chain Charity and have also worked in the Acorns Children's Hospice retail store as well as walking for NAPAC in order to raise awareness of their good work with adults who were abused in childhood. 

In order to relax and take some down time away from business I attend pilates and run, play the piano, flute, violin and viola which I have recently picked up again since taking a creative break since my school days. I also develop my French, which I hope one day will enhance and further my career. I also create fashion videos and make up tutorials online, utilising my skills learnt on my current Make-Up course to connect with my target audience and keep my figure on the pulse of what my target audience wants. This also allows me to refresh my video editing and media skills. As an avid music fan I attend concerts and recitals each month.

I feel with the courses I've chosen post school have given me plenty of knowledge and a well rounded summary of the marketing industry that I will go into. Media goes hand in hand with marketing. Make up is about detail, precision and developing something to make it better.

Long term I'd like to travel. Next year I hope to fly to India to speak about young enterprise. Closer to home I'd like to go to the theatre more often and visit the twitter HQ to discuss their policies on moderating bullying and hate online, As this year I ran an ‘Against teen suicide’ campaign on twitter. Which received great commendation from twitter users and saved lives. 

I plan to use the skills I would learn on the ‘Fashion management and marketing’ course to work as a freelance marketing consultant in the fashion and cosmetic sectors as well as help SME businesses with their marketing. Knowledge is king. 

I will not stop until I achieve what I have set out to achieve. My life motto is Passion. Patience. Persistence. I am a passionate person, if you do not have passion for what you do there is no point. You have to be patient, nothing happens over night or instantly and lastly persistence. If you're not persistent you won't ever get what you're trying to achieve. 

Thank you for reading my personal statement. I look forward to hearing from you, Have a great day.

I hope you guys like it - let me know your thoughts and let me know how you guys are getting on with your applications! 
It's an exciting year ahead. 

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