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Deep Purple Early Awakening

Hello I'm Clo!
Good Morning!”
My wake up call was so early! Lizzie woke me up by traipsing around my room gathering her things in preparation of her going home home.
After sleeping on the floor for most of the night my rude awakening was not welcome.

After packing Lizzie off with all her Christmas sale goodies, chocolates and polaroids. I sat and caught up with all your beautiful emails, memos and comments online.
Had a good old cuppa tea and a beaut of a fried egg sandwich. By this time it was only half eight.

My purple skirt lust got the better of me and after dancing like a crazed lunatic to Lily Allen’s ‘Hard out here’ I was ready to don a bit of colour and embrace my first day back at work!

River Island was my savior. After stalking this one particular skirt for the past 1000 years (Since birthday outfit shopping in September) it finally became available for my in my size in my local River Island store. Fortuitously for me I found said skirt whilst picking up what I viewed as an unattractive embellished coral skirt that had side ties and was reduced to £3. There it was. My beautiful rich deep purple skirt reduced to a bank balance pleasing £8 down from £25 YES! Get in my basket. Student Discount doesn’t apply to sale items but who cares!? It was a fashion bargain.

Selfies in the toilets done, snapchat, instagram, dayre, WIWT, facebook, twitter and google plused my skirt has been showcased to the world! So has my booties, pink scarf and polka dot black and white blouse come rolled up shirt.
Too much coffee was consumed, a plate of shortbread suspiciously disappeared and my tummy began to expand (How odd! :P)

With so many opportunities and work coming my way this year (Yay 2014!) It’s good that I’m grounded, focused and well prepped for the year ahead. I really do love my life and the past couple of days have proved I have the right people around me in order to help and support me as I strive and achieve my dreams. My purpose in life is to inspire others, help and provide opportunities. I just can’t wait to get stuck in – I’m super positive and nothing or nobody will get in my way.

Learning new things this morning like Google Plus has just highlighted how I can share my messages, ideas and thoughts with the people who matter easier ( I’m On about you guys) Blogging is a community, no matter what we all blog or read about we’re part of an ever evolving, ever growing community of people brought together by the power of words.

A while ago I read in the book ‘Get Your Shit Together’ not to make lists, however I strongly disagree. I like a good old list, it helps me get clarity and gain focus. I know what’s happening, what I’m doing and where I’m supposed to be work wise at any given point. It’s like my second diary.
As it is new year I’m in the typical new years a-given frame of mind of “ I must do every task on this list” As I’m not someone who rushes things I’m taking my time and using said list as a guide line, a pathway to what I will achieve and for that reason I’m all for the list. I even have a pretty little book that I got given for Christmas to pop them in. It’s bright and sparkly. Winner
My outfit went down a storm and popping it on every social media platform wasn’t even on my list!
Waking up isn’t one of my strong points but I’m a strong believer that a pre prepared outfit that is fierce and matches how you feel or what you’ll be doing throughout the day helps with the getting up process. The excitement felt for a new outfit is only something, I believe is felt by a true fashionista! This coming year I’m going to make much more of an effort with my wardrobe, try out even more outrageous outfits and have some fun!
Being prepared in advance also means I get an extra 10 minutes in bed or with a hot cuppa tea and an episode of ‘Girls’ as I don’t have the conundrum of

“What am I going to wear today!?”

In between meetings I managed to send out some snapchats and write about the whole Sophie Webster vs Nasty Gal issue. If you haven’t read it yet you canread it here.

Work sends me all over the country and this year will send me abroad, today I was here there and everywhere catching up, in meetings, planning, filming and most importantly eating. Food is always high on my list of priorities and due to that half my apps on my Iphone are food or coffee house related. It’s always good to be in the know. 

Subway is my savior. Being pretty much opposite my office it’s all too easy to grab a sub, two or three. Ahhh first world problems ey? They are delicious and was exactly what I needed at lunch time. Tuna melt on honey oat bread. So, so good. 

Afternoon arrived and filming in the hairdressers was the perfect way for me to chill my beans, set up, sit back and film for a project that will be released mid January. There is something super therapeutic about going to the hairdressers, being pampered more is definitely going on my list of things to do more of in 2014!

For my last meeting of the day I ended up back where I started. St Andrews Hotel which has recently become my home from home! Coffee and their shortbread was totally necessary especially as the person I was meeting didn't turn up. Rude.

I was glad to get back home, ready for bed after my previously sleepless night. ‘Girls’ is screaming for me. I can see the box set from where I type… It’s all too tempting. That’s it. I’ve got to go.

I’ll speak to you all tomorrow, I hope you all had a fun and productive day! 

Toodle Pip,

Clo :- )

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