Goodbye January | Hello I'm Clo!

Goodbye January

Hello I'm Clo!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already!

January is supposed to be the start of something new and my new year didn’t go 100% of to a bang, more a booooo really. Boy trouble, then another boy drama during the month of January–( Are the really worth it? Probably not haha!)
I got flu (BOOOOO!) Got Barry M transitioning lipstick stuck on my hand for four days – The pigment loved my skin despite 5 showers!  

The final bad thing that happened, I wrote about a few days ago, that way the passing of a dear, dear raucous friend, who I shall forever hold in my heart.

January for those reasons was tear jerking, emotional, sad and emotionally draining. Not necessarily in that order! With all things bad there must be something good at the end of that rainbow.

I can’t help but think I haven’t achieved much in January 2014. Though, I’ve said that it probably isn’t true. Lets have a good old delve into January and discover all the good bits!

I was part of an inspirational group of people to launch ‘TLC networking

I blogged daily – Me Rambling for 31 days straight

I Youtubed! I YouTubed daily, from the 20th January, after I’d got over my flu.

The passion to travel appeared whilst I was ill and I’m going to be off on my travels throughout the year! Deffo.

I figured out how to get rid of negative people- Just get rid of them. ( Yes it’s really that simple.)

Fell in love with Lena Dunham. (AGAIN!)

I hit 11,000 Twitter followers! How awesome is that. To find out just how awesome I am on Twitter click here to find out ;- )

Also on the social media whatsit I joined Google + !

Started the rebrand and new logo development for I’m Sorry What Did You Say (ISWDYS)

Ate too much cake of all kinds, shapes and sizes. In many a tea room, the city over, there is always time for cake.

Drank my own body weight in tea. You only have to see my YouTube videos to spot that one!

Things I’d like to do in February.

Book my trip to Edinburgh.
Get down my mass magazine ‘To Read’ pile.
Release a YouTube video daily throughoutFebruary!
Do more beauty blog / make up blog / fashion blog posts throughout February in stead of all the talky, talky ones I’ve been doing in January as let’s face it – I’ve got enough products to do a daily review for the next year (That’s frightening!)

Things I’m doing In February.

I’m in London A LOT for work in February so will be broadening my horizons in the fashion capital! Hello LDN.

I’m also off for my Uni interview! I’m so, so, so excited I can not even stress. ‘Fashion Management and Marketing.’ Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve got so much stuff I want to work on, ideas that wiz around my head. I’ve just got to learn how to create them and get them out there!

I’m also off to see Tich on valentines day! Awwwwww that’ll be exciting! A nice girly night out without the boys!

I hope you’ve had a good January and if like me you feel you perhaps haven’t been ‘On form’ this month, write down all the things you’ve done, just like I have and write what you’re looking forward to too.

I hope you have enjoyed my January blogposts and videos and I can’t wait to bring you along for the ride that will be February 2014!

Have a great February guys!

Lots of love,

Clo :- )

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