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Hair Accessories | Hello I'm Clo
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Elaborate hairstyles are forever gracing the international catwalk shows, so too are the hair accessories.  From Dolce & Gabbana’sPure Heroine’ feel with crowns and excess gold to Sophie Webster’s crazed kitsch hairstyles. All eyes are on accessories and the hair entwined within them. 

As my hair is currently in the “ I don’t know what length I’m supposed to be ” stage I have to improvise. Hair accessories are my now, go to thing to disguise the fact that my hair, does not have a style.

After seven months of not having a hair cut (Shocking! For a modern day teen!) due to medical reasons (I can’t cut my hair whilst on my acne tablets due to potential scarring)
Last hair cut my hair was super, super short. A pixie crop without the hair, near bold, yet, bought alive by my ‘Glam’ number 7 matte red velvety lipstick. It worked. Now I’ve made the decision to return to having blonde, longer locks. Which bodes well considering I can’t yet cut it.

I once read online in order to grow out your hair, you have to rock whatever style you’ve got at any time. Make it work for you. I’m doing that with volumizing powder and hair accessories.

On a shopping trip with some friends just after Christmas I had the sudden urge to go in search of some hip and trendy (Haha) hair accessories to add a touch of glamour to my New Years Outfit and to wear whilst my hair is between the ‘Pixie’ and ‘Crop’ phase.

Claire’s Accessories is not a place an, eighteen year old, adolescent often finds themselves. I found my perfect hair band though and with 15% off it was fair to say I was chuffed, I was not complaining.

Although many high street retailers do indeed sell hair accessories, I wanted a full range to have a gander at, as up until the Claire’s accessory trip I wasn’t sure exactly of what I was looking for.  Topshop and River Island sell hair accessories. Clothing is their main focus so their hair accessories are just an ‘add on,’ leaving not much choice and a larger than expected price tag. Not ideal for someone who is looking to experiment with a new look!

Primark is a good place to start looking for anything fashion related and deemed ‘Mainstream’ They had a small selection, yet nothing caught my eye: So onto Claire accessories it was!

Swamped with pre teens I was in frenzy mode. I like space when I shop, nothing bugs me more than when you can’t move in a shop, find what you’re looking for, it’s too crowded or it’s dirty. (Urgh!) It’s fair to say retail shopping is a bain not anywhere as ‘Therapeutic’ as Sex and the City and magazines deem!

Luckily for me I found the hair accessories section swiftly and found what I was looking for.

Although the hair band / Alice band I bought Is great. I detest the way you pay at Claire’s Accessories. They con you into buying shit you just don’t need. When I was younger and they’d ask if I wanted any of the nail polishes, earrings or bangles on the counter display. I, being the quick witty child I was, would ask:

“ Is it free?”

To which the taken aback sales assistant would reply “No” At that point I lost interest, paid for my goods and left.

It’s pressured selling which I think is totally unacceptable considering your target market is aged below 16. Nobody should ever feel pressured to buy something they don’t want, need or requested.
If you ever feel pressured to purchase something, leave without buying and report it.

Anyway – Rant over!

The hair band I selected is a simple silver band, half a centimeter thick with faux diamantes and pearls in the order pearl, diamante, pearl and so on. All set upon silver platforms and holders. 20 faux pearls, 20 diamantes. 

It just adds a bit of ‘ Something’ to a look when I’, going out and holds the sneaky stray hair bits in place.

The right hair accessory is out there just waiting to be discovered. It can be fun to try something new and experiment with materials, bows, garlands and flowers to rejuvenate a look or certain items in your wardrobe! 

If you don’t try something new, you’ll never know what it’s like will you?

See you tomorrow,
Lots of love,

Clo! : -))

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